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Highly Standardised

I have had leanerd a lot because I was one of the Examiner's for trial exams, Provincial Moderator and Marker for Mathematics it was real an amazing and most of the highest experience I have gained in my life

Pros: Willing to work
Cons: Long working hours

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Average learning curve

I like to start project and finished the same day if maybe i have some challenges to complete i work extra hours in order to have final product. I can work independently but having good relations with some employees and engage them where i need assistance or where they need me to help. The experience i have in Human Resource makes me to be more confident to solve the problems.

Pros: It will depend on the service i provide to the company whether i meat the standard of the company or not.
Cons: I am prepared to work overtime when there is a need for it.

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The experience I got from my previous work can help me to be a greater assets to your company

I am Bonisile Nkambule I born in 1989-04-29. I am a woman with passion, hard worker, committed, focus, willing to learn, easily adopted, able to work over time to meet my deadlines, like challenge it helps me to experience things, this can helps me a lot to be a great assets that can move your company to the greatest level of performence. I have two years experience working as an administration clerk with department of education. My duties includes telephone attequete, filling, faxing, photocopying, e-mail,handle enquiries, direct visitors, schedule meetings and appointments, switch board operation, and data capture. I have computer skills that includes all the Microsoft package such as ward, excel, presentation, access and outlook

Pros: I am hard worker,committed and focus
Cons: I work over time to meet my deadlines

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Gaining excellent experience

It is a great opportunity to work for the Department of Education, as I have learnt a lot for example: have learn how to deal with clients ( customer service), answering the office telephone and taking messages for other officials, doing general administration duties. I have a very good relationship with co-workers, we even sometimes work as a team for example when sorting and receiving applications from applicants. I enjoy assisting clients at the helpdesk, but to be honest I do enjoy all the tasks done at the HR office.

Pros: Great opportunity get a permanent job

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Learn very fast

I am Ramugondo Avhasei Jane.I am a Technician support for Smartboard at School for 1year 4 months now,The duties are include Smardboard Technician and sending weekly report in GDE on every Thursday,assisting learner to aquare and adequate the tablets e.g Checking the content on the tablets,checking the wrong e-books on the tablets,report the stolen tablet in GDE ,Retrieve the tablets .attending meeting in GDE

Pros: I am willing to get this position

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Hard worker

I have been working for education for the past 12 years. I'm a hard worker, I work overtime in order to achieve my goal.I have learned that working with othersome makes it easy to achieve good results

Pros: Yes
Cons: Overtime

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Gain a lot of experiance

Since I am working at the public sector I work normal hours which is 8 hours. having a good relationship with my colleagues respecting each other. Working there gave me strength to be able to work under pressure and to work as a team. Making sure all work meet deadline. Only problem we have is the lack of water and it is based in rural areas. Thank you

Pros: none
Cons: none

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Excellent learning

the challenging part about my work Is when am given task to do in 15 minutes,my co-workers work good together, and I have leaned that I people we are different and have our own characters to be treated differently. I work Monday -Friday 08:00-16:30 though sometimes knock off late due to submissions. what I enjoy most Is when all the school I work with have appointed educators, schools running smoothly.A typical day is when we have problems with educators salaries.

Pros: great opportunity to intereact with people
Cons: less opportunity for promotion

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Eager to learn

I learn everyday new things and i get to know what kind of people we deal with and i know how to handle the pressure, they so welcoming and they make sure that you understand your work and if you need any help they are willing to show you what to do and also they have a good leadership and respect

Pros: Great oppoortunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Good working with kids

I work hard to achieve goals set for a day, and working together with colleagues as a team. I have learned it is important to ask for help when doesn't understand something. I enjoyed helping learners with their studies and also volunteered to buy uniform to those who needed it. It was challenging to do work when most learners were absent

Pros: opportunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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