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Good learning curve

i enjoy learning new work ive learned what it takes to be an effective security manager, business admin, data capture,how to contract a contract, team work time efficient, motivate staff, work under pressure, how to handle difficult clients

Pros: development skills
Cons: no promotions or paid less

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Excellent learning curve

Making sure employees comply with safety Make sure they understand their standard operating procedures and work according to Transnet spec Emphasis on working as a team always Once in 2 months we hold our team building functions Learned how to handle difficult employees with the same attitude am applying to the team as a whole and most important thing to understand my team's behavior individual and where there's a need to apply discipline I comply with the company's rules What I enjoy most is learning from the team, listening to their advices and seeing them grow as well in their career.

Pros: Learning as individual and to grow self esteem for upcoming opportunities
Cons: Machines breakdown affecting our production

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It was a learning curve in hard manuall labour now i know how the a rail worker feels

i have reatail experience of about 3 years and i am an IT student working to take myself to school. i am team player , ready to work and always present at work its all about gaining as much skillls as possible.

Pros: good working hours
Cons: good working hours

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I'm a hard worker

At my work I'm doing requisition on SAP system, doing contract,timesheet, emails, scanning, faxing, falling. Friendly person who like to help me know others, who like to share ideas with somebody else. Things that I learn my ideas are not mine but I to share to others or when the manager is addressing the work to I must'nt say this is not my job but I've to it serious. Is the challenges that are always coming every day. Most challenge it's when my manager send me to site and addressed employees that they won't get paid for this month they going to it end of this month because they just pushing the month.

Pros: If I can get this job I would be very happy because I can afford now to pay my child the school fee give my children the full support , finish my house ,because i
Cons: 07H00 to 16H30

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Good working conditions

At the start of the shift I have meeting with my sub-ordinate allocating the activities of the day and challenges. Then attend management meeting. When we are finished with the meeting I report to the customers the expectation. I have learnt communication, presentation, and leadership skills. Daily challenges makes the work enjoyable and frequently communicating with customers.

Pros: Oppotunities of promotion are available.
Cons: Longer working hours and working under pressure.

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Excellent culture by

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Pros: Opportunity for growth
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent development plan but very long hours

I'm responsable for production allocation ,production line layout ,capacity balance ,problem solving . Lean Six sigma ,5S ect Annual budget previous financial year R430 million. Current budget R120-150 million. 7 supervisors and approx 120 employees reporting to me . Responsable for production meetings safety meetings quality meetings , training safety quality paint shot shunting (train driver personnel ).i attend ER forum meetings HC meetings Centre meetings . We a team of 6 managers . I build between 700-850 wagons per year . Building from scratch after stripping it to the core . Interprit drawings and specifications . I also preside or innitiate in disciplinary cases as a lineanager is responsable for the discipline in the business .work hours 07:00- until job is done . Monday to Friday. I'm a very loyal

Pros: promotion ,dedicated hard worker
Cons: long working hours ,far away from home

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Excellent learning curve

I was working for 2 different departments, doing 2 different jobs, using 2 different computer systems and getting one person's salary. I have tried engaging with all levels of management and it fell on deaf ears. I have learnt that one's health comes first no matter what

Pros: Great company benefits
Cons: Long working hours with no overtime paid

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See below

To be the part of the big company like transnet its great becuase I have expirense to work with people from defferent of culctures and religious. Its nice to share ideas with people who have been in company for long as we come with new ideas from the training center. We were forming a good and the winning team at all time. We plan for every task we do as we work we turn to know the individuals strengths and weakness we will try to balance the equation so that all of us we be in the same wave lenght.

Pros: none
Cons: n/a

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