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Experienced Customer Experience Executive with a demonstrated history within the Retail Sector. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Operations Management, Coaching, and Sales. Strong Strategic, Customer Experience, Operations professional with Financial Management, Marketing, Labour Relations and HR, Supply Chain, Strategy Development with the University of Pretoria's RMDP. This has been enhanced through application and execution in being an Accredited Customer Experience Master as well as an Accredited Customer Experience Champion.

Pros: None
Cons: None

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High performance culture and customer centric

Being a store manager in my environment and my customer segment comes with different challenges daily always forcing you to raise your bar from the previous one, it is fulfilling and insightful. It's been a challenge that has grown me as a person. My greates achievement in this role is successfully undergoing a revamp with various complexities from a store size 3200sq to 6002sq within tight timelines and still considering my customer and trade. My second win is seeing my store team delivering on great customer experience despite the store complexities. Being able to influence my team to always put the customer 1st and seeing them feel great about it. My work environment is a fast paced environment which requires every staff member to be on top of their game every hour.

Pros: It's a great company to be part of.
Cons: Long hours spend commuting to work

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Excellent learning curve

Results were accurate to the best of my knowledge and always inspire colleagues to strive for better sales which is beneficial not only to the company but to them as well

Pros: Benefits
Cons: Long hours working

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Excellent learning curve

It is good to work as a manager aspecially if you have a positive relationship with your team, all understanding the goal an the strategy, it is good company to work for but unfortunately it's closing down some of its stores

Pros: Great opportunity to learn more in management
Cons: Working hours are reasonable retail working hours

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Good communication skills,listening skills and interpersonal skills

Enjoying working with different people Learning an easy & hard way to work Appreciation from management and support Interpersonal skills The pressure from the customers,but that makes you stronger.

Pros: Promoting and selling
Cons: Standing long hours

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Good preparation for better opportunities

EDCON is a good company to learn about retail so that when you go somewhere else you are prepared fully to face anything because it is quite volatile. Typical day at work is al about being at your desk and completing what's needed and being called midway for a meeting or conference call and now you will have to work through lunch to complete your work. They don't work on productivity so once you done with your work you need to find something to do because you can't knock off before knock off time.

Pros: Retail company
Cons: No flexibility

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Good communicator in verbal and non verbal. Able to work individual and as a team. Fast learner and good memoriser. Can able to work under pressure and time management. Good in typing, Excel, Microsoft office and words. Keep customer first and make them to feel at home too.

Pros: Good promotion
Cons: Muximum time working

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Lots of learnings, too many repititions

Management skills can do with a lot of work in order to up skill the staff correctly. Too many ppl whom want to be boss and every one wants to have a say on how someone else should do they job, too long to get approvals to get things done by higher management.

Pros: Good working hours
Cons: Too much repetition

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Excellent learning curve

The best part about my job is meeting different people everyday day with different personalities and also knowing that they can trust me to give them the best shopping experience, advise them accordingly and to their needs. And I have been able to learn alot from my counter manager, like how to run a successful business, that's almost always trading up on a monthly basis, the leadership skills that are required to be great Manager and how to manage people and we have team of 6 people altogether and we work well together, and as much as we have personal targets, we also know that we need to help each other to achieve our target and also by focusing on the bigger goal which is to achieve the monthly target. The challenging part of my job is only when we do not have enough resources to make our target, we do alot of demonstrations to be able to show the customer what the product can do and the power of actually feeling it, which immediately creates a connection.

Pros: Healthy environment to work in
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent Learning Curve

I am currently in Product Planning department at Denim Brands for Edgars group, in Merchandise Logistics with the combination of my talent, creativity and technical experience in Customer service and Accuracy Audit field, also resolving operation issues that I have worked in for the past 11 years will make me the right person for what you are looking for.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth and challenges
Cons: Normal working hours

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