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It had been a nice stepping stone. I need to grow now.

Starting in a bank as a teller is such a nice experience because I told my self it was just a stepping stone. I have gained a lot of experience now that I need to go and bring new ideas somewhere else. I like grooming and coaching my team. Most challenging thing is when I cannot meet sales targets.

Pros: There are a lot of trainings.
Cons: Sales target when are not met.

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Excellent learning curve

The company is global, and have opportunities to grow and also creates a good relationship with the clients. The working condition and enviroment is also acceptable.

Pros: It gives opportunities.
Cons: working hours is reasonable.

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Currently working with sales and customers

working with sometimes difficult costomers and have to make sure that when i'm done helping them with thier queries they go home happy or with a big smile. my relationship with my co-workers we get along very well and we work hand in hand. What i've learnt on my current job is to be patient and possitive. What i enjoy mostly is to work with different people and learning new things.

Pros: learning new things and working with different and new people
Cons: 8 hours

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Security specialists

great relationship with co-workers and the job is very challenging... i lerant alot. the people i work with are very nice and motivating. too much work with less capacity.

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: long service

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Bank teller

Skills: -Attention to detail and good judgement - Business acumen principles -Clear and timeous communication in a professional - ABSA brand -Time management and sense of urgency at all times -Decision making ability, efficiency within an acceptable turnaround time - Quality in term of accuracy levels- telephone etiquette, client liaison -Adhere to legal policy and audit requirements Attributes: -Being a team player, optimisation of process flows, strategic planning - Assertive, confident, able to work with high volumes in a pressurized environment- cash float -Ensure customers and work colleagues are dealt with consistently in terms of processes and protocols

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: salary

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I hav a 3 month cirtificate for first aid which I studed it during my carrier at absa.

As I work around or with clients I have strong relationship with customers, I excel in my daily tasks that works brings me to. I am curious person when it comes to work I like to experience in other departments. time management and problem solving are my skills. I can work in groups(team work) and I can also work individual.

Pros: If I would be a member of your team you wont regret your selves becouse i am very productive and i take my work very ceriously.
Cons: i can work 8 hours in week days and overtimes on weekends.

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Working environment

my work enviroment has team work and i enjoy it. we help each other all the time about work, when we are busy we go extra mile to work overtime just to get the work done. i have learnt that teamwork is important as we achieve more if we work together. i have learnt about customer services and financial background of the company, on how to go on about that. the most challenging aspects is reffering sales and leads to consultants as we not a very busy branch all the time. we have our peak times. i enjoy working with money and doing financial books of the branch as now i am learning treasury.

Pros: to get promotions you need to prove yourself hard by being a fast learner and understanding the system. managers can even recommend you.
Cons: working overtime is part of my life as we fall under retail banking. yo must be willing to work extra mile

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Absa Employee

I have been working for Absa since 2008 May 01 to date, First two years as a Bank Teller and the rest as a Branch Administrator, i have learnt a lot from this Companty and still learning on a daily basis, Customer satisfaction is a crucial part that's one thing i have also learnt, Dedication and determination is also important as it helps a person t grow

Pros: Perfectionist
Cons: Perfectionist

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i play a very important role, to facilitate and be the middle contact of the client and business

I am an Energetic ,self motivated ,enthusiastic ,and a fast learner . Always seeking a logical common sense approach to practical solutions, I am a well-organized , inquisitive problem solver , who enjoys challenges and thrives in people’s environment and communicates effectively when dealing with people

Pros: promotion
Cons: 7.50

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Excellent learning curve

It was a great experience workinh for absa bank.Great team i uave in both positions of being a manager and a fellow collegue.I had a great team that i assisted on a daily business. I learned administative site as well as management side in a shory1space of time

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: None

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