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Specialist Safety and Security

Transnet is a very large organization with many divisions and people. At the corporate center I am exposed to all levels of employees, clients and visitors. Challenges are not the same and everyday is deemed as a new experience and an opportunity to interact with these people. In my line of work I am there to provide a service that ensures the well being , security and safety of all within the environment I am in control off and when that it achieved it gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

Pros: Opportunity for growth and experiencing other environments
Cons: External impact of the environment that I have little or no control of and how it affects my organisation.

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Good learning curve

I work day shift and since I arrived here at Transnet I have learned that team work is very important and communication. Hardworking is also the key and there are challenges that I came across for example learning the processes and the culture of working.

Pros: It is good for developing the career
Cons: Overtime is for certain people

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Excellent learning curve

I was working for 2 different departments, doing 2 different jobs, using 2 different computer systems and getting one person's salary. I have tried engaging with all levels of management and it fell on deaf ears. I have learnt that one's health comes first no matter what

Pros: Great company benefits
Cons: Long working hours with no overtime paid

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Excellent learning curve

I have learnt a lot in the company that I was working for. I learned how to make a decisions, How to work with people, How to manage my work , Ability to work consistently. Being team player And finish task given with a stipulated time Thank you.

Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A

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Excellent learning Curve and understanding of core business processes

I am trained in Lean Six Sigma which focuses on removing waste from processes. My daily job is to oversee the internal audit function using Risk as a basis. I have managed the biggest internal audit function in the world

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Beaurocracy and politics

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New challange.

My work is about distillation of the inter mixture of petrol and diesel that mixed mixed during transportation in our pipes lines. I have just started at transnet and have a good relationship with the coworkers,. It's a continuous learning environment ment dud to different departments that I liade with including rail and road transportation. The only challenges I am facing is that the culture is against change and new ideas.

Pros: Great learning opportunity
Cons: Employees resistant to change and ideas

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Great opportunity

I am passionate about safety and I have a burning ambition of being a good safety professional. I have gained a lot of experience in the safety environment. I am a fast learner.

Pros: gaining more experience
Cons: shifts

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Good working under pressure.

It is great opportunity to work for Transnet, l enjoy to work with big components as I was working as engine builder, now I'm in another department building traction motors same company, testing them by using megger to check the resistance , foul finding in locomotives.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion are slow.
Cons: I don't have a problem to work long hours

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Great opportunities for growth

I am a hard worker with good interpersonal and communication skills. I have worked as a quality Assurer for 6 years, responsible for conducting internal audits, investigate non-conformances and provide proper corrective action. I am business, safety and quality oriented. I am results driven, i also have acquired good problem solving and leadership skills. i enjoy working with a diverse team.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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