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Excellent enviroment

I worked at day clinic, with lot of community and Enviroment was good . Good team work, assist in pharmacy. Do daily rapid appraisal. Health talks, vitals signs, cleaning and dump dusting . I learnt a lot when assisting doctors and reading nursing updates

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Long hours

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I deal with the invoices , payment of supplier . I enjoy working with other peoples becouse i leanr new thing every day how to communite with them .we have a good relationship with my co work becouse we work as a team .i learn to much about finance thing like how to pay supleirs , how to department money typical information and keep the records safely

Pros: great work
Cons: normal working hours

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Great learning experience

Was able to be allocate to every department, this has made me all rounded and competent. Am able to work in multidisciplinary teams as well as autonomously.

Pros: Traveling distance
Cons: No promotion

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Development and growth

I have good working relationship with my co-workers,the only challenge is that the work one on one with patients and they have to record and I capture the details in the system the following day while the patient is no longer there and you find that they omitted a lot of information and when u ask them they cant remember because admin is not what they concentrate on,they concentrate on the patient.I learned how to deal with different characters.I enjoyed learning medical terms and issues and how to treat other diseases. What is stress full is when the clinic is too full especially with crying babies but otherwise I got used to it.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning about your community
Cons: Noise

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I am a hard worker individual

I am an hard working individual who is looking forward to learn more about HR,i would like to further understand more about HR,my dream now is to have an entry job in order for me to gain more experience in Hr.

Pros: Opportunities
Cons: Six

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Excellent learning curve

I'm working at Kamhlushwa Clinic It's a 8 hour Primary health care clinic Working hours :07H00-16H00 Open from Monday to Friday 8 Professional Nurses 2 Enrolled Nurses We are believing in team work in order to meet expected standards as part of national co- standard I've learned a lot from my manager as I'm delegated as second In charge of the facility I've also learned a lot from my subordinates The most challenging aspect is shortage of resources( medication ,stationary ,equipments etc)

Pros: When I've performed exceedingly I recieve a performance bonus
Cons: Large number of patients are seen daily which leads to long working hpurs

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Good learning curve

I am a good teamworker who worked at places with different types of people. From retail to hospital to multinational company. I worked at retail sector during my student years as a student locum. I then worked at Adcock Ingram as an intern. It was at this point that I had to unleash all the potential because i was asked by the company management to look after company dispensary under the guidance of the production manager. Currently I am doing my community service. More details are in ny curriculum vitae.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning
Cons: We always deal with stock shortages

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Excellent team

Awesome team, management and colleagues. It has been an awesome journey which I would never trade for anything. Got exposure to a whole lot of engineering sysyems, and for that I am grateful.

Pros: Great company
Cons: Overtime and not getting paid

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I am a very humble and hardworking person who likes to communicate well with co-workers at all times. I always engage them to my daily work programmes so that we could be in the same page and informed. Experience has taught me that every person is different and I enjoyed myself by interacting with people all the times and the most challenging part of my daily job is how to handle and manage each and every individual in the company and to guide them to the right direction.

Pros: Yes
Cons: I enjoy working for long hours for as long as the work is done I don't mind

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Passionate and eager to always try and learn new things

Please review my curriculum vitae for all details In short i have gained alot of experience working for government, agriprotein and my voluntary services. My relationship with co workers was always good as i had to interact with them on a daily basis.I have learnt alot of new things especially about new technologies in my work environment.

Pros: Good place to learn about new technologies
Cons: Underpaid and no benefits

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