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Iam a mechanical millwright

Millwright, with strong mechanical engineering skill, forklift license and crane operations, first aid,fire fighter.done preventative maintenance in cranes,welding machines, pumps,pipe work,welding.

Pros: Good
Cons: Long working hours

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Growth Opportunity

I have been working as Costing Officer for 7 years , in Cost and Management Department for large manufacturing company Transnet Engineering. This has been given me a great opportunity of leaning business in all aspects. Investigating cost abnormalities , assisting in product costing, budget versus cost analysis ,correcting costs via journals , reconciliations' are my everyday tasks as well as any adhoc work which may be required. Providing service to a large number of people has taught me to deal or handle different people in a different manner and according to their different levels and in doing so I have developed good working relationships amongst them. Having high volume of work and tight deadlines has taught me to prioritize ensuring that deadlines are adhered to in terms of work deliverables.

Pros: Great learning opportunity
Cons: High volume of work

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Training is good we work with senior artisans and technicians to attand breakdowns,shutdowns,general and preventative maintenance on all plant equipment. Do housekeeping and job card.

Pros: great oppotunity to learn and understand
Cons: pay is very low is u are an apprentice

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I am responsibility when coming work

I know how to use the machine like center lathe nd milling machine and am ready for work now nd i am hart worker and i will respect my workers and if u ar give me this job u won't regret because everything it will be in a good hands. Please give me this job i need it nd i won't broke the rules of the company

Pros: I am hard worker
Cons: Anything i will accept

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On a learning curve

Working at Transnet Is a great opportunity because I'm learning a lot, working as a team is the most enjoying part because you get to voice out your opinion.

Pros: Learning about minute taking
Cons: Everyday meetings

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I like to work with suppliers as I enjoy solving problems with them. I also like to work in a team. My team enjoys working with me. To comply with National Treasury. Develop and implement controls for contract management. BBBEE-Supplier Development and Localisation SD&L Strategic Sourcing. Setting Targets for Suppliers. SLA. Bidding and Evaluation. Negotiation. Contract and Supplier Management. Work on special projects.

Pros: I will be happy to achieve my career.
Cons: I can work extra hours

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Vibrant candidate

My name is Muanalo Malo Mandwane. I stay at Pimville in Zone 4 / Tembisa Winnie Mandela. I am interested in the general work vacancy. I am energetic and vibrant candidate. Please consider my application I can start working ASAP. Thank you inadvabce. My contact numbers is 0787584108.

Pros: The company has growth
Cons: Worked long hours and weekends

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Good skills development

I work well in a group and also alone when working with projects. I always finish my projects in time with available resources. I am a smart and a hard worker. I like challenges, learning and developing new skills. Your company is a good place to develop and showcase my skills i have acquired in my career.

Pros: Good place for skills development
Cons: Dont mind working long hours

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Good learning curve

Hectic irregular hours,every day you come on duty on different time and have to try make your body to adjust which is the most challenging. Relationship with co-workers is good cannot complain,I've learnt to work with different people of different cultures and attitudes. Communicating with people developed my communication skills.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion is very slim
Cons: Long working hours ,12 hours everyday sometimes even more

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Be responsible and accountable

I'm team player and I have ability to get along with people, I'm hard work, I have a quality listening skills and leadership skills and I really love to learn new things

Pros: Great opportunity for learning
Cons: No team work

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