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Amazing experience in the Ports and Freight handling industry

Exposure to medium to large scale projects in the technology, infrastructure and bulk / port equipment environment. Managing a team within a projects structure and being able to utilize team members skills optimally to ensure business strategic focus is not lost. I have the skills to be able to communicate across all levels from the shop floor to executive and board level. I take much pride and personal interest in the role I play. I feel that I am making a difference in bringing what was once a thought, now come to life. See myself as a captain and coach, someone whom can be trusted whom values people's lives and their efforts.

Pros: Different types of projects and experience on large modern equipment and technology
Cons: may need to be working longer hours during critical phases in the project, but thats part of the excitement.

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Project manager with telecoms, railway and electronics background.

I have Ten years’ experience in Telecoms, Electronics and Project Management. I have management experience at various level, technical, operational, project, business and strategic. I was exposed to various engineering principles, standards, governance, engineering acts, policies and professional code of conduct. I have also practiced financial management: procurement, sourcing strategies, budget and contract management, in line with the PFMA and internal financial governance frameworks. I am a dedicated hard work individual keen to develop and growth both academically and professionally, and passionate about adding value to the social and corporate responsibilities that we operate in an economically friendly environment. I am open to opportunities that lead in driving business into right direction, either through consultation, business analyst or strategic management; whereby the focus is to merely address socio-cultural constraints of unemployment, poverty and Inequality.

Pros: Projectised environment
Cons: Agile and digital environment?

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Excellent learning

now can do maintenance, fix fault components and replace them, I can test faulty components, I can do fault finding. I can do installation and I have grown found of my career

Pros: great opportunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent technical background

I am well developed individual who is so selfish driven to reach greater goals. I am a hard working individual who works in isolation in standby duties also work with the team in projects. I supervise large team in projects and meet dead lines in time. I am looking to learn more and believe in new challenges. I am looking forward to exercise my strength in this post hoping will have an opportunity to deliver. I am able to work under stress where I am currently based i drive daily to the section and work more hours in an isolated area but able to deliver good output.

Pros: Opportunity to grow as technologist
Cons: Overtime standy duties

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Very Nics

It a very company with less oppositions.. It very hard to move forward more on self empowerment. We normally work five days. Coworkers it more like family simple because we all hard same vision. Going out with a train that was amazing and love for it. I have learned move safety, fire fighting level one skills. And most important is how to keep a good relationship with customers.

Pros: Non
Cons: Over time

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Career development

Working for Transnet is a experience, but career growth is a bit stagnant. I am a team player and love working in teams. I can work unsupervised, and am inspired individual employee. I am proactive, innovative and creative. Performance and Talent Management still have drawbacks.

Pros: Career Development
Cons: short staffed leading to work pressure

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Have learned to manufacturing, fabricating, repair. Interpretation of drawings and detailed planning work and and not forgetting always following safety procedures

Pros: It is great opportunity to learn work especially a big company that has verity of different things you can learn from especially in manufacturing, fabraction work like parts needed types of steel and sizes
Cons: Material is delivered late and sometimes out material to use

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Excelent retirement

It is a good company to work for especially if you have worked for many years in other industries and now you want to retire and settle. It has a good health environment and also friendly employees.

Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: mixed working hours

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Semi skilled

punctual reliable good communication oriented understanding committed fast learner good personalities ..........................................m....mnmnmmm..mmm................mm...mm.....mm.mmm........................mmmm.mmmmmmmmm. .. ..........................

Pros: Great opportunity to promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Good Career Development Industry

I have developed professionally within company under its Technology Management Department. the following are the outcome obtain or key competencies:- - Project Management; - Maintenance Management; - Safety Management; - Data Acquisition and Analysis; - Service Design and Implementation; - Technical Reports Writing; - Decision Making; - Train Derailment Investigations; - Train Evaluations - Networking with Various Clients within the Railway Network. the most challenging job within my position is networking other business unit within the parameters of the organisation at large, to get the project completed.

Pros: Career Progression within Mechanical Engineering Discipline
Cons: Limited Engineering Career Growth

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