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Excellent learning Opportunity

Sasol is the great company that produced lots of artisan in top positions,being part og the learning program was great opportunity for me as an control and instrumentation artisan,Being able to learn good maintaining of flow,level,temperature and pressure instrument,control and calibrate instrument as per sasol standards,PLC programming,DCS and SCADA system.working at pack line was good automation to learn abt the behavior of switch and sensors.ROSEMOUNT,YOKOGAWA,FUJI transmitters.

Pros: More room learning opportunities
Cons: long working overtime

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Increase in salary would keep me hear

The salary is is good but cost of living makes the salary too little. My work enviroment is great and the people I work with are great. My challenge is the salary vs cost of living

Pros: study aid
Cons: cost of living

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Shutdown/project planner

: - Follow 7 steps of planning i.e. Identify Work, Prioritize Work , Plan Work, Schedule Work, Execute Work, Work Order Feedback and Work Order status Control. - Arrange kick off meeting for project and Shutdowns - Determine the Scope of work - Do plant walks - Plan according to FEL (Front End Loading) - Draw up Task Lists, network diagram and do Data processing - Plan Shutdowns and projecs using Artemis, SAP systems and MS Project - Upload and down load work orders on SAP - Create sub work orders on SAP - Schedule and Co-ordinate shutdown/project plan according to the critical path method - Execute Shutdowns and Projects - Administrate shutdown and project planning activity - Update Data base - Arrange after Shutdown/Project Post Mortem - Implement corrective measures for future Project and Shutdowns

Pros: growth
Cons: monotomous

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This is a total new field for me and i think i can learn a lot

Want to work if everybody do there work what they must do every thing go well And be proud in what you do Think before you do any work to do it safe

Pros: To work
Cons: No cons

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Skilled boilermaker with long experience and willing to learn more. we never stop learning

 A self-motivated , enthusiastic, devoted and pro-active individual with many years of experience in metal work industries. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Possess proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.   KEY SKILLS Ø Ability to read Drawing Ø Plate developing and pipe developing Ø Experience in Stainless steel Ø Experience in pressure Vessel Ø Experience in Plant Maintenance Ø Ability to work without supervision                                                                                Ø Cutting torch all position Ø Sheet Metal and  CO2 arc welding

Pros: good
Cons: 12h to more than that a day. supervision responsibility

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Work environment

a normal day will include planning, strategizing and optimizing. When I start I make sure that I have the daily target in mind and know exactly what I will do for the 12hrs and how I am going to achieve that. I am in charge of 11 people reporting to me directly and we work perfectly together. I am the only one with least absenteeism and sick leaves in the place. I work well with my peers, subordinates and managers. there's a lot of lessons that I have learnt in my 16yrs in the industry. I never take my job for granted and have been a good change agent. I have some challenges in the industry which the most common one being level of literacy of fellow employees. the second one is the different backgrounds, cultures and upbringing. the above mentioned teaches you a lot and require a lot from an individual .

Pros: great opportunity for learning and development and growing oneself in different aspects.
Cons: none so far, i always find a way to make the best of things and look at them from a positive side.

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I work a lot with people on a daily basis answering the phone, corresponding with clients, orders, petty cash, liasing with management. I have learnt that when working with people patience is the key point and analysing each and everything to detail. What i enjoy most is being the face and voice the the department . Some people call them challenges but i call them learning curves handling difficultb clients and employess some must think fast and resolve what ever the problem might be.

Pros: promotion
Cons: sometimes late hours

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I am good in planning

I am good communicator, I am doing maintenance planning for the whole sasol building maintenance. I am scoping job ,plan job ,schedule assigned task to the relevant stakeholders, create notification, work orders, jse .report on the progress of job and he cups encounter to relevant business unit look for solutions on the problems arising in maintenance

Pros: I am hard worker dedicated person willing to go extra mile
Cons: I am a result driven person

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Excellent working conditions

Good working environment, flexible shifts, Learnig opportunities, prioritize safety, potential growth, guaranteed salary and bonuses, great provident fund, community involvent in sport and social events......................................................................................

Pros: Stable company
Cons: 12 hour shifts

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Good on electrical, machanical, hydrolic and pneumatic

Other Important Functions Performing stand-by and attend to call out duties when required. Qualifications; Experience; Knowledge, skills and attributes Artisan: Millwright with red seal Minimum 9 years working experience as a Millwright 4 years on supervisory position. Self – driven and high motivation. Comply with EHS. Control overtime below 40hrs per month. Using Sap PS1 and PS2. Ability to work independently and with the team. The ability to read, write and speak English. Good communication skills. Problem solving skills.

Pros: great opportunity for showing my skills and knoledge
Cons: I can work standby and overtime

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