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Job opportunities slow

Very fast moving pace, no co-operation among colleauges from different departments. Slow in converting contract work to permanent employment. Not family orientated.

Pros: great learning environment
Cons: contract work

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Great company

Well recognized within my years of service I have grown from a store manager to a regional manager managing 9 international brands withing Edgar's I am proud to belong to such an awesome company

Pros: Innovative team
Cons: None

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Willingness to accept responsibility

Time management skill and deligent with greater attention to details. Ability to produce consistency accurate work whilst under pressure. My ability to speak , write and present myself fluently and immaculately has enabled me to have good interpersonal relations with different people. Good customers service skills and telephone etiquette. Confident and patient individual who can easily handle unexpected and emergency situations with ease

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours and weekends if required

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More than just buying experience

You learn a lot at Edcon. You really become hands on in Marketing and other fields outside of buying. There are plenty of systems that we use and assist in the buying process. Training is also readily available to all employees. The specialists are great mentors and are always helpful. However growth is slow if not at all. You could be an assistant for over 10 years without a shot at being a specialist buyer. The salary gap between specialists and assistants is also ridiculous. Even though you do work just as hard.

Pros: Experience
Cons: No growth

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Excellent learning curve

This is a truly great company. The culture is very open and very results oriented. This growing company requires a high degree of initiative from its managers and bases its decisions on performance.

Pros: Great opportunities for promotion
Cons: Long hours on festive season

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Good foundation

overall it was a great experience, the culture is good. the relaxed atmosphere allows for great relationships with co-workers and management, but the opportunities are few and they don't harvest potential.

Pros: relaxed culture, great place to work
Cons: promotion opportunities few

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I've learned how to put customers first in every respect and meet their requirements.

I'm Llai Mabula. I'm enthusiastic and quicker learner. I work hard and take my work seriously. I can work under pressure and I'm very dedicated. I have completed a certificate in HIV/AIDS with Unisa, and have computer skills. I am a final student studying Bachelor of Arts in Health Science and Social Services (Psychology). I have 4+ customers service experience, I've been an employee of Edcon CNA as a sales associate and acting supervisor since 2015-2018-July and now I'm working at Jet since 2018-July till to date as a sales associate. I have good customers service experience and I like working with different people and different cultures. I'm willing to learn new things in this department and willing to grow as well as an individual and as a team member to.

Pros: Customers service
Cons: 8 hours

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Well growth and teaches to multitask and independent.

Just need to be recognized and appropriate. Know when opportunities come and equal treatment. Training and promotion must be offered due to hard work and dedication.

Pros: Well growth
Cons: Not recognized

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I am hard worker, good with people , i am able to work well under pressure

i am hard worker, good with people , i am able to work well under pressure . I have learned to work with different personalities in the work place and how to manage them . I enjoy most when as reach out KPI or target as a team .

Pros: you must have peoples skills , must be able to work long hours
Cons: long hours , pressure on sales

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Driving Sales

I always start up my day with positive mind because i believed that positive mind create good things....i like my previous employer..because he tough me so much about business which i was also interested to learn about it...i love to work as a team.The challenge that was difficult for me is whereby my colleges are lazy to served customers

Pros: Celebration of the Stars
Cons: 08:00-17:00

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