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Learning towards success

In the mornings at 7h00, we held a production meeting and at 8h00 there is a operational meeting. where we discuss the production and operational hiccups. I am having a good relationships with co-workers because we always discuss every matter that arises and solve it. I have learned that if there is a problem investigate it and get all the facts before pointing any fingers. I enjoy investigating and solving problems.

Pros: to have good communication
Cons: working underpressure

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Good opportunities

Time management is important as we work closely with customers. I set example to my sub-ordinates by becoming reliable, available, and always on time. Relationship between myself and co-workers is good as they report any challenges, innovations, and progress in time and so do I to them and senior management. I have learnt a lot in terms of communication, leadership, logistics, reporting skills to mention few but not limited. Most challenging is to report to customers not reasons of not reaching the target as requested.

Pros: Oppotunities of promotion are available.
Cons: Working longer hours and on weekend

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I like to work with suppliers as I enjoy solving problems with them. I also like to work in a team. My team enjoys working with me. To comply with National Treasury. Develop and implement controls for contract management. BBBEE-Supplier Development and Localisation SD&L Strategic Sourcing. Setting Targets for Suppliers. SLA. Bidding and Evaluation. Negotiation. Contract and Supplier Management. Work on special projects.

Pros: I will be happy to achieve my career.
Cons: I can work extra hours

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Excellent Learning carve

Am a hard worker I just love what I do. Very dedicated to my work and honest. Always on time never late and ill be willing to work shifts if there's any

Pros: opportunity to learn more
Cons: working hours

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It was a learning curve in hard manuall labour now i know how the a rail worker feels

i have reatail experience of about 3 years and i am an IT student working to take myself to school. i am team player , ready to work and always present at work its all about gaining as much skillls as possible.

Pros: good working hours
Cons: good working hours

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Good learning environment

I start work 15minutes before to analyze the work for the day and plan. I communicate with co-workers about the expectation from senior management and customers. I have a good relationship with co-workers and as well they have good relation with me. I have learnt a lot in terms of communication, leadership, reporting and presentation skills to mention a few. My challenging moments is when we have challenges in reaching the expected target and need to report to customers and senior management. The good moments is when we are ahead of target allocated to us by both management and satisfying the customers.

Pros: Oppotunities of promotion are available.
Cons: Longer working hours and working under pressure.

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Excellent learning curve

it was nice working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. i have learned a lot of things from experience artisans.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Team player, leadership,negotiator, go getter

I m able to work as a team player, with good working relations. I posses strong leadership and organisational skills. I m competent and innovative with ability to work under pressure.I hve a high degree of maturity and self discipline.

Pros: Multiple products to procure giving one vast experience
Cons: At times the pressure is overwhelmingly

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I'm a hard worker

At my work I'm doing requisition on SAP system, doing contract,timesheet, emails, scanning, faxing, falling. Friendly person who like to help me know others, who like to share ideas with somebody else. Things that I learn my ideas are not mine but I to share to others or when the manager is addressing the work to I must'nt say this is not my job but I've to it serious. Is the challenges that are always coming every day. Most challenge it's when my manager send me to site and addressed employees that they won't get paid for this month they going to it end of this month because they just pushing the month.

Pros: If I can get this job I would be very happy because I can afford now to pay my child the school fee give my children the full support , finish my house ,because i
Cons: 07H00 to 16H30

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Training opportunity

Grade 10. I have gained a lot of experience while working for Transnet. I resigned due to a financial issue. Now I am regretting what I did. As at the age of 52 it is hard to find work. I kept busy because I deliver the best. Challenge : Acting as the Depot Manager and deal with different personalities and unhappy staff. I enjoy working will customers and learned a lot about the Pipeline. I miss my work everyday and would like to get a simulator position.

Pros: great Company
Cons: nil

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