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Dynamic company

Company pays different salaries in one scale. No recognition of qualifications and experience

Pros: job security
Cons: No recognition of qualifications and experience

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Hard-working person and able to work independently.

Very excellent world class company manufacturing and refurbishing locomotives. Customer oriented, good communication amongst employer and employee. Deliver as promised in time and good quality.

Pros: Great company for growth
Cons: Able to work under pressure.

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Great opportunity

I am passionate about safety and I have a burning ambition of being a good safety professional. I have gained a lot of experience in the safety environment. I am a fast learner.

Pros: gaining more experience
Cons: shifts

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Tracking record

In my current position I am responsible for the implementation of SHE Policy, develop and implement Risk assessment, ensuring adequate and SHE training competences of people, developing and implement work instructions, coordinate legal appointments and defining roles and responsibilities, develop SHE Committees, conduct all scheduled inspections/auditing, issue nonconformance’s

Pros: its a developing company since its running a big projects form mbuilding new locomotives
Cons: shift work

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Its a stable job . Working hours is limited. Overtime is capped. Growth is limeted only way to progress is when someone in a more senior pisition retires or passes away.


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Great experience

To work at Transnet its a great experience because I learn to communicate with a lot of people during my shift eg :manager, supervisors, machine drivers and department of planning by communicate with all them my job runs smooth and I meet target very easily, challenges that I face is to have breakdown with the machines that I'm running with because i can't meet my target

Pros: good opportunity
Cons: long working hour's but very enjoyable

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Excellent Learning Curve

i have Learnt the following credit management internal control ARIS systems Proccess Mapping a typical day, i determined by your delivery for the week my relationship with the co-workers is relatively good

Pros: Excellent learning curve
Cons: none

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Good salary

Transnet pays well and has good job security. It is a unique working environment in operations and there is always something new or exciting to see. Working in an operational grade can become monotonous however and opportunities for promotion or job change is not easily available.

Pros: Good salaries
Cons: Long hours and shift work including public holidays

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Risk assessor,incident investigator, Fall protection Planner,contract Manager,fire fighter,first aider,safety officer. Attending Safety meeting Auditor Inspection. Compiling safety file Risk assessor Daily toolbox talks Trainer

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: long hours

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Achieved supervisory certificate

Dedicated to our job ,safety mindset with calture chat activities.team leader .always am outstanding with my job.can exchange exspirence with co worker so we can be productive

Pros: Willing to learn more
Cons: Available for extra mile

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