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Growth opportunity

It's a great environment. There is opportunity for growth. to get increased salary you need to perform. targets should be met at all times. You have to be energetic for when there is lots of clients. you need to work effectively and efficiently. you get to come across different types of people and learn on how to handle people's behaviour. you learn different approaches. create long lasting relationship with clients. you have to think out of the box.

Pros: team awards. great benefits. team building
Cons: Long working hours. work during weekends

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Continues Learning and development

My typical workday is dealing with different clients telephonically on a daily basis,assisting all clients to the best of my abilities. Im a people's person thats the reason ive been in this industry for +_- 6years I get along with different type's of personalities and I respect other's and their opinions. I tend to work well on my own but I love working withing a team as well. Ive learned to listen more and speak less. I enjoy assiting clients as im passionate about what I do. The most challenging part of my job is the rotational hours, nightshifts as I feel there's no ballance between work as it feels I dont have a personal life. Im looking for reach my full potential in an environment where im not only passionate but where I will be happy and maybe retire at your company , thats the type of employee I want to be.

Pros: potential for growth withing the banking/ finance industry
Cons: Long wprking hours,and rotational shifts

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Currently studying at richfield technology

I have 4years banking finance experience in sales consultant and as a teller at capitec bank. Also have 2years experience working as administration clerk at phiri hardware. My good communication skills and interpersonal skills were enhanced by my previous experiences.

Pros: good
Cons: long working hour

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Summary of my workplace

I am Gloria ndou, currently working as a branch manger in capitec bank, working for capitec bank had taught me a lot in terms of how to grow your profitability .how to stay motivated and how to motivate others to reach business objectives.i have grow confidence in working with people , resolving conflict among s other and how to handle clients complain and how to aquire new business to increase profitability.I enjoy helping clients a lotr whenever they have any challenges and I enjoy that evertime I have to brainstorm with my team if we have to achieve some of our golas . I have learn to maintain the moral of the team on daily basis by motivating them and giving them support and always be there for them if they need any assistance.The challenge is when you get new peoples who don't understand the business whereby yopu need to make sure they understand the business objectives and how to drive them successfully

Pros: there i an opportunity of growth
Cons: long working hours

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Good opportunity for growth

It is a fast growing company with lots of potentials. There's rapid change to keep up with the current economical and enviromental stance of the country. There is always something new happening which keeps everyone on their toes and ready for good challenges. I enjoy it.

Pros: Great opportunity for self empowering (Bursaries, study leaves)
Cons: Trading hours

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Enjoy working with people and I'm a hard work

working people making me to log my job and see the importance of being a emplyer. I love my job very much. and I'm a hard working person love communicating and love working with team working.

Pros: opportunity to get another job
Cons: 8 hours

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Great work environment

I was a helpdesk technical agent assisting Capitec bank branches, It helped me learn a lot and the environment was great. We used to troubleshoot on errors the branch used to call in about and we also would assist with reading of statements, drafting paid up letters etc.

Pros: great work environment and no long hours
Cons: less off days and not much promotions

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Great challenge to customer care

Capitec is a great bank to work in , the environment is challenging and sophisticated however it builds a strong character and teaches one on how to deal with different personalities. The team spirit is there and encouraging and the feeling of being able to assist people is just amazing, you learn alot.

Pros: Great for interpersonal skills
Cons: Long hours especially weekends

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Good starter job

I love helping people and my job gives me an opportunity to serve people. I don't feel valued and I hate the working condition when it come to safety. I am not comfortable as anyone can walk in and do as they please and go.

Pros: Stable job
Cons: Long hours

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Opportunity to grow

I am looking for a company that has a lot of opportunity for growth,to grow within the company and learn more.would like to study so I can better my chances of promotion.

Pros: Am looking for growth
Cons: I need to work less hours so I can have time to study

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