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Great company

Edcon is a fantastic company to work for.growth and development opportunities are always available. With my time i have spent with the company i have seen challenges and opportunities but the learnership has been world class.education and upskillng is also very important to edcon as they look to groom own managers and also retain them. Company incentive are also great but with current restructure a lot of change took place and vacancies have been reduced leaving a lot wondering what will happen next. There is still room for improvement for the HR as they are not 100% with equipping employees with info and resources.

Pros: Huge company with lots of opportunities
Cons: Uncertainty with a lot of restructuring and retrenchment. HR not as broad therefore causing a delay.

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Easy to be around

I am outgoing, accepting, and friendly enjoining everything and make things more fun for others by their enjoyment, I like action and make things happen. I find remembering facts easier than mastering theories also best in situation that need common sense and practical ability with people, I am self –driven and dislike working with lazy people. I love my job and make it my priority I also like reaching target, I can work well under pressure and make sure my colleagues, boss and clients are happy because their happiness matters most

Pros: i love my job and make it a priority
Cons: i can work well under plessure

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Excellent work environment

Great working environment and your opinion matters.We get incentives every quarter and 13th cheque as well,there is shares for previously disadvantaged twice a year.

Pros: Great incentives
Cons: Long hours

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I have grown in this company to the max at my level

Learning new things on a daily basis about how a business works and built myself up as an individual to over come any situation and to be even more responsible than I was. Edcon did me well but stop me at my own growth with in the company there for im Seeking new employment

Pros: Meeting new business clients on each and everyday
Cons: no weekends off

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The best place to work is a place where you can be your best

Edcon is a very nice place to work,and i The best place to work is a place where you can be your best.so if i were to change or leave Edcon ,One of my big challenges will be adjusting to the new workflow for creating reports to present to clients. Every company has a slightly different process, but of course, you want to avoid revealing to clients that anything feels unfamiliar. I'll aim to ask a lot of questions during my first report, and see if a colleague is available to review it before I share it with the client. That way, by the time my report is in front of the client's eyes, I'll feel fully confident in the process and work. and i have learnt a lot from EDCON,but what i enjoye doig the most is customer service because i meet a lot of people,different and you learn new things everyday

Pros: There'a gwowth indeed in EDCON ,but somewhre some how in life you need a change .
Cons: sometimes you work long hours especially when there's stocktake,or Big promo

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Fast learner

Hard worker, punctual, pay attention to detail, believe in teamwork. Good work was rewarded. As a team we achieved more, there were incentives for performance. Recognition

Pros: there are opportunities for growth
Cons: retail hours

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Working with customer everyday.

Im Priscilla, with a good customer service. I have a certicate in IT but love assistants people with different problems, and giving them thst help they need.

Pros: Lost of opportunity for management,
Cons: No permanent opportunity for us workers.

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Skills development and career Growth

I'm CURRENTLY working for Edcon, payroll department, we are a team of nine payroll administrators. my day to day duties include calculating of payments (new starters, terminations, increases), analysing, organizing & evaluating of payroll information before authorizing release and to generate payments in prescribed format & specified timeframes my team consists of funny, professional and helpful individuals. since i've moved to the payroll department I have learnt to be independent, pay attention to detail and problem solving. I enjoy using the system (VIP Premier)

Pros: Systems and processes
Cons: lack of growth due to restructuring

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I have learned this didn't know

the relation ship with co workers is very good but if you see that you have no future in the company because they are retraining their staff there is nothing i cant handle i have learned a lot from venue bookings and briefing agency from the start until the end i enjoy when i have sum thing to do no challenge

Pros: no promotion
Cons: its quiet sum times we dont have sum thing to do

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Good for getting experiance

its is good working at edcon then to stay at home atleast you get experiance for future employement.and you do learn some few things there ,the problem is that some times you stay at home for weeks not working

Pros: good for gaining experiance
Cons: no there are no long hours

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