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Excellent learning place

I gain an experience of working as team. It teach me to work with different kind of people since it cruise yachts. It expose me in an electrical and mechanical field

Pros: Highly opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Adequate learning curve

I learnt a lot as a volunteer. I become familiar with working environment. My colleagues were up to standard in assisting me to enquire as much knowledge as I wanted. I enjoy doing administration and helping my colleagues in their admin work. I don't feel pressure because because I am catalyst for change. I take any college as a lesson and keep time record of all my work. I am hard working and assertive but easy to work with. I ask where I don't understand and I like working with a group and I can manage working on my own. When the work is too much I always make time at home and finish my work before the following working. I handle stress with a smile so that I do not affect other people.

Pros: Great opportunity for a perrant job
Cons: I can work overtime

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I am a hard worker

I am a student teacher measuring with mathematics and isiZulu home language.I enjoy Teaching,i am a hard worker ,fun person to work with ,i respect people despite their age,religion and race.I work well with collegues because I have learnt that people have different personalities they can't behave the same.A typical work day I give all my energy to help my learners understand what is being taut.I enjoy reaping the fruits of my Labour when the learners pass at the end of every semester

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Able to work under pressure

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Excelent learning curve

I am able to maintain pleasant helpful and professional manner while working under pressure. Also to work with supervision and without supervision . I am able to function well with a team. Passion for working children/ youth to build the relationship with the learners by staying in school up until late to assist learners with homework and group studies. To promote attandance and learner retention and also to identify unauthorized learners absenteeism and offer approprate assistance to prevent such absenteeism and learners dropout. The most challenging to deal with learners that are using drugs ,alcohol, smoking and to do home visits where it is necessary to talk with the parents about their learners behaviour in school.

Pros: Greate oppurtunity
Cons: Stippend

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It was amazing,excellent job

I am a hard working person, easy to adapt to any type of environment. Happy with any type of person. Understanding. And support group works, as we learn from each of the group.I learned a lot,as I was the only 1 training there with my mentor

Pros: Learned a lot
Cons: Normal hours

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Fast learner

Working in a movement environment managerial division, administration and secretarial. Performing a normal working hours duties daily, Monday to Friday. Able to work as a team, overcome challenges by consulting my superiors, sharing ideas and implementation with my co-workers. Working in a type of administration environment i learnt a lot including improving computer skills, writing/communication skills, report writing skills and also able to work unsupervised. I enjoyed so much capturing using the School Administration Management System, because it just take me wherever I wanted to work in without any complications, just getting me straight to the point, this system is so reliable and helps to manage time. The most challenging part was when the system goes down or when we have load shedding then the system cut off, in that case we have to loose our done job, only to start afresh when it back again.

Pros: Eager to tackle my passion and work harder in order to qualify promotion
Cons: Normal working hours

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I learned to work with different groups of people.

I love working in a profession that is still maturing and exploring different ways to make a difference. One of the benefits of my role is getting to speak to a range of HR leaders doing great work. I enjoy working with different people.Challenges happened if you don't have right tools to measure HR effectiveness.

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Work under pressure

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Assisting in inductions, assisting colleagues during workshops.

Duties are handling all the daily operations. Capturing learner and educator information in the South African Schools Administration and Management Systems. Handling all correspondance with the department and various stakeholders and filling. Handling of the school finances and drawing of the year-end financial statement for auditting purposes. Creating and typing of documents and submitting to the district office.

Pros: Wonderful team player
Cons: Unmotivated individuals

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Great learning environment

Learn how to deal with different users;also learnt how handle conflicts the best way i can. Great place for school leaver to gain exprience there alot if things i didn't know but i learnt them and i also had relationships with my co-workers

Pros: Great opportunities to learn
Cons: No stipend provided after 6 months

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