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Supervision of colleagues. Working shift work. Driving fo long distances. Taking photos at the scenes. Collection of evidence and management of exhibits. Helping the families with the identification of their loved ones.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Clinic Exposure

CLINIC EXPOSURE Brilliant place to work with very friendly people, at times does get quiet and boring but always learning more and more things on a daily basis. Challengers that arise from a clinic level and how it is handled from the supporting hospital

Pros: A lot of free time.
Cons: Travelling to and from work

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I worked as an administrative clerk for a period of 24 months at edenvale general hospital, it is where I started my career after graduating with my diploma in marketing, it was extremely interesting as we learnt all new things in office administration work

Pros: Great opportunity for career development
Cons: Low salary

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Very good skills

I will bring differnces in there company provides support in preliminary investigation. Monitor Cctv and PSIM and take control of there members and check all there books aee checked

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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Skills and competencies required

I have extensive experience and knowledge of being a personal assistant, have been anice assistant for executives for more than 10 years. Have been involved in numerous successful projects under the department of health. I am an ideologist and very innovative. I take pride in the work that I do and I strive to do my best. I work well under pressure and can work without supervision. I am a team player and always willing to learn from others

Pros: Deadline orientated
Cons: Lack of resources

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Computer Literacy

I'm self driven person who is willing to learn and make a positive contribution to your company. I am a diligent worker who takes pride to every tasks that am given and it will be a great honour for if the opportunity is being given towards hard work.

Pros: Manager
Cons: I'm able to work 8 hours if the opportunity is being given to me even in weekends I am to come to work but hours must be cut since its a weekend to actually cover other things that I must do in other to satisfy my needs

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Excellent learning carve

I am a hard worker .with good communication skills I can work under pressure . I know how to deal with stress I focus on work that is my greatest streght .I am a fast learner and salary is not my first piority since am searching for job .I have diploma in public management, that takes me 3years ilove working with people and helping them .

Pros: Great opportunity to be employed
Cons: Long working hours

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Governnent structure

It is nice working there especially because I work with lawyers and I learn a lot. I do have exposure of working as a receptionist, PA, admin clerk and a secretary. I intaract well with my bosses and have learnt good communication skills. I work well with people and understands team work. I enjoy working with lawyers they teach me a lot. I am just flowing, there are challenges but I work hard to win those challenges.

Pros: Learning more
Cons: no promises of promotion

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I am confident that have knowledge and skills to professionally fulfil the position as required by organisation. I am eager to enhance and refine my personal development within the organisation and take on the challenges that lie ahead I will endeavour to effectively perform all my task as required by the organisation and maintain the standard as defined you, Give opportunity I will perform my duties with perseverance dedication and loyalty. It is my aim to make and be part of a successful team that directly involved in making the organisation a success .I believe I have a role to in making things success I hope that my application Will receive your favorable consideration Your truly Zintle Majenge

Pros: Great opportunity of promotion
Cons: Long hours worked

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Working with the Centralised Supplier Database through Department of Treasury where I meet alot of suppliers that is registered on the Database Nationaly. Good relationship and under standing with co-workers. Requesting of quotation from suppliers for different kind of Services Vetting of quotations as well as Evaluation of quotations and Typing of minutes that concern the quotations. Supervise 4 officials. Do HR matters like, leave planning, Sick leave register as well as the Performance development reports of officials under me quartely. What I enjoy most is to do things correctly, make sure all request that is handled by the team and is complying according to the procedures and finalised in time as the time frames indicated. People person, friendly and can also be very strict.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: Monday to Friday

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