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Im able to learn and gain experience within the company.

please kindly accept my application and CV. I'm a hard working person willing to learn and gain experience within the company. I'm available anytime for interview.

Pros: im a hard working person
Cons: 8-6

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I am able to use my own initiative

I typical day at work is doing technical risk assessment that takes 3 conservative days. I have a good relationship with my co-worker, we work as a team. I learnt to communicate with different people at different levels in the organisation. I enjoy doing awareness and training.

Pros: I am promoted to be leading the YPT team
Cons: working in the unsafe environment

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Goog inviroment

It is the largest company across the globe with lot of apportunities and great expore of working experience, with lot of people with different personalities that teaches you as person to be able to deal with different people in the work industry.

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Normal working hours

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Excellent Learning Experience

Applying theory i learnt in class was an amazing and exciting experience and i will forever be greatfull for the opportunity. Not only was is a learning curve academically, i also learnt how to work and team up with people with different age,background,personality, mindset and culture. I worked for Continuous Improvement department,it was challenging and because i love being challenged, it was a good exercise and journey for me. I perfom my best when challenged than doing the routine work which also one of the reason why i chose the Industrial Engineering career path. I was part of the Lean projects done to improve processes and productivity of the organization and i also had my individual projects i did. The role i played and my responsibilities in projects include time studies, activity sampling, 5s, data analysis, Gemba works, Power point presentations and visual management in the yards.

Pros: Excellent environment for Learning
Cons: Long working hours when collecting data

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Good, fitting,interpersonal basic planning,time managment and communication skill.

Proficient in the use of basic hand tools. ,ability to read and interpret circuitand to use mechanical and electrical instruments.Ability to work at height and cnfined space.adaptability to change, able to work with a team and independently.

Pros: For what i learn and understand i will apriciate be promoted
Cons: Enjoy working no matter what time its takes but to make sure job is well done.

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Excellent Learning

I am a Qualified Mechanical Fitter from a 3yeard Training Theory and Practicals and I am Trade Tested as well.I was trained by Chevron Oil & Gas Refinery,Northlink College (Wingfield Campus) & CHIETA.I am currently working for Transnet Port Terminals at Saldanha Iron Ore Terminal.Reparing all the High Speed Rotating Equipment such as Gearboxes,Pumps and Servicing the Conveyor Pulleys,Bearing Replacement.Hydraulics and Pneumatics as well e.t.c

Pros: Promotion as the time goes
Cons: We are very busy in our Plant we work overtimes and we also do Standby as well

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Have learned to manufacturing, fabricating, repair. Interpretation of drawings and detailed planning work and and not forgetting always following safety procedures

Pros: It is great opportunity to learn work especially a big company that has verity of different things you can learn from especially in manufacturing, fabraction work like parts needed types of steel and sizes
Cons: Material is delivered late and sometimes out material to use

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Continuous Improvement

Good split of office word and field work (In fact you plan your day as you feel it would work better for you, with accommodating meeting) Most conducive area for learning and implementing new things. Every great relationship with co-workers. Flexibility and more opportunities Department is short staffed

Pros: Flexible hours
Cons: Slow growth

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Excelent retirement

It is a good company to work for especially if you have worked for many years in other industries and now you want to retire and settle. It has a good health environment and also friendly employees.

Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: mixed working hours

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Good benefits

Transnet is a good company to work for as there is lot of benefits and job security. And training of its employees is a first priority, Transnet is a good company to work for as there is lot of benefits and job security. And training of its employees is a first priority,Transnet is a good company to work for as there is lot of benefits and job security. And training of its employees is a first priority,

Pros: Have a good growth capacity
Cons: People tend to relax at their positions

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