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i have learnt to work with different people in a diverse environment, to communicate with other people. and also how to welcome clients as i was also a receptionist.

Pros: growing to level 5
Cons: working under pressure sometimes

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Due to lack of resources there is no much exposure, the department uses CR system

Our department is one of the busiest from mondays until Wednesdays. We get both outpatients and inpatients everyday The department only has one xray room which gets quite hectic during busy days eg orthopedic days and festive seasons. The hospital is very small hospital and we have a very close working relationship and batho pele principle is practised at all times. I personally got to learn more about batho pele principles because the community itself is diverse from different languages to different social statuses, and theri differences does not mean thy have to be treated differently. I enjoyed getting to interact with the community and learn different languages and cultures

Pros: Friendly working environment
Cons: Non exposure to advanced modalities

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Excellent learning curve and experience

Overworked on a daily basis and underpaid, leave is unfairly given. Been worked as a permanent worker but treated as an intern. Nobody to communicate with as i am the youngest in the staff, unfair treatment and unnecessary work given

Pros: Great way to gain experience
Cons: Underpaid

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Gaining experience

i like to work as team and individual as well, i am fast learner, i have learn how to deal with conflict, how to work under pressure and how to prioritize my work, i enjoy meeting deadlines. my most challenge is i am too committed to my work

Pros: promotion
Cons: long hours

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Hard worker and willing to learn

I'm a hard-working Lady, ready to work under pressure. I'm accurate and speed with 10 years working experience in Data Management environment. I'm ready to learn new things and contribute to the benefit of the company.

Pros: Great growth opportunities
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Im professional nurse with 9 years expirience ,4years worked at primary health care, passionate about nursing enthusiastic and hard working, Nimaart trained qualified Clinical nurse practitioner, Daily duties allocation of staff, supervision, inservice education, consultation of clients ie acute management of illness, chronic management of illness ,Mother and child health, promoting services offered and offer health education to clients.

Pros: Great opportunity to grow
Cons: Financial constraints to offer job opportunity

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Things that I have learned at department of health . Recruitment and selection. Payroll and payslip. Claims"night duty,Sunday, holiday;overtime and standby" Leaves" family responsibility ,vacation,sick,special and leave without pay and etc. Pmds. In capacity leave . Termination Retirement, early retirement Resigned Incapacity leave . And I have good relationships with co_worker.

Pros: Unfortunately department of health their don't have budget to absorb intern that's why we are looking for a job and another another that's why we are looking for a job opportunities
Cons: 8 hours

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People driven

The ability to think on my feet.Work under pressure and outside normal hours.Solving customer queries and making sure that clients are happy.Putting the customer first.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Tiring

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Great learning experience

I work in a small clinic. I work with all the programms I.e hiv/aids, mother and child, tb, chronic and emergencies. On an ordinary day I see close to 60 patients. Each day has it's own challenges. These include shortage of medication, shortage of ambulances to transfer patients to the nezt level of care and at times evn rhe shortage of staff.

Pros: Working in a team
Cons: Not enough room to grow as an individual(professionally)

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I want exposure,potential for growth and better salary

Team work is good,support from management is moderate but shortage and resources is a serious challenge. There is no potential for growth and the salary is not satisfying for myjob description.i enjoy seeing my patients recover and leave the premises with a smile. I have learned that team work is essential. I enjoy teaching my surbodinates and students.

Pros: Team building
Cons: Long working hours and shortage of resources

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