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Exelent learning curve

I implement promotions, im in charge of customer service i present sales to staff every morning i am in charge of about 3500 square mitres with employees if about 50 and above.. i train them on daily duties and manage their performance

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent learning curve

I was working in a bank which was a different environment to from retail. I have learnt to put myself in a customers shoes and understand their frustrations. Always have a smile on my face. We do get irritated with each other as co-workers but I think am the only one who get up there and still work on my best of ability. I enjoy interacting with every genre of people and making them feel as VVIP.

Pros: gaining work expirience
Cons: peak relief worker

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Growth potential

I learned a t both vodacom and edcon, I t all about customer care and solving technical related queries at vodacom and at edcon my sales experience was enhanced. Both companies moulded me into what iv become and have painted the way in me becoming and industry expert insales,customer care and leadership roles.

Pros: great exposure
Cons: working weekends

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Excellent learning curve

I can work with a group of people as i used to work with customers.I can also work with long hours and with lunch in between 7 to 8 hours.I have an excellent relationship with co workers as im good with resolving issues with co workers.And i have an excellent communication skill.

Pros: Fast learner
Cons: 7 to 8 hours

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Excellent training

No growth prospects No work life balance, North opportunities to move around within company No flexibility to move to different areas of the company.

Pros: No career growth
Cons: No career growth

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I have alot with customer service, intergrity , values of the company and professionalism

Working for the company it gives you more challenges, i work with my colleges in a good communication and team work. i have learnt the lay out of the store, replinish , display , product knowledge and how to make the store neat and tidy. if they see you that your are motivate at your work and hard working person they give you opportunities to go and learn about retail indusrty. the most challeng thing about the company it takes time to promote a person

Pros: no great promotion opportunities
Cons: retail hours

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Challenging & competative

Work in a very challenging retail environment, building new relationships, what I have learnt most is to listen, communicated and know policies and procedures as I deal with different individuals daily and need to be a step ahead in terms of policies, educate. Since appointed in my current roles I have learned a lot in terms of ER side of the business.

Pros: My role is more diverse than previos role, more of a genaralist
Cons: long hours

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Execlent learning

i was working with different jobs working as doing equries for customers and do customer service.i learn to be friendly evry time becouse of im working with customers.and i enjoy working wih different peoples. I learn not to be rude andnot to have short temper

Pros: working different department
Cons: long working hours

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Good learning opportunities

I started as a casual work hard and got a permanent position where I worked as a head cashier responsible for reconciling all store report and store banking I was then promoted as a junior manager at customer service department so I wanted something more challenging and I was promoted to store admin manager (store assistance mananger )

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours

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Great experience within marketing

Enjoyed learning about the fashion retail environment, within the trends department for a year - even though we had experienced 2 restructures for the year. I then moved onto a marketing portfolio for growth and learning experiences within a different field. Thoroughly enjoying working within my new team - lots of growth potential

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Not too much structure

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