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Best platform for growth and learning

Trasnent NPA has varsity body knowledge which us useful to a self starter. Proper documenation and risk management material that provides proper guidance. I have been exposed to Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management and Health and Safety aspects.l was afforded the ability to work with incredible management abd operation staff. It is true an experience l would treasure. Working in Marine industry has been a phenominal. Working at Transent gave me an edge to persue more on Risk Management space. Cultural diversity caught my attention as well, as it gave me an awakening call to seek and understand cultural dynamics in the region.

Pros: Great platform for learning and development
Cons: Ineffective communication channels

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Great opportunities to learn and grow.

Transnet is a good company to work for, my colleagues are interesting and fun people to work with. There is a lot of work to get through but it can be fulfilling. I have learnt a lot doing this job. One of the most challenging aspects of this job is the red tape one has to work through.

Pros: Great learning opportunity
Cons: Not enough opportunities for growth

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Learning organisation

I work 8 hours monday to friday and dont work on weekend or public holidays. I work well with people as their leader i make sure i inspire them and motivate them to do more. Promote unity amongs employees. Transnet culcure chart its talking to.its people we live it.

Pros: I am are motivated and inspired by leadership
Cons: Long Processes in procurement department

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Good customer relations and a team player

On a typical workday i start with going through my emails and attending the meetings. This helps me to get to plan the day ahead, getting my ducks in a row in the form of scheduling the sub-tasks. I also ensure that the resources and tools are available and accessible before starting the day's task/project. With almost 10 years of experience there is so much that i have learnt ever since i started working for the company. That includes amongst other things design, project and product management, quality management, engineering processes etc. I enjoy attending meetings wherein we conceptualise the designs, be it the locomotive, trucks and coaches. Furthermore,i like the part where we plan, strategise and do the scope of work for the product we planning to design and how this is going to be monitored and controlled.

Pros: Very Conducive environment
Cons: Not Enough challenges

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Great company to work for

Great company to work for. You get to learn a lot and experience different environment. Management is great with great benefits. 7:30 to 4 working hours unless theres an urgent sotuation but thats not an everyday thing.

Pros: Benefits are great
Cons: Promotions are scarce

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Computer Skills,Secretary Skills and Administration Skills

I am a young woman who is motivated, innovative, and enthusiastic and have good Communication skills, Secretary Skills, Interpersonal skills, Organizational skills, Computer skills, credit controlling skills and administrative skills. I can able to express myself in both in English and IsiZulu and have a good customer care service, and I have 2 years’ of experience working in the administrative environment at Transnet in Durban . I am also a hard worker, reliable and honest and able to work under pressure.

Pros: Administrion
Cons: 24 hours

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Transnet is the great company to work for

Whilst I was working with Transnet, I had to meet deadlines, and we had targets that the company had to meet and that required for me as in individual to be part of a team, deliver on time and most importantly to work safely. I was required to go an extra mile to assist the company to achieve the targets sets and that gave me a lot experience as I was able to work independently and achieve the set goals. Challenging situation for me is whereby I had to make decisions and come up with solutions.

Pros: Career growth
Cons: Work under pressure

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Extremely knowledgeable

It is a great exposure working with people that are qualified and well trained in their job. I have gained so so much knowledge especially on practical side. I have an amazing relationship with my co-workers, they makes me feel at home at all time in particular. I have learnt so many things, I have learnt to be more hands on during the tasks given, working together as a team, installation and commissioning, troubleshooting and faulty-finding, general administration, drawings and design. I enjoy working under pressure because it where I am gaining much considering the work environment I am at. The most challenging aspects of the job is where we are working on a breakdowns and we have to be more efficient and there is too much pressure.

Pros: Highly exposed in the field
Cons: Breakdowns occuring

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I'm a former Transnet employee, I was dedicated to my work,I worked as a team. I was a very fast leaner and alwayes willing to learn and overcome new challenges.

Pros: Great opportunity for getting skills
Cons: Hard work

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Career development

Working for Transnet is a experience, but career growth is a bit stagnant. I am a team player and love working in teams. I can work unsupervised, and am inspired individual employee. I am proactive, innovative and creative. Performance and Talent Management still have drawbacks.

Pros: Career Development
Cons: short staffed leading to work pressure

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