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Team player and considerate

I get along well with all my colleagues in the years that I have served at this current company I havent received a complaint or fought with any staff memeber including our clients. I respect and give our clients great customer service and do so at the best of my ability without bending policies and procedures. I have trained in the most of our departments so that when we are short staffed I can fill the gaps to avoid complaints and keeping our clients happy and to keep them within the business

Pros: Great oppotunities
Cons: Long working hours

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Listening skills

I am hardworking individual with great communication skills, planning and organising , working individual or as part of the team, good working relationship, self motivated,pationate with my work, meeting deadlines and projects managements, very proffessional at level.

Pros: Acting Team Leader
Cons: 9 hours

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Good working experience

I had a good relationship with with my coworkers and management. I had a good experience on working with customers and how to handle angry customers everyday. I also enjoyed working on site looking for business though it was not easy. ABSA is a good company to work for.

Pros: Great working office environment
Cons: Working on site

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Opportunities for junior staff from Retail to Commercial banking.

Typical work day - Working through operational challenges and clearing path ways for my team. Absa bank is too internally focused and lacks the ability to deliver a holistic client offering. Relationship with co - workers - I maintain a professional relationship and focus on adding value to my team and stakeholders. What you have learnt - Due to the operational challenges collaboration efforts have proven to be great skill to navigate.

Pros: Absa has the ability to produce better results, however the culture does not allow for quicker decision making.
Cons: Local leadership team dis empowered to make decisions with respect to their businesses.

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Enthusiastic individual

I resigned my job mid Feb because of career change ,to also gain knowlege with other companies.am a good team player I know how to participate in a large group of individuals. It has been a pleassure to work at Absa u also given a chance to go work with other branches for a more overview aspect of other diverse range of ppl .and also not to be too relaxed working at the same branch. Im a bubbly person and lot of ppl enjoy to engage in my presence and I can hold descent conversations.

Pros: Great team leader
Cons: Long working hours

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Communication makes everything easier. Schedule periodical calls with my customers to share updates about how things are going and to ask how happy they are with your services on a scale from 1-10, 10 being best. If they do not give me a 10, do not ask why but ask what it would take to make it a 10. If they give me a score of 10, ask what they particularly appreciate.Share new market insights, my opinion on the matter, and opportunities that your clients might not be aware of yet. Generating valuable content shows that you are on top of my game and improves brand awareness. Clients will also be likely to share your content or recommend your services to their connections based on publicly available content.should always strive to be the best company in the market. If people see my business as a leading brand in the market, they are much more likely to stick to me. They have confidence in me because the consensus confirms that they already have one of the best providers


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I am a quick learner and ability to understand what someone teaches

I have an analytical inquiring nature and like challenges. I tend to structure my work and life, in terms of goals and aspire to build a career that will take me to the highest levels of corporate management. I see myself working in a large corporate institution that has ability of making a positive contribution to the South African Economy. I am willing to learn new things. Provide customer service through timeous and accurate processing of client financial transactions to walk-in customers in Bank branches. Contribute to bottom line growth through identification of sales opportunities I always Providing efficient and effective service to client. I have a Good Client service skills and client network base and I am Self-motivated, organised and good accounting and administration skills and attention to detail.

Pros: Goal Orientated and Strong Numerical Skills ,I am willing to learn new things
Cons: Organised and good accounting and administration skills and attention to detail.

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The working environment is good . There hasnt been many optunitey to grow within the business

I need something more challagining. Something that i am going to learn more . You need the job experience and also the degree to move up the lader but i feel they should look at what ppl do and give them an opportunity to grow and groom them more.

Pros: Working environment
Cons: Growth

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Growth opportunities

I have been a temporary staff member at absa for the last 3 years. I want to grow within the industry but unfortunately my contract is ending with absa August 2018. I enjoy working with people, i am generally a quiet person but once i get to know people i open up. I have learnt on the good and bad ways of servicing clients and that the client comes first. I enjoy my job and i enjoy meeting new people. The most challenging part of my job is to doing the job correctly with quality as some client's structures are very complicated.

Pros: I enjoy the working hours and getting recognition.
Cons: Not being permanent, no benefits such as bonus or increase.

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Legal specialist

Legal recoveries, specialist, coordinator, dealing with individuals & companies. Our aim it is not litigate but to assist customens that are in debt.

Pros: Credit risk
Cons: Going extra miles

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