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Continues Learning and development

My typical workday is dealing with different clients telephonically on a daily basis,assisting all clients to the best of my abilities. Im a people's person thats the reason ive been in this industry for +_- 6years I get along with different type's of personalities and I respect other's and their opinions. I tend to work well on my own but I love working withing a team as well. Ive learned to listen more and speak less. I enjoy assiting clients as im passionate about what I do. The most challenging part of my job is the rotational hours, nightshifts as I feel there's no ballance between work as it feels I dont have a personal life. Im looking for reach my full potential in an environment where im not only passionate but where I will be happy and maybe retire at your company , thats the type of employee I want to be.

Pros: potential for growth withing the banking/ finance industry
Cons: Long wprking hours,and rotational shifts

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Great challenge to customer care

Capitec is a great bank to work in , the environment is challenging and sophisticated however it builds a strong character and teaches one on how to deal with different personalities. The team spirit is there and encouraging and the feeling of being able to assist people is just amazing, you learn alot.

Pros: Great for interpersonal skills
Cons: Long hours especially weekends

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Learning curve

At Capitec Bank there is great opportunity for growth. However the long working hours, working on Public Holidays and Sundays are not ideal. I am applying because the position offers what I thought I would be doing at Capitec Bank as an Assistant Branch Manager. With Capitec Bank you grow with the company, provided one wants to grow.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours, working on Public Holidays and Sundays

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I have learnt so much about servive efficiency

Capitec has taught me so much about myself now i know i can work very well under pressure. The bank gets hectic busy but through that busy period you can not make any errors or that can cost the company so you have to be quick and efficient. Working with a team is always great as you guys can help each other to get the job done quicker

Pros: Great opportunity for learning about service
Cons: Capitec has the longest hours

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Growth opportunity

It's a great environment. There is opportunity for growth. to get increased salary you need to perform. targets should be met at all times. You have to be energetic for when there is lots of clients. you need to work effectively and efficiently. you get to come across different types of people and learn on how to handle people's behaviour. you learn different approaches. create long lasting relationship with clients. you have to think out of the box.

Pros: team awards. great benefits. team building
Cons: Long working hours. work during weekends

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Outstanding focus on client service

Focus is on outstanding client experience Also on reaching set monthly targets Growth is limited Health benefits minimal Team work ensures success Quarterly rewards if set targets are exceeded Little time for weekend life

Pros: Change is constant teaching one to adapt
Cons: Career growth limited

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How to deal with clients

On boarding of new employees is what l enjoy the most and doing arrears investigation is my passion. Running the branch in the absence of the branch Manager gives me more time to know the stuff very well. Doing loan mandates and doing day to day administration is key in learning business. Coming up with action plans on how to meet our target and doing coaching is what l do best and l have a good relationship with my stuff and l handle conflicts very well.

Pros: Did go for interview for our forensic department
Cons: 8 hours that l work and even late

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It has taught me how to deal with different types of customers.

- A typical work day: Normal - Your relationship with co-workers: Friendly enviroment - What you have learnt: How to deal with clients - What you enjoy most : Offering helping hand - The most challenging aspects of the job: Assisting a client that is using an uncomfortable language.

Pros: n/a
Cons: n/a

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Was a good learning experience

Helping me grow was the perfect position. But now... I'm not going anywhere and my life and needs changed as I grew.. I need to think about my baby and time. I'm ALWAYS at work leaving no time for anything else. Work environment is very stressfull

Pros: Learning and growing
Cons: Very long hours unfair promotions

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Excellent learning curve

To smile even when you are down We had a great understanding team work was imperative How to deal with people from diverse backgrounds and personalities, to have empathy to customers When we all strive to reach our targets , the challenges we create and also how we assist into helping each other When organizing our own team building Keeping calm under pressure (clients)

Pros: Quarterly increases
Cons: Long hours

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