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Good experience I have

I have been trained and tested as a qualified artisan for diesel mechanics fitter. I'm hardworking, loyalty and strong. I was working as a team work always love each other. I learn to work with diversity people and it was so very great. I'm enjoying to work with a group share information.

Pros: While we working always obeying the rules. Always be minded of safety. Wear full protective personal equipment
Cons: Yes working 12hours per day

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A job without matric

Hi I'm Desmond Hlongwane from Pretoria,gauteng,im currently looking for a job, I Donnie have Matric, but I have 4 years Experience. And I'm a hard worker.

Pros: great opportunity for Promotion
Cons: long working hours

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I have gained experience you will never imágenes

I was part of Transnet school of engineering since 2012, they took me to Northlink college to do N2 before I trade test, during my training , I was part of building trains start from scratch. I can welding various metal components including pipes works and stainless-steel

Pros: I become a Artisan welder then help the other students
Cons: Good company to be, lot of challenges and there room for improvement

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Learning curve

Transnet has trained me to become a world class quality welder and failed to give me a permanent position. I have learned a lot about welding position, quality and value of your work. The biggest challenge of it is working long hours and earning peanuts by end of the month. I have a great relationship with my fellow workers, we work as a team most of the times

Pros: Great opportunity for enhancing my skill
Cons: Long working hours

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Library and Information management

I have a good understanding of management, IT and the day-to-day running of a library. I have been involved in the field of Information and Library Management since 1994, exposed to operations in various forms of business from medium to large corporate organizations including non-governmental organizations and government entities. My experience is supplemented by formal education from known and highly accredited academic institutions in the country. The in-house training has improved and broadens my skills within the field of Information and Knowledge Management. My highest qualifications are BPHIL (hon.) in Knowledge Management with Stellenbosch University and BBibl. with University of Fort Hare. I am an affiliate to Library and Information Association of South Africa. I am currently working in Knowledge Management Department tasked to implement Library solutions.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Company restructuring

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Award winning performance

Great opportunity to interact with employees. Implementation of SHEQ Objectives and Targets. Systems audits and inspections. Incident reporting and innvestigations. Sharing lessons learned with employees and contractors to improve performance. Learned a lot through integrating SHEQ Systems with Lean Six Sigma to help reduce waste and improve productivity.

Pros: Great learning opportunity
Cons: Systems running individually

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i was working on a very good condition and my relationship was very good since all my project were based to my people,they showed me to be patient and execute,what i liked by them as much they were difficult but my project were successfully the worse case scenario was the management they use to put more pressure on me.

Pros: hard work
Cons: long work hours

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From a Junior buyer to a Procument Manager in 10 years.

I'm an Acting Procurement Manager at Transnet Property. On a typical day I start at 06h30 checking on what was left undone the day before. From then I carry on with needs to be done for the day, like checking on the project progress and attending to meetings. I currently have a staff complement of 5 people reporting directly to me. 3 do the Operational works (OPEX) and the 2 are responsible for all the capital projects (CAPEX). The daily challenges of good reporting, meeting timelines and different characters are some of my learning experiences I had. I really enjoy the different dynamics brought by each project I deal with. Also the different individual characters bring out the best in how each day will pen out. Some of the best days are when I have to travel for site visits as well as for project handovers. I get that sense of satisfaction from seeing the projects I started having been completed.

Pros: I'm currently acting and hope to be appointed asap.
Cons: The scrutiny that is put on Procurement can sometimes be overwhelming.

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Great learning curve

My job has taught me to how to interact with colleagues but most importantly taught me that a smile can brighten ones day. I've learnt patience and to be more confident in what I do especially because I have a great relationship with my colleagues.

Pros: Great opportunity for a promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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No growth in the last 4 years

Working for the organization is great and the most challenging experience is to work in hazardous environment and not get danger allowance and also travelling distance to attend incidents

Pros: Gives opportunities
Cons: No danger allowance

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