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This is where I started my first job

I have learnt a lot about business and people, and Interpersonal relationships. I am passionate about customer service and people. I love challenges and exploring new opportunities. I have learned to be humble and compassionate.

Pros: Good place to start off your career
Cons: Long working hours sometimes

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Working at ABSA.

ABSA has an awesome culture. People are always willing to help and teach and mentor. Education and developement is highly promoted thus staying at the cutting edge of whats happeneing in the industry. organisation are early adopters of technologies. Culture versatile with regard to working hours and remote working.

Pros: Great opportunity to pursue tertiary developement
Cons: Erratic working hours

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I am excellent with working with others to achieve certain objective on time and with excellence.

I am an energetic ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation I am presented with. As a graduate with a degree from University of Free State and having more than 3 years banking experience, I am excellent with working with others to achieve certain objective on time and with excellence

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Very diverse do/Embrace different cultures

Overalls a good company to work for. Great opportunities to grow and learn although tellers earn too little for the amount of pressure due to insufficient staff. There’s always intranet training available, so one never feels left behind because you constantly learn and learn new things and ways to improve service.

Pros: Opportunity to study/ promotion
Cons: Understaffed

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Opportunity for growth/change

I have been working for Absa for the past 11years.Im fun to work with,great team palyer.Im very much opinionated.Easy to adjust at every environment.Quick learner

Pros: Familiar with banking processes and procedures
Cons: Not enough room for growth

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Fast leaner with good communication skills and listerning skills

a very busy pressurize environ ment that can help U to be alws up for a challenge u must be fast paced employee so that u can manage the que very well the manager she very helpful and hardworker that helps me a lot to become a better person of what i am today

Pros: u can learn so much things
Cons: long working hours during the wednesday

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Working for absa bank has been a highlight and real career change for me

Working for absa has been a real learning curve and highlight for my career.My day to day job requirements needed me to fully engage with my colleagues to our day ahead on how to reach our expected production output.

Pros: Achieving great opportunities for growth
Cons: not beibg recognised for commitment and hard work

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Great learning curve

Working at ABSA is good. Great learning curve. I am working with good teams named Change team and the Run Team(I am part of the change team, we are responsible for analyzing and development of product(softwares), Run team is responsible for all the admin and supporting the software delivered by us). I enjoy learning new technologies, most of all I enjoying working as a team with my colleagues and we are more 9f a family because of the way we treat each other. The challenges are always there, in my case the challenges comes when I have to start working on a new tool which its sometimes take long to master but given time, I end up doing it and progressing with it. Eg RPA, Blue Prism which is all about Automation

Pros: Great Opportunity for learning
Cons: No recognition and growth.

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Excellent learning curve its when i did more than 60 car applications in one months.

I enjoy selling cars , an industry populated by males and I am not treated differently as a female. I am a sale person at heart and I love assisting customers with financial aid to purchase a vehicle of their dreams. I enjoy working with other people If I am under pressure I excel, i don't accept failure. the most challenging aspect is working with people who have a negative attitude , i believe that negative attitude is the worst disability.

Pros: learning new things everyday, getting different challenges everyday and working with different dealers everyday.
Cons: working on weekends

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Enthusiastic individual

I resigned my job mid Feb because of career change ,to also gain knowlege with other companies.am a good team player I know how to participate in a large group of individuals. It has been a pleassure to work at Absa u also given a chance to go work with other branches for a more overview aspect of other diverse range of ppl .and also not to be too relaxed working at the same branch. Im a bubbly person and lot of ppl enjoy to engage in my presence and I can hold descent conversations.

Pros: Great team leader
Cons: Long working hours

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