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Fun outgoing person looking for growth and development. Love to learn new things willing to go the extra mile and excelle in my job role. Able to work in groups and teams as well as individual work.

Pros: Growth and development
Cons: None

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Willing to come to interview.

I would like to apply for this position. I am reliable, self-motivated person, quick learner, eager to learn new things, positive attitude, willing to work under pressure and passionate in Administration.

Pros: 1000
Cons: 1000

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Excellent service

I am very easy person to get along with,l enjoy working in a busy environment,very good in advising clients as l enjoy helping lot of different people because l get to learn more and to get more experience from others.l would be very honord to be hired in your company as I am available at any time when you need me Thank you N.Solomon

Pros: Gain more experience
Cons: exciting environment

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I am a quick learner and ability to understand what someone teaches

I have an analytical inquiring nature and like challenges. I tend to structure my work and life, in terms of goals and aspire to build a career that will take me to the highest levels of corporate management. I see myself working in a large corporate institution that has ability of making a positive contribution to the South African Economy. I am willing to learn new things. Provide customer service through timeous and accurate processing of client financial transactions to walk-in customers in Bank branches. Contribute to bottom line growth through identification of sales opportunities I always Providing efficient and effective service to client. I have a Good Client service skills and client network base and I am Self-motivated, organised and good accounting and administration skills and attention to detail.

Pros: Goal Orientated and Strong Numerical Skills ,I am willing to learn new things
Cons: Organised and good accounting and administration skills and attention to detail.

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Awesome place to work got good culture and the team is work oriented and helpfull. This is the place where every employee dreams. I am very lucky to get this opportunity.

Pros: Awesome
Cons: Learn

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Growth opportunities

I have been a temporary staff member at absa for the last 3 years. I want to grow within the industry but unfortunately my contract is ending with absa August 2018. I enjoy working with people, i am generally a quiet person but once i get to know people i open up. I have learnt on the good and bad ways of servicing clients and that the client comes first. I enjoy my job and i enjoy meeting new people. The most challenging part of my job is to doing the job correctly with quality as some client's structures are very complicated.

Pros: I enjoy the working hours and getting recognition.
Cons: Not being permanent, no benefits such as bonus or increase.

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The working environment is good . There hasnt been many optunitey to grow within the business

I need something more challagining. Something that i am going to learn more . You need the job experience and also the degree to move up the lader but i feel they should look at what ppl do and give them an opportunity to grow and groom them more.

Pros: Working environment
Cons: Growth

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My company is great company to work for, I do sales planning for a weekly and monthly to give focus indication which also allow the team that reports to me to close the gaps and improve on their performance on daily basis, I have good working relationships with my co workers,we do have disagreement and we deal with that, we have poor performer which we also address that helps in improving business performance, I do business development where I open stop order facilities build. And maintain relationship with different companies, I do disciplinary proceedings for employees who are not adhering to company policies, I'm also responsible for recruitment process

Pros: company does development for employess which help with career growth but employess arr responsible ti developing themselves
Cons: I work flexible hours, some day I would for 12 hours depening on my route planner whether im traveling far some day I would work for 9 to 10hours anf other day it can a normal 8 hours or less, I also work saturday where requiresd

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: Perform necessary actions for accounts to be managed by credit operations, monitoring and control

I accept hard work and pressure not only as a challenge but also as a judgement of my abilities. I believe that my knowledge would be beneficial to any Company and lack thereof will be compensated by my enthusiasm to learn. I am a hard working and conscientious person, always willing to help others. My good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with people on all levels has enabled me to establish and maintain good working and social relationships as well as giving me the ability to adapt to demanding working situations. My practical judgement and ability to learn quickly, while remaining calm have always been my strengths. I consider myself as being open minded and flexible and for me the essence of a job is personal fulfilment, to be excited and motivated about the work undertaken. I would therefore excel in a working environment that is supportive and challenging, which encourages individuals initiative and participative cooperation.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Normal working hours

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Legal specialist

Legal recoveries, specialist, coordinator, dealing with individuals & companies. Our aim it is not litigate but to assist customens that are in debt.

Pros: Credit risk
Cons: Going extra miles

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