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Familiar with the ppm and it's not followed within the processes of this company. Which places the buyer at risk. Senior managers want to give verbal instructions that are of a risky nature and this places the buyer in a situation

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Other

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Good environment where one is exposed to different techniques of procurement

To change the evolution of supply chain to the new era of buying and selling in the logistics or supply chain environment. The procurement steps from the rfq srage to the awarding stage is completed by one buyer there’s no segregation of duties and in return it makes one to know more about the supply chain process

Pros: Continue to learn
Cons: Training for new techniques

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Human Resource Business Partner

HRBP HR Generalist for Supply Chain and Finance • Total Human Resources solutions that enable the achievement of business goals • Keep abreast of trends, legislation and best practices within the HR industry in order to optimise service delivery • Provide guidance to different customers in aligning business requirements with HR solutions in business plans • Implement innovative HR solutions • Act as a change agent

Pros: State Owned
Cons: Too many red tape

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Motivation: Deployment of rail resources to housekeeping during shunting intervals was my innovation which I was rewarded for it by the Terminal Manager. I have been awarded as a shift Planner of the year in 2010. I am always available and willing to assist new planning members at planning section in terms orientating them and bringing to required understanding of planning at DCT Pier 2 in order for the deliver required results

Pros: career
Cons: 8 hrs

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Exelent learning Curve

Great experience gathered Able to grasp concepts very quickly. You will adapt to changing conditions Must be willing to travel Must be able to work under pressure

Pros: Great for learning
Cons: Long Hours

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Excellent learning curve

I enjoy working in this company as I always have new challenges which make me learn a lot.from them and working with my collegues is so amazing as we always strive to excel in every job given to us.

Pros: Great opportuninty for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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We were working as a team..enjoy everything and learned to work different job even if you dont paid to do that particular job. The most challenging expert of the job is when we had to meet our targerts and managements ask to work extra hours on a short notice. Those who dont have transport managers took them home with their transports. Out come of that secrifice between us and management we normally meet our targerts and got good incentive bonus.

Pros: it was not easy to get promited there most opportunities gave new workers not those with long services
Cons: overtime

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Chief Financial Officer

I have been acting as CFO for Transnet Port Terminals since March 2018, and am looking to consolidate and build my career in this area. I have extensive experience in Finance, Strategy as well as IT project management, and believe I will be a good fit for the position advertised. Please feel free to contact me for latest CV at michelle.vanburenschele@transnet.net. Regards Michelle

Pros: Great Opportunity for learning and development
Cons: Internal constraints to upward mobility

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Typical day at the office is solving challenges that prevent scheduled maintenance

Best company to work for, growth is there but it can improve. Employee support programs are effective. Working hours are managed. Environment is conducive.

Pros: I will say opportunities for growth are there
Cons: There are good and bad day. In a good day you can knock off an hour later in a bad day it can go to 4 hours beyond , your normal working hours

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I am currently working as a Radio and Transmission Technician at Transnet since 2014 doing r

Firstly I love this job beca6itd challenging so I am learning new things every day, especially on Radio side where you find that one of the link is off and then I mutrace what is cause for that.I also use different type types of test equity like wattmerter,multimeter, Osci8,sunritester,etc.

Pros: Technical Growth
Cons: Challenging

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