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Learning everyday

-Good relationship with colleagues -Learned presentation skills and public speaking -Enjoy assisting SMME's and NPOs -challenges in terms of budgets since business is not profitable

Pros: Great working environment
Cons: Low budget for Transformation initiatives

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Excellent growth

Edcon is a good company with good areas for growth, i came in as an HR Intern but they saw potential in me and pointed me as an HR Administrator 4 months contract. I am great full for the experience i have gained

Pros: great opportunity for learning
Cons: They throw parties on Tuesdays or Thursdays and the following day you must still go to work

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More than just buying experience

You learn a lot at Edcon. You really become hands on in Marketing and other fields outside of buying. There are plenty of systems that we use and assist in the buying process. Training is also readily available to all employees. The specialists are great mentors and are always helpful. However growth is slow if not at all. You could be an assistant for over 10 years without a shot at being a specialist buyer. The salary gap between specialists and assistants is also ridiculous. Even though you do work just as hard.

Pros: Experience
Cons: No growth

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Edcon is been the best company to work for more learning lessons to make the best out of yourself

Daily routine working with customers on a daily basis and learning different customers behaviors. Typical day like when having big promotions customers will come in numbers and we have to ensure that they feel welcomed and happy. We get along very well with my co-workers,we normally work as a team so to reach set targeted goals,hard working and also dedicated employees Edcon taught me that a customer must be respected and treat them accordingly, because at the end of the day they are our bosses.Also taught me how to run a business irrespective of high and lows of our country's cash flow I enjoy being around customers listening to their different views, helping them to the best of my knowledge It's so very challenging when a customer is looking for something that was advertised on tv or magazine but when they get to the store it's not there, however we make means that they always get what they want.

Pros: Going for greener pastures and mostly willing to learn new things
Cons: Described as overtimes or going the extra miles for any given tasks to be finished before they breaks.e.g Promotions

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Great learning curve

Got to work in a call centre where we worked in teams.Im a team player so getting with the others was not a problem.Learned a lot from customer services and worked closely with my manager as well.

Pros: Supervising
Cons: Long working hours

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Being able to solve customer queries

Working in a retail industry have many challenges, having to meet different customers and attitudes. What i have lernt the most is in whatever situation you are in with a customer or a co-worker i must deal with it in a calm and a professional manner.

Pros: Learning better communication skills
Cons: Long hours, Sunday shifts

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Working at Edcon has made it passionate to deliver excellence while working with them and it is easy to engage with co-workers. i have learnt that that as a collective ,the channeling Ecosystem of organisation have the ability to empower the society through channeling individuals to achieve personal goals.When the individual succeeds, business succeeds and in turn the economy at large.

Pros: I learnt a lot in such a big industry
Cons: No opportunities of growth

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Learning curve

Long working hours , work with great people. We work well in teams. I have learnt work well independently without supervision and also a great team player. I enjoy serving customers the most because it allows me to explore new relationships in a daily basis.

Pros: Good opportunity to learn
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve and good support structure

Assisting all edcon stores with updating information on the system assisting with soft ware issues such as terminals scanners and doing follow ups on logged queries

Pros: Good learning environment
Cons: Working long hours and weekend including public holidays

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Excellent learning curve

My work starts by looking at daily sales and then from there i look at emails from suppliers if theres any queries . I also print out various reports that relates to on time and late orders that still needs to come. I have an excellent working relationship with co workers. I have learnt from my job negotiating and dealing with suppliers that is relationship management. I enjoy building product ranges for customers and travelling as well. When not trading the inflexibility to cancel out of stock thats not trading due to supplier lead times.

Pros: Great opportunities for learning.
Cons: Job security

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