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Stressfull because of the targets and long hours

the targets are unreasonable especially for a seasonal branch and the hours are too long especially on the quite days.Rest days are controlled by the required need meaning that u don't get the days u want but the days that are available.

Pros: great team members
Cons: opportunity for promotion limited and the hours are long

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Excellent learning curve

A typical day at capitec bank is rather busy with ongoing customers who seek help regarding their financial matters or accounts..other than a busy day it was fun working with friendly people who are always eager to help if you don't know how something is done, during my work period within I received unlimited support and mentorship and I learnt a lot about working with people. The most fun I had was when helping customers find a solution to their problems cos that's when I know I satisfied the customers need,working at a bank has its own challenges but then it just requires a focused mind and strong attention to detail.

Pros: Great opportunity for experience
Cons: Long working hours

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Capitec helped me when Ihad no job and no work experience

It is busy and the working hours are longer than other banks. Client always comes first and service is also a priority. We work as a team only when it suits us and I have learnt that it is not that bad of an organization but the problem is with the management. I enjoy interacting with clients and solving their financial problems and at times lift up their spirits when they are feeling down. The main challenge is the pressure that we get from management and the disrespect at times.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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It is a good working environment, where everyone gets along with each other. ive learnt that since one spends many hours at work, it is good to get along with everyone and it them becomes a second home away from home.

Pros: good working environment
Cons: n/a

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Great opportunity to learn but too many hours no time to spend with family!

my job could get boring most days but my clients always make my day i love working with them even those who are rude its always a challenge everyday is a new challenge. my colleagues are amazing and working with them has been nothing but amazing..i have learnt so much from capitec like hpw to deal with angry clients and how to sell and convince clients and plenty more. i enjoy the learning sessions we have and the projects we have to do. the most challenging aspect is standing long hours without taking lunch just to please clients or having no work at all for the day it gets extremely frustrating not having any work to do and the worst part is being stuck in one place the whole time!

Pros: great opportunity to grow in the client service industry
Cons: long hours and difficult clients

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Good learning stage

To be honest I am not happy at my current company. The hours are to long and I spend myday trying to get hrown people to do what they are supposed to do.

Pros: I am getting experience
Cons: Long hours

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Amazing atmosphere and great learning environment

The company has grown so much in the time I have been there. I have learnt so much and still learning even more as I grow in the company. I work with a young yet very energetic team that makes my day rather something to consistently look forward to. I have learnt a lot on people skills and emotional intelligence. It's not always going to be easy working with people but I have taken every challenge as a learning curve. Good client service goes without saying, as the company thrives to make this 1 particular area something we should pride ourselves on, which I really do. In the end though, growth is good,change too and I feel ready to explore other things outside retail .

Pros: Promotions are encouraged
Cons: Some potential great leaders are constantly lost due to the psychomatric tests that aren't passed. (Tests don't get reviewed).

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It was a stepping stone, and a mindful experience.

CAPITEC BANK, did not only teach me how to treat a client, but taught me in what ever I do , must remember that Client Comes first!. I wasn't taught only to attract new clients but the importance of retaining the amount of clients we have, I can say a mouthful but I really learnt a lot. I was also given a chance to work with team members, which also got me going because we motivated each other every time, and when you do something well you were acknowledged. The most challenging aspects of the job were targets because we are target orientated.

Pros: You get 6% increase every quarter
Cons: If you don't meet your targets no increase

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Exceptional experience gained

Gained exceptional experience while working long.hours with a vast array of different types of people and clients. I enjoy working with clients and providing unique and excellent service. The biggest challenge is reaching the targets.

Pros: Performance based quarterly increases.
Cons: Long working hours. Working on weekends.

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Stepping stone and good learning curve

Capitec takes care of their clients but the staff is not happy. Long hours we struggle to get bonuses and tgey pay peanuts. Managers don't treat consultant fairly they favour some over others. Which means two people can perform the same but if the manager ddnt like you, you won't get treated the same.

Pros: Good for getting into customer service
Cons: long working hours, and less pay

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