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Excellent training

No growth prospects No work life balance, North opportunities to move around within company No flexibility to move to different areas of the company.

Pros: No career growth
Cons: No career growth

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I have alot with customer service, intergrity , values of the company and professionalism

Working for the company it gives you more challenges, i work with my colleges in a good communication and team work. i have learnt the lay out of the store, replinish , display , product knowledge and how to make the store neat and tidy. if they see you that your are motivate at your work and hard working person they give you opportunities to go and learn about retail indusrty. the most challeng thing about the company it takes time to promote a person

Pros: no great promotion opportunities
Cons: retail hours

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Challenging & competative

Work in a very challenging retail environment, building new relationships, what I have learnt most is to listen, communicated and know policies and procedures as I deal with different individuals daily and need to be a step ahead in terms of policies, educate. Since appointed in my current roles I have learned a lot in terms of ER side of the business.

Pros: My role is more diverse than previos role, more of a genaralist
Cons: long hours

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Execlent learning

i was working with different jobs working as doing equries for customers and do customer service.i learn to be friendly evry time becouse of im working with customers.and i enjoy working wih different peoples. I learn not to be rude andnot to have short temper

Pros: working different department
Cons: long working hours

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Good management skills

We are trading 9 hours week days, 8 hours on Saturday and 5 hours Sunday and holiday. I create flyers during promotions and my staff enjoy driving those promotions with flyers as it helps them to manage the business and make more sales

Pros: We hand out flyers during promotions to increase more feet
Cons: We are trading 9 hours a day during that week, 8 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sundays and holidays.

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Great experience within marketing

Enjoyed learning about the fashion retail environment, within the trends department for a year - even though we had experienced 2 restructures for the year. I then moved onto a marketing portfolio for growth and learning experiences within a different field. Thoroughly enjoying working within my new team - lots of growth potential

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Not too much structure

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Hard woker,patiant and enegatic

willing to learn and to be appointed as part of ur employee ,with all the work experience that I have in working in retail company made me to be strong and gave me a knowledge on how to work with people and how to treat different customers

Pros: getting good opportunity
Cons: can work for long hours

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It was a good learning curve I have learnt a lot.

A typical day get to work early and open a till because we could work as only three worker a day. Then administration should be done on daily basis especially inventory and SFR because you get to see if everything balances, and hazard counts are done everyday as well to check if high risk is balancing and the negative stock . We work well as colleagues and we were like family and we treated out customer with respect and pride and smile all the way so they feel appreciated.I enjoyed making customers happy even though not everyone will be happy and when we make budget the sales grow and the percentage. The challenge would be the pressure if budget is not meet and to prevent stockloss

Pros: opportunities are there even if you have to apply for them and work hard to be recognized
Cons: working hours were normal and anything more would be overtime

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Excellent Planning and organising

I’m well furnished with broad Debtors knowledge, Fraud and Merchandising and Admin, product knowledge, computer skills, and good academic background as far as competency requirements in the field are concerned and this is further complemented by strong personal attributes such as pressure resilience, flexibility, analytical, problem solving and versatility

Pros: opportunity to learn
Cons: normal working hours

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Learning Curve

I received a glimpse of what corporate is all about and in the process became aware of all the things I do not want in a career. There are not enough growth opportunities and incentive for hard work is patronizing.

Pros: Relaxed culture. Salary benefits
Cons: No growth opportunity. Dismal renumeration

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