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Learned all aspects of the financial environment and managing all areas of the branch nerwork .

Managing a team of 35+ staff to provide excellent sales and sevice solutions to all clients. I managed all risk and compliance in the branch environment successfully. I love interacting with both staff and customers. To be able to think outside the box to provide solutions to both staff and customers. I have learned to manage my branch as my own retail outlet with all the aspects of a retail outlet, including managing a budget and grow the business to optimise profit. I love motivsting and grow people to optimise their potential, because through empowered staff we can achieve all our service, sales and growth goals together

Pros: Interaction with both customets and staff. No one day the same. Great growth opportunities
Cons: Politics

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Welcoming Environment

i am currently working in the Fraud Department, temping under an agency. i started of as an Internet Banking Agent moved to Fraud, which is a very challenging department, where one has to assist client and be able to think on your feet. i have learnt a lot from the atmosphere, great how we assist each other on the floor.

Pros: Team Work from Colleagues
Cons: Less Growth

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Excellent learning area

It's a great working place,get to work with different kinds of people dealing with different kinds of issues everyday. You learn how to convince different kinds of people to take funeral covers. Its more than just funeral cover that one sell, you sell trust because a person need to trust you in order to join what you are telling them to join because it involves money.

Pros: Great opportunity for one to grow in terms of dealing face to face with a client
Cons: Stand whole day

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Easy to adapt to any environment

I work in a team of four members, I work well with my colleagues and we have a good relationship. I always motivate them not to look down upon themselves. I enjoy the team work. The most challenging aspects of my job is when team members are not delivering.

Pros: Great opportunity for career growth.
Cons: Long distance to travel to work.

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Working environment

I have a good relationship with my co-workers. I learn different financial traits daily. Challenges I face sometimes at work is trying to explain to a client that something cannot be done in a certain way because of policies and procedures of the bank.

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Long ques during month end

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Established banking career

Absa bank has given me an excellent environment to learn and grow. Support is amazing from senior management and open communication not limited to one department but across spectrum. My experience working in difference areas of the business have expose me to new opportunities to explore and made me aware of my strength and weaknesses. I enjoy leading teams and drive them to be high performers. I also like to ensure that while doing so, there are set of beliefs and values that are agreed on and upheld to make sure that the environment is pleasant for all to work in.

Pros: Opportunity to grow and impart knowlegde
Cons: Long working hours

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How well does my employer pay me.Am i still relevant for the job?

end to end monitoring of applications, pulling daily and monthly reports, overall health check of systems/applications and report to senior management a very healthy working relationship with a bit of mentoring to juniors, I have learnt to be goal driven, dedicated and be supportive at all times work life balance with option to work from home on Fridays has improve both my family employer relationship and there is a significant improvement of absenteeism. because 100% compliance, I have to make sure that my system report accurately for all Sanctions related reports and that it is available at all times..

Pros: can be promoted to steam leads or lead technology partner..
Cons: none unless if there is dissaster recovery activities

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Ensure that the branch is cost-effective and profitable.

Team player. Got a lot of recognition from colleagues and my staff. Sales and service oriented. I am happy to see customers happy all the time. There is pressure to provide excellent service and meet sales target ant the same time. I learnt to be professional all the time and keep it simply. Listening before you answer is a skill I learn from my experience with customers. When you are shortstaff and the branch is busy and customers start to complain is challenging and you need to act with what you have at your disposal.

Pros: Huge chances of growing within the industry
Cons: Flexible because on busy days you finish late all the time

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Excellent learning curve

Great company to work for, enjoyed the training workshops. Only downside was that I worked their for 4 years as a fixed term contractor. Salary is reasonable, but management was the problem for me. Team leaders were at times unprofessional and favoured certain people.

Pros: Salary
Cons: Poor management

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This is where I started my first job

I have learnt a lot about business and people, and Interpersonal relationships. I am passionate about customer service and people. I love challenges and exploring new opportunities. I have learned to be humble and compassionate.

Pros: Good place to start off your career
Cons: Long working hours sometimes

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