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Respect other people

When you work with a lot of people in a big company sometimes you measure people. You judge a book by its colour of cover. Not cool. I've learned to respect people for who they are. Rich or not. We all deserve to be respected. Always obey the rules. Even if it's annoying. Typical example. Inside the plant we drive 40. It's so not cool but because it's a rule to will be obeyed. There's a lot to learn in a working environment.

Pros: Look after their employees in every way they can
Cons: 12 hours a day.

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My life

We start of by checking what items have come into the system and the check them for QC I work well in any team and my colleges and I have a good relationship In my 20 years I have learnt many things mechanical as well as in the management field , but my hart still lies with the environmental issues and wildlife as I am still completing a course in wildlife management and game capture I have also completed my anti poaching module I enjoy the outdoors and animals The most challenging is the descriptions on SAP for items that are ordered incorrectly

Pros: Great poeple
Cons: sitting at a desk all day

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Excellency in all we do, Safety is our priority.

- Safe way is the only way - excellency in all we do - customer focus - integrity -management of change - permit to work All stated above is what drives me/ us in taking the company to greater heights, mentioned also illustrate that all respect to follow the SASOL values. reason to apply for the opportunity is for me to grow on facing new challenges in the company.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn new things
Cons: no rest

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Excellent learning curve

On daily basis I do plant maintenance and manage projects. Working for SASOL is great and the co workers are friendly and willing to help in all the way. SASOL taught me how to multitask, being able to handle many projects and also maintain the plant same time, It has built my management skills and conflict management skills, It helped me achieve my Btech degree. I enjoy working on projects while brainstorming with the team to execute the tasks. The challenging part is focusing on many tasks in one time.

Pros: Great opportunity to grow academically
Cons: Lack of promotion

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Learnt a lot, Totally different from Property environment, or Banking

Staring at 7:00 am till 16:00 pm Do have an awesome relationship with the co-workers, mainly black people. I do need to have this relationship because I do training everyday with them. I did learn so many things about this company, it is totally different from Property business and Banking. I do enjoy the heartbeat of this company very much. And to see the progress of the students. The most challenging when I did start here in 2010 was that no one of the students did have NQF2,3,4 qualification , and is was my tasked to help them getting it. The percentage of competencies were only 15% and this stage it is 98%, During this period there are always coming new students and that have a big influence on the percentage of competency total at the end.

Pros: Alway a challenge every day and working towards a higher level
Cons: I can think of any cons at this stage

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Excellent learning curve

I do projects, maintenance and troubleshooting of power station. Professional relationship with colleagues. I learned how to handle projects, conflict management skills and troubleshooting. Running industrial project is great and I enjoy that Dealing with different race and culture groups is challenging.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning
Cons: No promotions

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Varied exposure

- check plant health - if there are problems try to find solution or note them - morning meeting with management where you discuss the plant status - optimisation - problem solving or doing projects - you learn how to adapt to change - I enjoyed problem solving - Developing relationships in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment

Pros: Opportunity to do different kind of roles
Cons: Company culture

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Dear Sir or Madam I promise that I will make a positive contribution toward the company and I will take pride to my job. My strong attributes are hard work, decision making, focused, excellent customer services and communicating skills, I am also a good team player whilst I can also work well on my own. yours faithfully ----------------------- C S Mazibuko

Pros: sale man
Cons: Here is my copy of my CV. I have my National Diploma in Electrical Engineering and busy with B-Tech Electrical Engineering at TUT, Pretoria, I have Siemen’s Maintenance PLC S7. I have worked on project as Technician. I have a knowledge of this systems TDC2000, HPM300, LEPIU, ELEPIU and The FSC System all Honeywell system and I have a knowledge of PLC S7(fault and Programming using ladder logics) , WIncc flexible (HMI) both Siemens systems and profibus /mod bus

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Experience in , recruitment, employee induction, processing of invoices, general admin and payroll

My company is a great company to work for, which gave me an opportunity for growth in my career, most challenging about my job is that I have unpredictable days so I need to prioritise my work

Pros: It's more of a hr generalist position there is growth, provide an opportunity to be able to measure ure skills and abilities
Cons: overtime,

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Excellent learning curve

Team spirited person Good customer service Organized Empathy Good intellectual communication skills Hard working Energetic Passionate Computer literacy

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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