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My experience was amazing whne it came to thw job itself. We traveled to many parts of KwaZulu-Natal with government official inservice to learners,educators and the reat of the departments servants. Since i was a part of the Communication and Publications Directorate: we wrote stories amd photos to presnet to the public on the departments website, social media and newsletters. However, my co-workers were absolutely not professional to a point were the conflict was out of hand qnd people had to moce to other parrs of the department. The director of our directorate was unfair was never concerned on how interns were treated as he was rhe reason for moat fights. For example, he would hear a story or rumour from a party and he would take sides and ultimately divided the office, which made him happy

Pros: Interacting with different people and traveling
Cons: The environment and the people i worked were awuful

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Very adaptable person

I Joas Thabo Sekokotla, would like to apply for this post. Am young, ambitious and energetic, so i can come an do the job, as i have precisely the same functionality in this post, am advertising myself to the post as the best candidate Your positive response will be highly appreciated. Thank you Sekokotla J.T

Pros: willingness to initiate in the new environment
Cons: working under pressure and long working hours

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My company is Good company to work at, I have a good relationship with my co-workers, they have good team spirit and constructive inputs. I have learned how to consult with clients, punctuality and how to organised meeting and take meetings. I enjoy typing and consulting with clients and the most enjoyable thing my work is that can continue with other things which are vital to me like studying further and joining my favourite sport. In this company there no challenging aspects as such the re only thing that one have to do is handling pressure for instance typing question papers for all grades (1- 6) within 3 days mind you one must proof read before printing and on the other side you are requested to do maybe 80 copies and send e-mails.

Pros: You can futher your studies while still working.
Cons: no promotion

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Good opportunity

I'm easy out going girl who is ready to meet new people and sharing views. I'm able to work on a team and respect my jobs and my collegues I take good attention to the rules of my job given by my superios

Pros: Great opportunity and iwill be so happy to be a paer of your company.
Cons: non

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Excellent computing skills and communication skills

Clerical duties, recieving of calls, customer care, maintenance of all reception area welcoming of all visitors and client's. , maintaining diary for the manager and event coordination.

Pros: opportunity of growth
Cons: long working hours

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I am sa

I am an educator teaching mathematics and physical science from grade8-12. My core duties is to teach and give leaners informal tasks and mark the scripts and report back to learners and also to my supervisor. I'm working with colleagues in a harmonious manner and respectable, where sometimes we form team work. As an educator learning happens everyday where I am managing my classroom and my subjects. I always learn new ways of delivering the content to the learners. I enjoy doing physical sciences with learners and practical work in the laboratory. Most of the challenge is overcrowding in the classrooms and when learners are not doing their work thoroughly

Pros: Growing in communication and interaction with parents,colleagues, learners and the community
Cons: Lot of extra classes on the weekends

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Excellent to speak English

Department of Education: Molefe Mooke Primary school: PatrollerSecurity Officer Patrolling around the school access school. Independent Electoral commission Pretoria:call centre consultant and receive calls and transfer to the relevant officer

Pros: Grade opportunity for promotion and hard work
Cons: I'm a hard work

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Hard worker

I have been working for education for the past 12 years. I'm a hard worker, I work overtime in order to achieve my goal.I have learned that working with othersome makes it easy to achieve good results

Pros: Yes
Cons: Overtime

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Gain a lot of experiance

Since I am working at the public sector I work normal hours which is 8 hours. having a good relationship with my colleagues respecting each other. Working there gave me strength to be able to work under pressure and to work as a team. Making sure all work meet deadline. Only problem we have is the lack of water and it is based in rural areas. Thank you

Pros: none
Cons: none

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Excellent learning

the challenging part about my work Is when am given task to do in 15 minutes,my co-workers work good together, and I have leaned that I people we are different and have our own characters to be treated differently. I work Monday -Friday 08:00-16:30 though sometimes knock off late due to submissions. what I enjoy most Is when all the school I work with have appointed educators, schools running smoothly.A typical day is when we have problems with educators salaries.

Pros: great opportunity to intereact with people
Cons: less opportunity for promotion

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