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How to deal with clients

On boarding of new employees is what l enjoy the most and doing arrears investigation is my passion. Running the branch in the absence of the branch Manager gives me more time to know the stuff very well. Doing loan mandates and doing day to day administration is key in learning business. Coming up with action plans on how to meet our target and doing coaching is what l do best and l have a good relationship with my stuff and l handle conflicts very well.

Pros: Did go for interview for our forensic department
Cons: 8 hours that l work and even late

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Excellent in sales consultant

I have 4years banking finance experience in sales consultant and as a teller. A great opportunity working at capitec bank,and gaining more experience. I enjoy working as a team and I was team leader. Serving clients,listening to them..

Pros: willing to learn more
Cons: from 7am to 6pm

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Good learning environment

Working at Capitec is so good,you get to learn new things around the bank,dealing with different clients personally and getting knowledge and skills that you can apply everywhere you go into different companies.

Pros: Good colleagues
Cons: long hours

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Growth potential for keen individuals

Working for this company is an amazing opportunity. The company invests extensively in training and development of its people. If the individual is keen to grow and learn then this is the right platform to do so

Pros: Extensive training provided
Cons: I have worked for an extended period and there is nothing I am unhappy with

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Team work and positivity

My day at would start with logging in 15 min at work, go through active incidents which means previous day work I follow up and update incidents that need to be updated. Then throughout the day if I need assistance I ask my team mates and they also did the same. When new teams from training start I used to manage them, do coachings, listen to calls, and do all the admin. It would be very challenging month end as it would get too busy then the system would ho offline then sometimes we are unable to assist some clients. I learnt a lot about leadership and understanding the service we provided to clients. I would enjoy when I would go out for lunch with colleague's after work and getting to know each other.

Pros: great work environment
Cons: working most weekends

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Excellent learning curve

Being part of a team and setting monthly targets to achieve. Interavting with clients everyday, handling their inqueries,solving them and helping them process their banking transactions. Working on a roaster to exchange roles between cashier/teller and service consultant. Telemarketing to increase sales and promote new products. Assist cliens whith their credit application, calculate client's afforability assessment and granting credit.

Pros: Being part of a team, continuos learning.
Cons: Growth oppotunities

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I have excellent customer service experience and great administration skills.

I'm an excellent candite to be hired. However I am overlooked when it comes to management positions. I strive for perfect results. Long working hours. weekends you work till Sundays. Less increments.

Pros: the team
Cons: long hours.

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Service consultant

- Strong Communication, Problem Solving And Analytical Thinking Skills  Good Interpersonal, Team And Leadership  Ability To Mult-Task, Adapt In Any Situation And Environment  Innovative Thrive On Paying Attention To Detail And Service Excellence  Dedication And Disciplined  Computer Skills And Internet Usage  Administration Work( Filing)  Conceptual Skills  Human Relation Skills

Pros: Working as team as we are the small group and also setting yourself a target to meet the branch needs if you do not bring your pie in the plate . It has thought me self confidence as it was my first real job and opportunity for growth.
Cons: 8 ,hour's

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Willing to learn

I am hardworking, always willing to learn. I am able to work under pressure. I enjoy working with people and I am also good with problem solving. I also work well in a team.

Pros: Always room for improvement
Cons: Long working hours

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Development t and learning opportunity

I truly belie Capite. Offers great opportunities for young people to develop and create a career in banking industry. I spend most of my day interacting with consultants ensuring service is upto standard also resolving clients complaints. I enjoy the environment with the people I work with. We have a good and healthy relationship with the team. The most challenging part is when it's not possible to assist someone either because they don't have proper documentation or they are just difficult.

Pros: provides opportunity for growth if performance meets standards
Cons: long working hours. poor job security

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