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Excellent learning curve

It always exciting and i am always eager to know what will i be my new experience on a daily basis. I try to be very pro active because thats when i learn new things at my workplace beacuse there is always something to learn, as long as one looks for opportunity to. One of the best things that make my days at work enjoyable is obviosuly my colleagues who have become my second family. I learn a lot about being a person who understands people from different backgrounds, they way to interact with them in a positive manner. I enjoy working with new styles of fashion, new trends. The most challenging thing about the job is the long hours we work in this industry.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Working extra hours

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Excellent learning experience

I started working at Edcon as a Merchandise Trainee and i must say it was the best from day one as i learned about the entire retail process. I've also learned the true meaning of teamwork, excellent customer service and patience. working with collegues who are hard workers and always there for you at all times makes my work more enjoyable because we become like a family and we depend on each other. The hardest part of my work is having to handle or meeting deadlines in a short duration , as i work in a retail company most clients complain about stock and product variety and also not wanting to wait in ques for more than 10 minutes, but I have learned to listern to them an treat them with respect at all times . I also haven't had a typical day at Edcon. I have Learned skills such as Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Analytical skills and many more.

Pros: Great place to kick start one's career
Cons: They under pay people

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Quick learning

Receive and store shipping materials in a stockroom. Deliver stockroom materials to internal and external customers. Assist stockroom staff in organizing and managing stockroom. Ensure compliance of stockroom procedures in handling customers' stocks.

Pros: Fun environment with an understanding manager
Cons: Busy days of days of delivery of goods, front store work during month ends and promotional days.

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Customer service is key and as well as replenishing and merchandise

Delopment in the company is key and as well as employees meeting of needs. How ever on the culture side that is not taken into consideration......................................... ...............

Pros: Balancing life and work is unfare and promotions are given to favourable individuals
Cons: public holidays and working more than 7 days in a row

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I've got a great experience with them I learnt lot of things also how to behave

I've got a great relationship with my colleagues, everyone want to talk to me, I love focusing on my work and deliver excellent service, I've learnt lot of this how to deal with a challenge also how to be gantle

Pros: Consultant
Cons: 195

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Excellent experience

Everyone love talking to me I am so friendly, I'm so professional at the same time I'm well taught that job or dask given must be the first priority so I do exactly tha, t that is why I ended up being the top in the brand

Pros: Consultant
Cons: 195 u

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I am a fast learner

i did enjoy each an every moment of my work.i do have a passion to work with people i m a very polite person, my work comes first.i like to learn new things everyday an i would also like to grow .

Pros: if the are other oppotunities i do go for them also.
Cons: i m used to long working hours because i ve been working for retail for a long time now

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Excellent Learning Curve

I am currently in Product Planning department at Denim Brands for Edgars group, in Merchandise Logistics with the combination of my talent, creativity and technical experience in Customer service and Accuracy Audit field, also resolving operation issues that I have worked in for the past 11 years will make me the right person for what you are looking for.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth and challenges
Cons: Normal working hours

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Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.

Thank you for taking the time for reviewing my resume. I trust that my portfolio and work experiences have meets you enterprenuial expectations. Should you have any further information that you may require please do don't hesitate to contact me for further clarification. Well wishes and warm regards Ashveer Rajcoomar.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Good culture

Typical work evironment Hr disjointed Great reporting and analytics Great dynamics in oir divisional team Best working relationship with my business partners

Pros: Great culture
Cons: Retrenchments

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