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Good compoy and great opportunities, I have learn a lot. Now I need to gat more experience from another companies. To me in these transnet the is lot of racist and and I am not happy.

Pros: Good
Cons: Long working hours

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Motivation: Deployment of rail resources to housekeeping during shunting intervals was my innovation which I was rewarded for it by the Terminal Manager. I have been awarded as a shift Planner of the year in 2010. I am always available and willing to assist new planning members at planning section in terms orientating them and bringing to required understanding of planning at DCT Pier 2 in order for the deliver required results

Pros: career
Cons: 8 hrs

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Excellent learning curve

Its has been an expiriance that I will all always remember. This company thought me everything I know about how to use engineering technics to solve engineering challenges. Transnet gave me a chance to grow as a person. I will always love this company. Its trained me, but now I'm willing to spread my wings and learn something new else where. THANK YOU.

Pros: Great opportunity for training
Cons: Long working hours

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Learning curve

Working for Transnet started very well, exceptional in fact, came in as a Receptionist, worked very well within 24 months I was promoted to Senior Secretary and this was due to my hard work attitude always willing to go extra mile, able to assist anyone and everyone who came to my work station, I really took the role of being the face of the company seriously. But as years went by I feel dejected not motivated at all, hence I'm looking for new challenge and new environment. however things have changed , a lot over the years at transnet

Pros: Good salary packages
Cons: No prospect for growth, promotion

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Good learning enviroment as it is a big company.

I am a team player. A very adaptable employees and very good at liaising with other people. I always try to build a good relationship with co-workers as it is the very people I spend more time with. I have learned to have a good memory, to be patient with people and to be more adaptable as you come across with many different people. The most challenging aspect of the job is when you have a machine/equipment due for service, but the other stakeholder does not understand or see the necessity of the maintenance because they pushing tonnages.

Pros: if you willing to study, sky is the limits.
Cons: Operations is the owner of Equipments

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Excellent in learning drawings

I believe i have experience and qualifications for this position i would like to hear from you too soon thanks. Welding positions 2G,3G,6G,2F,3F,4F using all time of welding such as Tig, Mig, Arc, Gas

Pros: Excellent
Cons: Over time

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Good and challenging

I have learnt a lot in warehousing environment in terms how to receive and dispatch goods.

Pros: Not much
Cons: 8 hours

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Typical day at the office is solving challenges that prevent scheduled maintenance

Best company to work for, growth is there but it can improve. Employee support programs are effective. Working hours are managed. Environment is conducive.

Pros: I will say opportunities for growth are there
Cons: There are good and bad day. In a good day you can knock off an hour later in a bad day it can go to 4 hours beyond , your normal working hours

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Excellent learning

Provide information to customers in a contact centre. Gather and provide relevant information to contribute to contact centre problem solving. Handle a range of customer complaints in contact centre. Access and use information from texts. Work with a range of petterns and functions and solve problems. Write/present for a defined context. Collect and record information queries and requests from customers.

Pros: Great working experience
Cons: Long break

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I'm a pillar in a team and I deliver in time

and i excelled in them was given a opportunity to be an acting quality controller then afterwards was given an opportunity to be an acting supervisor then we pushed till was an acting welding inspector currently im moved to a new project

Pros: ive worked two projects and was excelling in them
Cons: worked penalty hours

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