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I am a hard working individual, has passion for service and delight in good experiences. I have worked different positions as I am multiplied and exceptional performer

Pros: Multi-skilled it's employees
Cons: dealing with i-rate customers

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i work with customers and mostly my role intails customer service and making sure that the serivice scores are on par based on staff competency,customer value and customer ease.on busy days i also do teller processing of transactions (deposits,withdrawals and transfering of cash between clients accounts. i work well with my collequeas and for a stronger working relationship and improvement we give each other constructive critisism. through out the years ive been with absa i learnt 3 departments work and also do relief as a specialist manager if my manager is not in. i enjoy working in a team and the most cahllenging aspects of my job would be having to please a difficult client especially on things that are beyond the branch level where you cant really say no but have to make ways of assisting.

Pros: working hard to be promoted
Cons: n/a

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Adapts to change positively, eager to learn new things.

My role is to ensure that branches follow policies and procedures. I have to support the branch by ensuring that the daily operations are done, getting read for audit with no findings. I have a great working relationship with my co- workers, i have build relationships and always willing to assist. What i enjoy most about the role is the discipline it brings. The most challenging aspect of the job is ensuring that all the branches achieve 100% operations, what makes it challenging is the different personalities of leaders.

Pros: Opportunity for growth
Cons: Travelling

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Excellent presentation skills

I am hard worker, with good people skills, I have learnt a lot about banking and its dynamics I enjoy working with people, I get energized by people. Routine gets boring I like to implement new ways of doing things and ensure that they are implemented.

Pros: the company has a potential to grow and therefore their employees will get an opportunity to grow within the company
Cons: Flexi and long hours

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Personal growth, maximum contribution in business success, ability to work with the team.

some of skills that i posses are: Team player, Writing skills, Sober habits Strong admin skill Stock taking, Handle petty cash I am easy to work with. over the years I have learnt to be humble, and seek clarity where i'm not clear.

Pros: Exposure
Cons: Working more than 9 hours a day

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Good developer

It was a great opportunity with a lot of benefits but it was just time to move on, I have been exposed to a great new world of hard-core economy. I made good friends as well as those who didn't like me enough. I have learned how to be independent and hard to my self and be aggressive to opportunities presented to me. What I found challenging were the targets that were provided to me to achieve, although, I did achieve most there were those that humbled me.

Pros: great opportunity to exposure
Cons: unrealistic targets

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Good candidate exploring area

Working at absa it's a good experience that any individual who is employed there not who wish to work there would enjoy and learn a lot.one gets to work with different people with great different mindsets and ideas that help in making the business within the company grow bigger and bigger on daily basis.the employees have respect ;integrity,energetic and dedicated to the company and clients and tgsts what I also learnt while still a member of the company. I also enjoyed working teams and assisting each other though one can be challenged ;I always try hard to calm myself and try to find a solution befire i can take any matter further ti seniors when i am challenged with a collegue who does not co operate in team work.

Pros: Well since I was under contract;I didn't get any chance for a permanent job which were not put on advert
Cons: I prefer working hours to keep my work in line

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People skills and strong communication skills

Leading people people skills good communication skill leadership skills target driven open minded and appreciated open criticism love of learning regardless of where the learning comes from Giving equal opportunity to learn new things value other people opinoin

Pros: opportunity to learn new things
Cons: staff negetive atitude

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I would like to apply for any vacant job

I would like to apply for any vacant job, currently i am working for absa bank as an administrator. I have a potential to perform duties, i am a quick learner , always willing to assist , commited.

Pros: i am always willing to assist
Cons: willing to assist

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Excellent learning curve

The company is global, and have opportunities to grow and also creates a good relationship with the clients. The working condition and enviroment is also acceptable.

Pros: It gives opportunities.
Cons: working hours is reasonable.

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