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Excellent work

Transnet is a Company where Safety is the number 1 priorities. We focus more on business and we also want to deliver our goods on time. We emphasize Safety as we are working in an environment where trains can move at any time. We all know how dangerous the trains can be while in motion. Our Company also reward and recognize good performance of its employees. Our culture at Transnet is that we respect each and every employee irrespective of their grade, gender and religion. We also work together as a team always. The most challenging thing about my job is that I am dealing with train person who works tirelessly to get the job done and they expect their remuneration to be 100% at the end of the month. Some of them don't have the heart to talk to people especially during their signing off time.

Pros: Great opportunity for development
Cons: none

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Excellent technical background

I am well developed individual who is so selfish driven to reach greater goals. I am a hard working individual who works in isolation in standby duties also work with the team in projects. I supervise large team in projects and meet dead lines in time. I am looking to learn more and believe in new challenges. I am looking forward to exercise my strength in this post hoping will have an opportunity to deliver. I am able to work under stress where I am currently based i drive daily to the section and work more hours in an isolated area but able to deliver good output.

Pros: Opportunity to grow as technologist
Cons: Overtime standy duties

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Great company with opportunities

A 8 hours shift with an hour lunch, a day start with a morning meeting and then daily tasks follows from supervisor. Every one heads to their station or wherever the tasks directs. Once a task is completed the section manager must sign off the task sheet then proceed to another one. Team work is used where required and safety is number 1 priority

Pros: Promotion opportunities
Cons: No overtime

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Good learning curve

I work day shift and since I arrived here at Transnet I have learned that team work is very important and communication. Hardworking is also the key and there are challenges that I came across for example learning the processes and the culture of working.

Pros: It is good for developing the career
Cons: Overtime is for certain people

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Excelent retirement

It is a good company to work for especially if you have worked for many years in other industries and now you want to retire and settle. It has a good health environment and also friendly employees.

Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: mixed working hours

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Semi skilled

punctual reliable good communication oriented understanding committed fast learner good personalities ..........................................m....mnmnmmm..mmm................mm...mm.....mm.mmm........................mmmm.mmmmmmmmm. .. ..........................

Pros: Great opportunity to promotion
Cons: long working hours

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My Opportunity

I started at the bottom. Transnet gave me the opportunity to get my trade and experience through them. As well saftey courses and supervisor courses. I have learnt so much about the railway industry. I will always be grateful for the oppotunity I was given through them to learn and gain my experience.

Pros: Experience
Cons: Promotion Opportunities, Salary

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Great learning curve and experience

I am thrilled to be applying for a position in your company, I believe that my familiarities of matters surrounding Industrial Engineering along with my enthusiasm to learn guarantees I am an applicant that can be relied upon to fully engage with the role and develop professionally in a self –motivated manner. Given the after mentioned, I believe I am the perfect candidate for the job , I am a passionate, innovative and driven young engineer who has recently completed their studies of National Diploma in Industrial and System Engineering at the Cape Peninsula university of technology. While working on many projects in the manufacturing industry where I underwent my training, I proved to have analytical problem solving skills to be versatile, quality orientated and able to work efficiently in fast paced environments. This is what I hope to leverage at your company.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: No room to grow

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Learning curve

Working for Transnet started very well, exceptional in fact, came in as a Receptionist, worked very well within 24 months I was promoted to Senior Secretary and this was due to my hard work attitude always willing to go extra mile, able to assist anyone and everyone who came to my work station, I really took the role of being the face of the company seriously. But as years went by I feel dejected not motivated at all, hence I'm looking for new challenge and new environment. however things have changed , a lot over the years at transnet

Pros: Good salary packages
Cons: No prospect for growth, promotion

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Excellent learning curve

Dear Sir/Madam I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position for IT Position. I am very interested in this opportunity with your company and believe that my qualifications, education and professional experience would make me a strong candidate for the position. I have an excellent organisation skills and ability to develop processes to improve workflow. A strong understanding of networking essential and Technical skills. I have six years experience on IT environment i have wide skills on IT. Enclosed is my resume that more fully details my background and work experience, and how they relate to your position. As you can see, I have ability to pay attention to details and multi-task effectively, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Kind regards, Lesala Matlama.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Twelve working hours

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