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Call center agent

Have 3 years experience in customer service. willing to learn .ability to work under pressure and as a team player. Good communication skills verbal and written. Like challenges.

Pros: It was great working at Capitec bank.have learn lots of things..working under pressure..working on a large number of people. Computer skills, How to accept challenges
Cons: Long hours was from 7pm till 7 Am

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Good learning experience

Was a good mental challenge to start gained lots of skills in sales tell and personal,client services. Typical work day taking deposits dealing with enquiries selling products as well as cross sell. Work well in teams as well as in my own.

Pros: Good learning environment
Cons: Low opportunity for growth

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I've learnt to be responsible for everything and follow the company policies

- A day we serve more than 100 clients we would always make sure that we give clients the best service to keep long lasting relationships with them. - I used to get along with everyone even after I resigned I still go and visit my ex colleagues, we still have a good relationship because I was always smiling, I would always make sure that everyone is having a great day and the clients as well there's one that still ask for me. We worked as team - I've learnt that at my workplace I'm not there to make friends I can't trust everyone. We come from different backgrounds and situations. - The team building we had every month was the most thing I enjoyed. - The most challenge I had was not being appreciated after you've made your job, if you made a certain target and lacked in other targets you sign a warning.

Pros: Great experience for someone who is still fresh from varsity just to get a job experience, but in terms of growth within your qualification they never replied to our applications to state the reasons why we didn't meet the requirements..
Cons: Long working hours, had to beg for your annual leave or day off.

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Communication skills

It has taught me a lot about client service and complaints management. It has taught me how to handle conflict and have courageous conversations. Understanding of why people choose specific brands over another. Putting clients first.

Pros: Building confidence and communication skills
Cons: The salary does not match the work

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The Company has taught me a lot about working with precision under imense pressure, thingking on my feet and solving high stress tensions, complains and queries from dissatisfied clients of all kinds and has really made me a service consultant champion that can thrive in any other client service related industry

Pros: Level of Excellence
Cons: Retail hours

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Adapting to new environment

Client centric value delivery Site visits to understand client interactions with the business, from which identify projects in line with business strategy Use of factual information, both quantitative and qualitative to prioritize project based on what will deliver most client value

Pros: Great company cultture
Cons: Far from everything (family and friends)

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Life skills

I'm a positive person who enjoys smiling more than I frown, trying by all means to keep the wrinkles away. I am energetic though when I start speaking you might not think so. Well I enjoy being around different people sharing great ideas or talking about our experiences. I believe that we learn on a daily basis as long as we open to learning. I try not to be emotional as sometimes you never taken seriously if you too emotional. I enjoy activities at work as I believe it stimulates our minds to be as creative as possible.

Pros: Positive all the time
Cons: Working weekends

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Professional Bank Manager and Marketing Executive

A typical work day is to assist Branch managers with staffing, acquisition, development of talent. Create tactical plans to drive sales and manage performance. Ensure that the bank devices are operational Deal with different stakeholders in the business to address issues or improve our business... Do disciplinary enquiries Iam a multiplier, I have a good relationship with co-workers I have learnt a lot about leadership and the importance of striking a balance... Most challenging aspects are to lead from far as I am not in the branches daily

Pros: Company culture makes you feel as part of the family
Cons: Working on Weekends and growth is quiet slow due to how small the company still is

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Excellent learning curve

Over all it was OK but I would like to get another job because this one is very exhaustinh for such little salary. It's nice working with clients I enjoy assisting them but I feel like the salary is both enough for the amount of work I do

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Very long hours

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Great leadership qualities

Customer service , engaging with clients infforning them about our products, conducting telemarketing of products that Capitec offers that they are not aware of. Also create practices and strategies of how we can maintain our customer base by using customer relationships management.

Pros: No promotions
Cons: Nepotism

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