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Trustworthy, reliable and depENDABLE

SKILLS ACQUIRED: • Driver’s License: Code C1 • Computer Skills: o Working knowledge of Microsoft package including MS Word, Excel, Power Point, outlook, Internet and Email • Personal Development: o Good presentation skills, improved critical thinking, better problem solving skills, good report writing, self-starter and ability to take defendable decisions, upholds and respects policies, procedures and confidentiality, Knowledge of the operations of stores, logistics acquisitions in health departments. Highly dependable, Reliable and upholds confidentiality. Exceptional interpersonal, conceptual and strategic skills. o Received Training from I-chain Asset ware Technology (Asset Management Company) o Obtained Asset Management Certificates for Academic and Operational Verification o Voted 3rd place BEST SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE under finance department for 2014 o Completing an Accounting National Diploma


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Voluminous paperwork environment

Working in a hospital as a data capturer and file coordinator takes up all of your energy as hundrands of patients arrive each and everyday. It is quite challenging but exciting at the same time as one get to personally learn how other people are affected by life. I get to see how much impact certain life incidents has on them and their families. My role at the hospital is very important as I believe I carry the lives of the patients. Without their files the doctors won't know how to assist a patient. Keeping records of everything helps so that should unnecessary conflicts arise then we will be able to resolve them

Pros: I got to Act as a manager in the years. Learned through educational programs offered by the hospital
Cons: No promotion

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Spectecular hospital

hospital its good to freindly staff , I have a good relationship with my co-workers , time being there i cannot take back the experience patients that are looking for trouble

Pros: friendly environment
Cons: traving from home to work

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Gained more experience

My stint in the Government Department of Health working as Admin/Data capturer I developed the following competencies in administration and data capturing i.e. • Switchboard operation • Capturing data on Tier.net, Ert and Web DHIS. • Data management • Compilation of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports . • Reception duties. I’m further equipped with skills in communication. • Data processing. • Typing skills. • Data validating. • Taking minutes and compile them. • Registrations of patients. • Handling clients. • Booking of patients. • Compiling graphs. • Working with Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Databases • Admin daily duties.

Pros: Helping my community
Cons: Too much pressure working beyond my scope of work

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σ Motivated self-starter who takes initiative and work with minimal supervision

Its a good start experience as there are lot of opportunities . Whether you are educated or not growing is little bit a challenge ,supervised by unqualified personnel Need to agree in everything and your knowledge is mostly not considered.

Pros: benefits only
Cons: Slightly possibilities of growing

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Good learning experience

It was a good learning experience with high pressure intensity. You learn a lot from different health professionals and patients who present in the hospital setting. You get an opportunity to expose your to different medical and psychiatric illness that you wouldn’t normal encounter in organizational settings. The salary is really good and comes with just as much work.

Pros: Vast experience in the hospital setting
Cons: Busy and high pressure

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Excellent learning curve indeed

My time with the department was very fruitful for me learn alot off things with the department and most off them I use in my everyday life , I worked in the Pharmacy department with medication and that taught me alot abt medicine and patience with people I work with and helping because most off the people I was working with in this department where older, When I in the admin department most of us where young so everything was quick and fun, but we where the face of off the clinic so we had to be on time and always calm and expect anything, sometimes patients where very rude so we had to know how to defuse the situation and still be able to help and support the patient as best as we can. As a capturer we where a team aswell but mostly worked alone,while having to rely on ur teamates information as well ,we had to work as one and make sure you are accurate because if one link of our chain was weak our monthly reports where not Gona coralate, so learnt being a team player and playing my part in the team

Pros: Worked with wander full people
Cons: Worked weekends and sometimes with very rude managers

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It was easy to adapt because is much focused on the system: excel, word and power point.

form the first day on duty they give me a task and to their surprise i worked it out first, it impressed them alot then we get along since then. i learned that if i prepare my duties before due i wound have problem when needed, the enjoyable moment was when we were introduced to new task and when we were attending meetings and workshops. the challenging part was that failing to leave duties undone.

Pros: great opportunity for developing my career
Cons: if the is too much work i use my launch time to finish

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Working at Nywayise M. Atorneys gives me the understanding of the practical processes of law in most of the spheres of Law, but to be more specifically inn dealing with costs. I am the only employee since the Firm is new and is less than three years old. I enjoy doing everything as I am eager to learn. My relationship with My employer is very good and we understand each other and have a very good working relationship. The most challenging aspects are working equipment.

Pros: Greate opportunity to get promoted
Cons: Long working hours

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Im currently unemployed

I'm a professional nurse, i completed community service this year January. Im looking for employment. I have great communication and interpersonal skills, i have the ability ti take initiative, i have good time management skills.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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