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Cv and interview

Driver sales man current at Penunsila Beverage for an Owner driver. I do have code EC (14) Drivers lisence with pdp. Retai experience in clothing and home as operations co ordinator and admin manager for over 13 years.

Pros: Operations. Admin.
Cons: Weekends and public holidays

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Good training skills provided

The company is not making money at all,I'm scared that one day I will find myself unemployed or rettrenched.At moment I'm working two jobs a day which is receiving and dispatch,and doing store admin dealing with queries that you find that my company did not pay suppliers

Pros: They are good at training skills but failing to promote or giving me management position
Cons: Very long hours we are working,public holidays payment is like playing with ours not paying double even sunday

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Customer service

Edgars lot of work no opportunities, no development. unless you force yourself to learn no team work, you must do a work that suppose to do to with two or three people, lot of work

Pros: No opportunities
Cons: Long hours

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The learning has been great, but growth is limited.

The company is a great place to start to learn about the nature of Retail, while instilling high performance drive in employees. However, the lack of growth opportunities, and lack of incentives for staff sucks the passion out of employees.

Pros: Great pressure and work ethic developed.
Cons: Long hours with no overtime pay. No growth opportunities because of the restructures over the past few years.

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It's an excellent learning curve and a good career growth

It is so professional, it empowers its employees and teaches us to be leaders , We work hand in hand with our leaders and executives they are all supportive. Working here has taught me so much

Pros: Great deal for opportunity
Cons: Normal working hours

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Excellent training

I have learnt alot but as for salary wise im not happy I love working with my colleagues as we support each other. I love learning everyday and seeing different people, experimenting with new customers. If you give your customers good gratitude u will never go wrongly. Acknowledging all customers in a good way helps the company to gain lot of loyalty in customers

Pros: I would love to be a manager
Cons: 8hrs daily

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Job description

I started working for this company in 2006 as a temp and because of my determination on what I do they took me on the 1 year course and they gave me a permanent employment and they moved me from Mall to the store in Town and I worked there as the head cashier, stockroom(receiving stock). After I was promoted to be the Merchandise and I applied for the credit associate post they took me and I am working close with the management. Now I am doing the following: Inquiries Batch Cards Cash Office Banking Administration (Filling) Stork Room (receive stork and Filling)

Pros: the shop opens at 09:00 and we need to be at the shop around 08:00
Cons: we do work long hours during stock taking and the last day of the Month

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Greate experience ever

Its been a good experience working for edcon all these years,especially in different stores.Dealing with different characters of customers played a big role in my life.

Pros: Not exactly
Cons: Short staff

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Working at Edcon has made it passionate to deliver excellence while working with them and it is easy to engage with co-workers. i have learnt that that as a collective ,the channeling Ecosystem of organisation have the ability to empower the society through channeling individuals to achieve personal goals.When the individual succeeds, business succeeds and in turn the economy at large.

Pros: I learnt a lot in such a big industry
Cons: No opportunities of growth

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Good quality job experiance

Im working 7-8 hours per day My relationship with my manager/co workers we always work as a team we make sure that we always the for each other and focus on our work and give our customers quality customer service because customers is our key at work ,without customers we nothing ,so thats why we make sure that we care to our customers. I've learned more experiance,and how to care about our customers and i thankful because now i know my experiance .. I enjoy working as a team and respect others and provide experiance to each other as a team. The most challenging is where by u along with customers and show them what we have in our store and let them fill free and welcome.

Pros: Make all promotion are on point eg.clothing ,footwear,sunglasses,hotel collection and many more..
Cons: 7-8 hours per day

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