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Best welding apprentice

I would say that everyday was hectic at work,were expected to be busy no playing around. The relationship was okay but challenging at some times we have different attitudes I enjoyed tig welding The most challenging was to prepare materials everytime before you start welding.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Reasonable working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Iimimhttps://www.facebook.com/100001072677460/poissess good communication and listening skills, good negotiations skill and I'm self driven./1717137561665316/?sfnsn=scwspwa&extid=h3Aeav0xETfz7uya&d=w&vh=i

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Perfectionist

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It was so fantastic to work here I enjoyed our conversation with . and I will be in the morning everyday I work with all my life and I love this company my colleagues

Pros: Administrative
Cons: 12

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Excellent learning curve

I personally believe that my experiences and education make me a strong candidate for this particular job opportunity. I believe that combination of my skills, experience, and knowledge suits your expectation regarding the profile of a job opportunity . As requested I am enclosing my resume along with my Results and Certificates . Please feel welcomed to contact me via cellphone (0728025301)or e-mail(kedibonemorapeli01@gmail.com) if I can give some additional information.

Pros: Great hiring opportunities
Cons: 8 hours

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HCD Specialist

I am hard working individually,who is goal driving all the time. I am not resistant to change I learn fast as well. Hopefully with the experience that I am bring I will be be beneficial to the company. Thanks

Pros: This will be a great opportunity for growth
Cons: 08:00-17:00

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My job involves advising excecutive Management in implementing Enterprise Risk Management

As a senior Risk manager, my resp.ir also invole training both employees , and external suppliers and contractors onsibility included enssuring full implentamentation of Entrrprise Risk Managemenr, and enforcing compliance with legal requirements. job

Pros: Opportunity for prrsonal growth
Cons: None

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Excellent learning curve

Have to be punctual at all times. Adhere to safety procedures. Make sure customer service is met. Kskks djdjjdd wueueus shshhd djdjjdd djdjjdd djdjdjd o be

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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Completed masters

Transnet is a freight rail company tthat specialises in transporting commodities from port to inland and vice versa and also automotive and agricultural products

Pros: Open to staff development,
Cons: No promotions

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Excellent management skills

Best company to work for with excellent values and skills which enables you to be the best manager or employee which is amazing. Excellent communication skills to all employees about the business and professional Potential to grow and develop your skills Teaches you to work remotely in various locations

Pros: Skills employees to be performance excellence in all departments
Cons: Not international

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Training opportunity

Grade 10. I have gained a lot of experience while working for Transnet. I resigned due to a financial issue. Now I am regretting what I did. As at the age of 52 it is hard to find work. I kept busy because I deliver the best. Challenge : Acting as the Depot Manager and deal with different personalities and unhappy staff. I enjoy working will customers and learned a lot about the Pipeline. I miss my work everyday and would like to get a simulator position.

Pros: great Company
Cons: nil

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