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Performance management

To drive performance management you need to clarify expectations for targets set and monitor it daily, weekly and monthly by means of communication such as weekly individual calls, daily visits, daily feedback, implementation of corrective action plans in order to achieve target or achieve positive growth and identify gaps with teams or individuals and train or couch to achieve objective of company.

Pros: Continues learning
Cons: Limited benefits

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Im open for new opportunities and growing in knowledge, strength and abilities

im easy to work with and i believe in work free environment and healthy working relations with co- workers. I learned to be assertive in general Admin and compiling reports, adhering to the sales performance and the daily reporting on required activity. Admin and compiling is my speciality and leaving a positive footprint around my space and others.

Pros: experience in different sectors of life and growth in economical expertise
Cons: to work 6 days a week

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Excellent learning curve

The most challenging aspect is the fact that I have worked hard to upgrade myself in terms of learning more about my job as well as my manager's duties and perfects it but still no promotion. I love my working relationship with my team as we are very straight forward individuals who re a group of hard ,dedicated being. I enjoy working with the caliber of clients we serve as they re mine workers whom are mostly illiterate therefore I have to adjust to their,be clear and straight forward when serving them They challenge me everyday as it is quite a task to sell and especially when new products are being introduced such as Remote Banking which needs them to be tech savvy and it gives me great joy when they seem keen and passionate about getting with the programme.

Pros: people skils and polishes my selling skills
Cons: no growth and long hourd

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Currently studying at richfield technology

I have 4years banking finance experience in sales consultant and as a teller at capitec bank. Also have 2years experience working as administration clerk at phiri hardware. My good communication skills and interpersonal skills were enhanced by my previous experiences.

Pros: good
Cons: long working hour

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Good opportunity for growth

It is a fast growing company with lots of potentials. There's rapid change to keep up with the current economical and enviromental stance of the country. There is always something new happening which keeps everyone on their toes and ready for good challenges. I enjoy it.

Pros: Great opportunity for self empowering (Bursaries, study leaves)
Cons: Trading hours

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Each day is a challenge and all I do is perform at my level best to get the job done.

I work with a great team that is always willing to share ideas in order for us to make our set gosls and standards. It's a great experience to work for Capitec bank because each day is a learning experience. I for example am 2IC and have the responsibility to make sure I plan the day. I must make sure that we have enough staff to perform. I also need to manage the que of he branch. I do review of the previous day's transactions. I also make sure that all service consultants are competent to do their job by giving them practice exercises. I then check if there is gaps and find ways to close them. I have a good relationship with the team. Everyday is a challenge and you have to think on your feet all the time and I enjoy that. One thing that makes me happy is to see a client walking out with satisfaction.

Pros: I am High potential Service Consultant which means that I am being trained to be an assistant branch manager.
Cons: Indeed long working hours

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Typical work day

Typical day at work: Meeting for 15 min then go serve clients, start my admin and prepare to observe people and deal with clients, work for 8 hours and sometimes even 9 hours as I rarely take lunch.

Pros: Makes your character strong as you deal with a lot of angry clients daily
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent skills, learning

You work with people, you get to learn or understand different characters. You deal with difficult clients/ financially distressed clients and you get to empathise with them and hear their concern and provide a solutions. You change branches, you get to adapt quickly to new people and environment. Work as a team, you become a team player. Acquire good communication skills as communication is the key to achieve excellent service. You know how to work underpresure, we targets to meet and deadlines for meeting those targets. We are accountable and take ownership of our job, you equip yourself with knowlegde as there is always changes in credit granting policies and branch policies. You get to trust your co-worker as we work as a team always. You multitask, answer calls while doing other tasks on hand. We are flexible, we are taught to do some management tasks as we also have to do our own. If other team member (s) are not available at work, you do your tasks and do theirs as well.

Pros: gain a lot of experience, you do everything
Cons: long hours

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Service consultant

I provide excellent through consultation opening of accounts, granting of loan ,enquiries and cash handling. I gather and capture information ,administration and telemarketing.

Pros: Working as team as we are the small group and also setting yourself a target to meet the branch needs if you do not bring your pie in the plate . It has thought me self confidence as it was my first real job and opportunity for growth.
Cons: 8 ,hour's

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