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Good exposure to the working environment and working skills

A very busy environment,sl sometimes fairly quiet and not so busy. Good cooperation with colleagues, unless one has unsolved personal problems or work stress becomes too much for one and they begin to behave neg behave negative. I learned a lot of procedures and med I skills. And a lot about work ethics. I enjoyed the practical work very very much and serving. The challenging aspects are just political which greatly affect the attitudes of the staff members.l Therefore I hardly find interest in working in that field.

Pros: Great salary once you become a qualified professional nurse.
Cons: Too many politics and conflicts even during emergencies.

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Most challenging aspect of my job

The Challenging aspects of my job is when you are giTheven insufficient information and you are expected to draft antract or write a legal opinion The Challenging

Pros: There an opportunity to learn lot of things. There are new challenges every day.
Cons: Short staff and lot of work

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Excellent learning experience

rdwi am enthusiastic young energetic and hardworking lady who is results driven and very ambitious i always strive for good things im willing to go extra mile just to achieve my goals and company goals an. I would be very grateful if my plea is considered.I hope you find the attached in order orking lady who

Pros: Opportunity to learn
Cons: Shortage of stuff

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Reachable and helpful person

i was working qith the most amazing people but i feel like the is no fairness. They were post but given to certainpeople while we do qualify for it. .i think gorvemnent should nt hire their relatives but hv to look experience nd knowledge as well

Pros: no promotion
Cons: normal hours

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We worked as team. everybody is willing to learn new things from each one of us

it where by a suppliers demand thier payment before the end of the months we worked as a team i lean to be polite when speaking to the suppliers and clients i enjoyed the moment where we were distributing the budget to respective clinics the challenge that i faced it where by i had to pay the amount that is more than a million rand

Pros: submit on time
Cons: anytime

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Hard worker

Working as a team, i have learnt to respect others and i enjoy initiating clients on ART,TB and PMTCT clients and the most challenging part is when clients are not adhering to their treatment

Pros: Working with different people
Cons: Client lost to follow

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Working in an environment where staff is misusing supplies and good results showed after a year.

Was very difficulty at the beginning when I started working in this Entity. This where there not rules or polices implemented and monitor to ensure that they are adhered to . I had to sit down with my CEO and explain the situation and ask for support to ensure that changes that I'm going to make will be effective to ensure improvement and indeed that was agreed by my CEO. Absenteeism was one of the problems and also misuse of the supplies due to poor or planning. Procurement plan was the first thing that we needed to focus on and also to put measure in in place to remind staff about consequences of the absenteeism in the work place. all my plan s were successful, we are not perfect but at least there is huge improvement that one can see compare to the time I started in this institution.

Pros: Make change and create great environment for staff to learn
Cons: Managers that are not able to deal with their staff accordingly where planning is not adhered to

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Great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person

I have a great relationship with my co-workersgreat relationship with. The working hours are great but this is not the jobvi went to varsity for. I want to gain lpractical experience in the legal field.

Pros: Great opportunity to gain experience
Cons: Door to door visits

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Excellent learning curve

I have five years experience in a supply chain management environment. I have invaluable knowledge of supply chain management, procurement principles, practices and procedures. I also have experience in demand and contract management, acquisition management, Bid administration (Bid specification, Bid evaluation and Bid Adjudication), administrative duties, communicating with stakeholders and report writing. I am hardworking, focussed and disciplined person who is enthusiastic with her work. I learn and adapt quickly to new tasks and work environments. I am a good communicator and works well as part of a team and as an individual and always sets high standards across all the areas.

Pros: Great opportunith for improvement
Cons: None

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Excellent learning curve, quick learner and willing learn new systems

My typical work of the is to attend needs of the clients ,give support where is needed and do administrative work. I enjoy working with my co workers because we support each other. I've learnt that in every thing you do meet the deadline and punctuality is important. I enjoy working under pressure and in fast paced environment. The most challenging of the job is, you must make sure everything you do is up to date, check errors before submitting and effective work.

Pros: Great opportunity to get opportunity and be permanent
Cons: Over time and long hours

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