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Currently repairing and maintaining medical equipment in hospitals around the nkangala district .

It's a good company to work in,, but one needs to enhance her knowledge and experience new challenges. Public sector, employees are more conscious about their job since they work with people

Pros: Not a great opportunity to grow
Cons: Normal working hours

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Painful lesson

I would look forward to each day at work. It is very fulfilling to learn that you have made a difference in patient's lives and they actually appreciate it. I love the way we work with the nursing staff. The most challenging and critical point is that the salaries are never paid on time at all.

Pros: Good working environment
Cons: No clear pay day or date

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Most challenging aspect of my job

The Challenging aspects of my job is when you are giTheven insufficient information and you are expected to draft antract or write a legal opinion The Challenging

Pros: There an opportunity to learn lot of things. There are new challenges every day.
Cons: Short staff and lot of work

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Excellent learning experience

rdwi am enthusiastic young energetic and hardworking lady who is results driven and very ambitious i always strive for good things im willing to go extra mile just to achieve my goals and company goals an. I would be very grateful if my plea is considered.I hope you find the attached in order orking lady who

Pros: Opportunity to learn
Cons: Shortage of stuff

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Quality and accuracy of work

maintains a positive attitude and acute sense of detail, but often at the expense of effective time management. demonstrates adequate communication skills and completes all requested tasks and required responsibilities. She is very considerate of other team members and works well independently or collaboratively. shows great aptitude for leadership, but she doesnt seek out additional professional development opportunities

Pros: providing financial and administrative support
Cons: Long working hours

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It is an enthusiastic for growth in professionalism and service. Work different Clients.

It is good to work by different cases and given a chance to stand by my knowledge, it promotes my professional growth. My co-workers are very good in team work and community development work and support.

Pros: Excellent team work and equal Respect.
Cons: It is not permanent as I am still looking for Employment.

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Excellent learning experience

My I'm work I at the public sector rendering service for case findings and management of tub8 and HIV aids I work independently and refer when complications are anticipated to the next level of caree

Pros: Great opportunity for opportunities
Cons: 12

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Duties and Responsibilities

I have learned of many things in the department. I have been placed from different sections. I went to Revenue were I was assisting in billing management of patient's accounts. Assistant in compile reports and statistics. procurement section Assistant in database register. Assistant in inviting quotations from different suppliers. Assist in capturing orders. expenditure Assistant in preparing payment vouchers and registering invoices in the invoice register. salary Assistant in collecting, sorting, issuing of payslip . Assistant in processing of payment allowances, s&t claimed.

Pros: working very hard to manage the job.
Cons: 8hours

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Good working conditions

I get along with my co workers, I have learnt that people are not the same so handling their issues must differ, I enjoy working with a team that is up to date with their work

Pros: hardworker
Cons: if duty calls i dont mind working overtime

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Great opportunity to upgrade my self

When I was working for the department of health I have learned to work with different people yet able communate and socialize well with then.I was given the opportunity to express my self through hard work and determination. I believe and trust that i Had a healthy relationship with my employer.

Pros: This company has taught me everything there is as a data capture.
Cons: I worked overtime ours as it benefited me knowledge wise.

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