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World class technology.

We have a very close relationship in the work place. We work as a team and bring each other up to speed if they lack. I enjoy working at Sasol because all tools and equipment required to do a job are provided by the company. training is also provided and senior support. I enjoy most the togetherness of the employees. Everyone works together for one purpose and that is to sustain the company. I have learnt so much. Most is working under Typical day at work would be to do some system checks on the control systems in the plant and complete job cards which are drawn by plant area managers.

Pros: Learning and growing opportunities are plentiful.
Cons: Air smells polluted.

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Being able to work under pressure

My company was an excellent company to work for which provides opportunities for growth in my career. Most challenging about the job was having unpredictable work days

Pros: It's more of a hr generalist position there is growth, provide an opportunity to be able to measure ure skills and abilities
Cons: overtime,

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Working for Sasol is wonderfull experience. I have learned a lot from the SAP Support team regarding the daily support of SAP & SOX compliance. My time here will surely be missed.

Pros: Flexible Hours
Cons: Not a lot of growth

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Excellent company to work for

It is a nice company to work for. you interact with a lot of people. You engage with different kinds of clients. You must be able to wok under pressure and meet deadlines.

Pros: Employees are well looked after
Cons: flexible hours

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Excellent learning curve

Working with different people is a learning curve, teaching me how to deal with different type of people and accommodate their diversity and grow as a person.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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Excelent Learning Curve

Working for Sasol was a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot from the SAP Support team regarding the daily support of SAP as well as SOX compliance. My time here at Sasol will surely be missed.

Pros: Flexible Working Hours
Cons: No room for growth

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Experience in , recruitment, employee induction, processing of invoices, general admin and payroll

My days are unpredictable, I can communicate at all levels, I am more of a people's person and enjoy interacting with people from different diverse group. I am a team players and work hand in hand with my colleagues. What's most challenging about my job is that there is lot of pressure as at tym I have to work overtime to meet deadlines

Pros: It's more of a hr generalist position there is growth, provide an opportunity to be able to measure ure skills and abilities
Cons: overtime,

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Self starter, fast learner , innovative and always ready to take on any challeng

Sasol is a fantastic company with good values that take care of employees and equipment. Team work, safety and people's health are the most emphasised values hence I also embrace those values. I'm am always given an opportunity in a safe working environment to perform my day to day duties at the best of my knowledge. I enjoy a great team work at my current company and the only reason I want to leave is based on the fact that my job no longer challenges me and the cost of living is too high in Secunda.

Pros: New challenge and different company experience.
Cons: Promotion take too long

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Im currectly working as a SHE specialist, however, im acting as a SHE manager from time to time.

I am a 33 year old Black Male with 8 years of experience in SHEQ space. I obtained my Advanced Diploma Safety management and National Diploma Safety management with VUT. I am self-driven employee who is willing to learn and share experience. I am team player who likes to get involved in decision making, optimisation and execution. I like my job because of its challenges on day to day bases and above all, contributing to a safe work place and changing behaviours of people at large.

Pros: As currently working as SHE specialist, my desired possition is to be a SHE manager.
Cons: Honestly, i cannot pin point any difficulties, however, i will like to grow, get out of confort zone and share my experience.

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Im very driven, enthusiastic, team player. Willing to share ideas willing to learn from others. I have grown a lot i have shared a lot of ideas with my business partners and i have done couple of projects which were successful. I can conductinjury investigations, conduct training, i can compile procedures. Facilitate task risk assessments, potential deviation analysis,

Pros: making a positive difference
Cons: willing to work long hours if required

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