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Not easy but you must be willing to learning work and open new challenges

-i have a good working relationship with my co-workers, they are very helpful and we always work as a team when needed, to execute tasks. because two heads better than one -Compile data, follow up with clients, capture leave, capture over time, update stats, appoint new recruits _i learned how to use the persal system, and with that it is important to pay attention to detail because if you make a mistake you can, people can lose their jobs

Pros: good working environment, especially for an intern.
Cons: the work load is very straining but helpful because that's when learned how to work under pressure

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Communication skills, computer literate.

I've Good communication skills Time management skills Communication skills Work with or without supervision Always willing to learn Easily to approach Hard worker.

Pros: I'm always looking forward new challenges that will benefit the company
Cons: I'm always willing to work overtime

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Excellent work

I am a person who possess good communication skills, friendly, patient and loves open discussions in debates. I am innovative, creative, optimistic and a confident person. I am a planner and an analyst who has a good judgment of things. I am a smart and hard worker who loves practical work. I can work easily under pressure and know how to prioritize my work. I can work independently as well as in a team and able to take my own initiatives. I am an energetic candidate who is willing to work long hours whenever necessary, a good listener with an ambition and desire to learn new things. I am an achievement oriented candidate with a passion for super service delivery.

Pros: Great opportunity driven
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent enviroment

I worked at day clinic, with lot of community and Enviroment was good . Good team work, assist in pharmacy. Do daily rapid appraisal. Health talks, vitals signs, cleaning and dump dusting . I learnt a lot when assisting doctors and reading nursing updates

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Long hours

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I deal with the invoices , payment of supplier . I enjoy working with other peoples becouse i leanr new thing every day how to communite with them .we have a good relationship with my co work becouse we work as a team .i learn to much about finance thing like how to pay supleirs , how to department money typical information and keep the records safely

Pros: great work
Cons: normal working hours

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Great learning experience

Was able to be allocate to every department, this has made me all rounded and competent. Am able to work in multidisciplinary teams as well as autonomously.

Pros: Traveling distance
Cons: No promotion

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Supervision of colleagues. Working shift work. Driving fo long distances. Taking photos at the scenes. Collection of evidence and management of exhibits. Helping the families with the identification of their loved ones.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Clinic Exposure

CLINIC EXPOSURE Brilliant place to work with very friendly people, at times does get quiet and boring but always learning more and more things on a daily basis. Challengers that arise from a clinic level and how it is handled from the supporting hospital

Pros: A lot of free time.
Cons: Travelling to and from work

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I worked as an administrative clerk for a period of 24 months at edenvale general hospital, it is where I started my career after graduating with my diploma in marketing, it was extremely interesting as we learnt all new things in office administration work

Pros: Great opportunity for career development
Cons: Low salary

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Excellent learner

Time management 7h30 to 4h00, I was having a good relationship with my co-worker we work together and respect each other, I have learned lots of things, I have learned to do Bas Persal reconciliation, filling and do accruals report and monthly expenditures report and capturing invoices, I was enjoying to do the reconciliation Bas persal, I was having a challenge of the report when you want to do a different to people and you must check to matrix, I want to check that person want can find and sometimes the change the person to other clinic I must my matrix and check the difference .

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long work hours

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