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Creative, hardworker and good communication skills

I am a hardworker and i communicate with people effectively I can come up with new ideas and I am able to work under pressure. I finish grade 12 in 2015 and go to study Financial Managent at Majuba TVET College and i achieve N4, N5 and N6 in Financial Management now i am doing in-service training at Department of Education after finishing i will apply for Diploma.

Pros: I work harder to prove myself
Cons: We work 8 hours per day

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I have the ability to plan and organise laboratory activities, extensive experience gained in an accredited chemistry laboratory and good laboratory practices, experience in Wet Chemistry, knowledge of ISO/IEC 17025, TG01-01, National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998), Water Act (Act 54 of 1956), National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) and the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act 28 of 2002), knowledge in the use of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for data handling, good communication skills and the ability to work in a team, supervisory skills, knowledge of statistical analysis, and also a knowledge of occupational Health and Safety Act and safety principles.

Pros: Demonstration : Preparation of wet sample and chemicals : Product Analysis using analytical instruments. : Maintaining analytical instruments and Gravimetric analysis. General Skills Acquired : UV, FTIR, NMR, AA, LC-MS, IC, Cyclic Voltammetry, GC-MS, ICP, HPLC and XR and competence in-depth experience in standard water related analysis and ability on analytical techniques and the use of analytical instruments such as; Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Flame Emission Spectroscopy (FES), Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA), Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), Ion Chromatography (IC), PH meter, EC meter and Turbidity meter
Cons: Great

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Gaining an experience an preparation to workplaces

They given more exposure towards field of work, they trained us very well an rated us ,we have well experienced mentors that they will teach us on how to work as a team an what we have to expect in a workplace

Pros: I think am good great assets towards the company
Cons: I can work peak hours as long there is time frame towards the activities that its being allocated

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Learning curve

Working with kids at the primary school and also be at the principals office ,telephone etiquette,email corresponding, relay messages I enjoyed travelling for workshops and presentations I liked the hours

Pros: Travelling
Cons: No lunch

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Excellent room for development and discovering your potential.

there is unity and cooperation amongst employees. Employees work with intergrity. I have a good relationship with employees. What challenge me most is when students don't perform well for an exam or Test. Everytime when I teach students and they understand, that I enjoy most.

Pros: there is room for development attending workshops and trainings.
Cons: Long working ours including working on a Saturday.

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Excellent learning curve

Great working environment Great learning curve Opportunity to experience new things about technology. You get a chance to do things on your own You gain knowledge and experience Working hours are normal Get a chance to attend workshop There's good and bad days

Pros: Great opportunity to explore the industry
Cons: You get blamed for crushed computers

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The experience it was phenomenal and overwhelming,I have learned to be a hard worker in under any normal or unnormal circumstances more importantly to work as a teach .

Pros: Great concerted chance
Cons: 2-8

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Excellent Organization

It was owesome to work there, employers are friendly. Disputes are resolved in a good manner.... ........................................................

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Normal working hours

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Excellent learning

Filing documents and controlling files. Handling incoming calls. Outgoing and internal mail and basic word processing. Administering and processing leave on PERSAL (sick leave, annual leave, family responsibility leave, pre-natal and maternity leave). Auditing leave files for leave gratuity of staff qualifying for capped leave as per Leave policy and are due for retirement. Granting leave without pay to staff who took leave without approval by their superiors. Posting temporary incapacity leave forms to Thandile Health Risk Management. Termination of service for employees going out of service whether Death, Sickness, Normal Retirement, Optional Retirement and Compulsory Retirement.

Pros: Great opportunity to improve knowledge
Cons: Work related hours

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Great work experience

I have learned to work under pressure Being able to meat dead lines Learning from others Team work being patient with fellow employees what enjoy the most we have enough time for our families The working environment is conducive

Pros: no promotion
Cons: no challenge

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