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Excelent retirement

It is a good company to work for especially if you have worked for many years in other industries and now you want to retire and settle. It has a good health environment and also friendly employees.

Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: mixed working hours

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Semi skilled

punctual reliable good communication oriented understanding committed fast learner good personalities ..........................................m....mnmnmmm..mmm................mm...mm.....mm.mmm........................mmmm.mmmmmmmmm. .. ..........................

Pros: Great opportunity to promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Familiar with the ppm and it's not followed within the processes of this company. Which places the buyer at risk. Senior managers want to give verbal instructions that are of a risky nature and this places the buyer in a situation

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Other

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Good environment where one is exposed to different techniques of procurement

To change the evolution of supply chain to the new era of buying and selling in the logistics or supply chain environment. The procurement steps from the rfq srage to the awarding stage is completed by one buyer there’s no segregation of duties and in return it makes one to know more about the supply chain process

Pros: Continue to learn
Cons: Training for new techniques

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Human Resource Business Partner

HRBP HR Generalist for Supply Chain and Finance • Total Human Resources solutions that enable the achievement of business goals • Keep abreast of trends, legislation and best practices within the HR industry in order to optimise service delivery • Provide guidance to different customers in aligning business requirements with HR solutions in business plans • Implement innovative HR solutions • Act as a change agent

Pros: State Owned
Cons: Too many red tape

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Learnt a new skill in master data

Vert tight deadlines, no real trust and too much red tape. Decisions and strategy take forever. Skeleton teams and bureaucracy make delivery difficult. Great people but poor leadership. A fantastic environment to learn how not do things. I learned a new discipline in proper master data that was great. My role scope increased and covered more that pm work, practically ran the department. Managed the department budget and contracts but have no doa nor signing power on spend. Manages external software provider

Pros: Great people to work with and good learning curve
Cons: Lack of leadership and too much red tape and change in leadership...too many acting positions.

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i was working as a service Department and working with everyone in the plant,team work was the key one as we were few in my department but scheduling work was the key per the job cards.Yes there will be challenges there and there due to insufficient of resources but will try and utilize to our utmost best of our abilities .

Pros: there are developing opportunities
Cons: insufficient resources

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SAP certified

I am self-motivated and able to work under pressure. I pride myself in ensuring that the customers receive 5 star service because without the customers there is no business. I ensure that my colleagues are motivated to ensure that they become productive and provide good service. I strive to find ways to improve business and to ensure that there are proper controls in place and are utilized accordingly. I adapt easily to new challenges and enjoy trying new things because that is the way in which one grows. https://my.smartrecruiters.com/public/eee3ac5b-1ae6-46f3-b81c-29ad9a3f3f03?lang=en

Pros: Great chance to grow
Cons: Long hours of commitment

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I learnt how to manage and run continuous improvement projects, data analysis, process mapping

Iam Khongelani makhuvele, hard working person, who is willing to work under pressure and to provide for the company through the use of my hands and my intellectual skills, I have team building skills, I understand working with different of different characters. I'm willing to develope my skills further,I started my career at transnet port terminal as an industrial engineer trainee, The skills knowledge I have are as follows, cadaver analysis, running continuous improvement projects and process mapping During the course of training I enjoyed relating theory into practical situations The challenge that I experienced it was communication during the project, my team members had fear when it comes to commutation.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: 8 hours per day

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I'm a good person,not hard to work with,good listener and respectful person

Its was a good journey for me to get a skill as an Electrician and it was good to work with my co workers we have same fun and we did have a good working team,I plead to you if you take me you won't regret it I'm a hard worker and I follow protocol. Thank you

Pros: I just so wish to get this job so that I can provide for my family
Cons: 8:00hrs

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