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I have learn how to live with people

day to day maintenance. log deffect to emaintenance. monitoring and evaluation of activities. request burget to buy out stock. i have a good relationship with my co-workers.

Pros: i have been promoted from handy man to fmu officer.
Cons: normal working hours

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Work History

I am Currently in an Accounting Firm as a Internal Audit Clerk in Durban, clients that I deal with are Municipalities. I earns about R4500.00 per month. Kindly please reach me on my personal email umdinga@gmail.com or via cellphone 0720714615. I am available to start as soon as possible as like the beginning of September.

Pros: Register with AI
Cons: Overtime

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I am a highly motivated and open minded person who is always open to new opportunities.My core strength are in Buying as well as Sourcing I am flexible;adaptable results oriented;team collaboration as well as working independently.I am always aware of customer dynamics;in have an effective and productive energy which will add both the team and the organisation.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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I am a hard worker

I am a dynamic individual with a grown of personality, I am able to work under pressure to meet deadline. I can provide verbal and non verbal communication With the experience I have I am able to work hard without supervision. I have knowledge of office procedures, policies and regional regulations. I good in solving problem that can affect my working environment and that restrict me from producing better result. I am a friendly person who connect easily with people and able to make a good working relationship

Pros: My hard work will he me promoted sooner that expected
Cons: I can work long hours to complete my task and provide better result and meet deadline s

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Good for experience

I currently work in the emergency and accident department. On a day to day basis I manage emergency cases, investigate and treat appropriately. We have to work as team, and due to my position, I am the team leader in order to manage the patients effectively. We have to always work as a team, and working under pressure effectively is of vital importance. Every week, we check and report on stock levels to assist the nursing manager in ordering necessary medication and consumables necessary for the smooth operation of the department. Once a month, we present our statistics for the department to the rest of the hospital using one of the tools for reporting provided to us for this purpose.

Pros: Good working comradeship
Cons: Little opportunity to grow and develop

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Deadline driven, diverse and extremelty challenges your people, team and communication skill

I manage the director in and outside the office, notifying him of meetings, cancellation newly arranged meeting and bookings. communicate and problem solve supplier quiries Problem solve end user quires and order quires on behalf of a director I learned to learn independently and to make effective decisions I enjoy the randomity and diversity of my workplace. you can never tell what will have today but things happen that challenges my thinking, decision making and problem solving skills everyday. i run the office even when my Director and deputy Director are not present.

Pros: amazing challenges that requires effectiveness and efficiecy
Cons: Too much running around and long working hours

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HR Experience

working in hospital environment is very hectic where you have to serve almost 1200 employees on daily basis depending on what the query could be. we are a team of 6 HR officers where I m managing the whole department and we have a good relationship with colleagues. I have created a very nice environment where they could confide and come to me for anything work related. I have learnt a lot through my colleagues and other staff members in all categories(respect, different backgrounds,) I enjoy every aspect of my job and serving people to achieve the a positive work output. there is no job without challenges where you have to deal with difficult people and older people

Pros: i have started as an HR intern for a period of 6 months and afterwards was appoited as an HR Clerk and have worked my way up yo where i am now. i m very dedicated and self motivated person and always earger to learn
Cons: i work 40 hours according to my employment contract and i also put more hours if i have urgent projects to be finalised

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Different experience

I have learnt about customer care, the urgency of matters specially when dealing with the public. I have learnt to respect authority work.with minimal supervision and solve problems.Working for a government institution has its challenges such as employees are often painted with the same brush. I have learnt to continue with work go.beyond the call of duty and learn everything there is to know

Pros: Job security
Cons: Minimal growth

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σ Monitoring and administration of incapacity leaves (PILIR).

Assist with Developing and Implementing all HRD Plans For the Sub District Office Consolidate Monthly Reports To co-ordinate Orientation and Induction Procure For Accommodation, Catering and Venues when there is trainings Writing memos (Skills Audit & PMDS) Managing and monitoring Supervisor’s Diary To implement and coordinate learnership programmes equest quotations from Suppliers Presenting Report to managers Assisting in creation and advertising of posts. Receiving of applications. Assist in preparing of master lists. Request approval to appoint panel members for shortlisting and interviews. Assist as HR Scriber or Observer in the process of interviews. Calling candidates for interviews. Compiling batches for appointments. Typing of interview minutes and memorandums. Typing of appointment letters.

Pros: Over coming daily challenges,working with people. Learning new things everyday.
Cons: Not having enough resources and it limits usfrom doing our job.

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I am a self-motivated person with strong sense of responsibility and believing that working with you will give me an opportunity to be in real working environment, my work experience includes Filling and retrieving of files, Opening of new files, Opening of post, Faxing and photocopying of documents, hence instilling more knowledge and background in this field within me.


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