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Excellence working opportunities

I have been a loyal employee for my company for more than.ten years I am passionate about my work and I took responsibility of my job and take ownership at all the time Being on management side taught me on how to deal with people on daily basis and how to lead them with wit example I have also learn on how to deal with different clients during difficult times By working here it taught me so many things that I did nothe have previously I no how to work under pressure and also to work awkward hours without any hesitation

Pros: Promotions
Cons: Awkward hours

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Excellent work experience

i work from 8- 5. my relationship was good. i learnt to interact with clients and be patient i enjoy assisting clients with their querries the challenging aspect of the job are robberies

Pros: great opportunities for studying
Cons: not meeting your target

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It has taught me how to deal with different types of customers.

- A typical work day: Normal - Your relationship with co-workers: Friendly enviroment - What you have learnt: How to deal with clients - What you enjoy most : Offering helping hand - The most challenging aspects of the job: Assisting a client that is using an uncomfortable language.

Pros: n/a
Cons: n/a

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Excellent in sharing ideas

COMMUNICATION IS KEY I learnt that no matter what problems we have at work communication is key. What i enjoy the most is sharing ideas with others.the only amazing thing about working at capitec bank is learning about teamwork but the management does not sincerely treat employees in a manner to show that the also play a vital role in driving capitec bank

Pros: Great for learning new stuff
Cons: working voluntary

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Still needs improvement

Executing the required everyday duties is easy and well achievable. You learn a lot from not necessarily doing your duties but from merely being a part of the branch team. Only downsides to the job is its requirements for one to literally stand up straight not leaning against anything for 8 hours a day and, the everyday verbal abuse and lashouts from clients. In creating the role, the company focused mostly on the needs of the customer and not so much on that of the employee. The biggest downside however is the fact that regardless how well you execute your duties, if you are innovative and creative as I am, it will always be a fact to you that you are not making a difference.

Pros: Good starting off opportunity
Cons: Strenuous requirement

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Good customer service orientation and system knowledge

The job has taught me the importance of customer service and understanding customers and providing the best services and products to meer clients needs. I habe also learnt how to handle different situations and professional behavior no matter the situation and also using all the tools provided to deliver the best services to clients.

Pros: Knowledge growth
Cons: Long working hours and target meeting due to competition

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I am a 30 year lady, i work ver hard and i work well in a team and also as an individual

we are responsible for the processing of debt review documentation, accepting restructuring proposals and auctioning them, and managing the clients debt review profile. We receive the debt review documentation from the debt counsellor. Action same on our debt review system (we generate COB, consent letters, change clients interest and instalments on SBL, etc). Furthermore, we follow up with debt counsellors on arrear payments and we also terminate debt review matters where payments were defaulted or where documents is outstanding to conclude the clients’ application.

Pros: it is a fastest growing company and it is well recognised, i have learned a lot in the branch level and also at the office environment
Cons: need to work very careful as we work with people's accounts

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Excellent learning and growth curve

Great company to get your start in the corporate world to learn about sales and continuous growth, how to build customer relationships after sales call ups and telemarketing skills

Pros: Good opportunity to learn and grow
Cons: Long working hours and less incentives

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In time

Best way to start your career. As a consultant you get to do a wide variety of duties. Long hours are the down side. As an employee, working under pressure is a required skill.

Pros: Salary increases
Cons: Long hours, wide variety of duties, and salary range

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Good work experience

we work 45 hours a week between Monday - Saturday 10 hours per day. this is a strenuous environment as we work long hours leading a team of 12 agents

Pros: good company to work for
Cons: long working hours

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