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Eeager to learn and a fast leaner

a typical work day is when theres no work to do,my relationship very good I am a humble person and quite. If you only deliver at expected time your manager will get excitedand build a strong relationship I enjoy being given more work to do when I travel, I do nt like travelling

Pros: Opportunity cuatious
Cons: 8 hrs

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They make sure they train you proper and make you have qualifications to do the job

Best company. They make sure when you live the company you are better person . They give you proper training as employees and give employees chance to bring ideas so company can grow bigger

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: They make sure you worked for required hours

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Excellent learning curve

I have continually strived to improve the functionality of my workplace by developing and implementing new administrative HR systems. I was repeatedly commended for my ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and to execute successful solutions to office efficiency problems, manage staff performance and appraisals, and establish a top-performing team.

Pros: great opportunity for promotions
Cons: normal working hours

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I am thuli a young graduate from icesa as a diploma in accounting. I am very dedicated to my work, I can work under pressure, as a team and also individual. What I enjoy most to work alone there's no presure but it also good to share views what other's think come up with new ideas. Am good with numbers not good in group of people talkative people I love my work

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Maximum hours

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Refurbishing on engines

The first thing I do with my team as a team leader is to make sure that we have a Green Area Meeting before we do the jobs and giving everyone a task to do to avoid incidents at work.I have a good relationship my guys we communicate all the time . I learned how to work on Sap doing confirmation of maintenance order before sending them to the Suppervisor .I enjoyed servicing the StAndby Diesel Lower engines.Working away from home .

Pros: Acting as a Supervisor for a month in 2017.
Cons: 12 hours

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Developed skills in managing personal, assets, finance and facilities.

I am competent in business administration, operations management and leadership. My current duties include strategic management, new business development and implementation of approved roadmaps. I am proficient with Microsoft office suite packages and SAP software applications. I would like to be considered for this position. Kind regards, Agrippa Mpofu.

Pros: Developed skills for career progression
Cons: Working until late.

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I'm a team worker who adapts well in a new environment.

In the company I'm the eye in the operations department. My position is very challenging and stressful because all the problems needs my attention to come with solution. I'm working with different kinds of people coming from different backgrounds with different attitude,all under one roof but I'm playing that role of being a father figure to them.

Pros: I'm a dedicated team worker who always available to help when the company needs me.
Cons: 15 hours per day

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Im able to learn and gain experience within the company.

please kindly accept my application and CV. I'm a hard working person willing to learn and gain experience within the company. I'm available anytime for interview.

Pros: im a hard working person
Cons: 8-6

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Protection of people on the track and controlling of the movement of trains. I have learn on how to deal with people I expirienced to work in pressure since well we work with different people with different religion The most challenging aspects is when leader give you instruction that are wrong and you know but because they are leaders they want you to listen to them

Pros: Training is offered to employees
Cons: Overtime

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