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Excellent on MS excel

I love to work very hard, willing to learn new things, so good and quick in typing.....what i've learn is to be patient, help you when you really need it

Pros: Good company
Cons: long hours

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I am a hard worker

i am a hard worker willing to work very hard who is willling to travel and who can easly get along with anyone. i enjoy learning new things everyday..

Pros: i am a hard worker
Cons: i am hard worker

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A work day is 7:30 to 4 Monday to Friday which is good indeed,relationship with my co-workers was all gud excellent and willing to teach me everything that I deserve on department,and I enjoy most to learn new thing everyday and to other department too.And I might say most challenging day is when suppliers don't get paid or receive their stock.

Pros: great opportunity for experience
Cons: not long

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Learning curve

: Trainee (Grade 11Learners Driver’s Licence : Prepare and assist high school learners to obtain learners license's. : To instill a culture of road safety at a critical level of the Learner’s development. : Submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports to GDE/GCRA and DRT. :Achieved certificate to facilitate. : Achieved certificate of provisional driving

Pros: Opportunity to sell myself and reach green pastures.
Cons: 08:00-16-00

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Learning curve

I have acquired good interpersonal and communication skills. Communication skills, Team player & client relations. Exceptional Interpersonal & presentation skills Telephone etiquette verifies invoice. Collection of RLSO1; RLSO2, Sundry Invoice and consolidate them. Time management, Organizational skills, Task & people orientated. Computer Skills: Microsoft Packages, Internet.

Pros: Opportunity to sell myself and reach green pastures.
Cons: 08:00-16-00

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Time consuming and has alot of work with stress level always high........................................ ......... ............ ............. ...........

Pros: Great opportunity for community upliftment
Cons: Tiring work load

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I'm a hard working person

I'm also trustworthy ,hardworking, and loyal.my values include integrity ,honesty, punctuality and reliability. I have the ability to be creative and successful in whatever I do.I'm very adaptable and cope easily under pressure. I have excellent set of values.

Pros: Great jobs
Cons: Long working hours

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I would highly recommend myself as a bonus to a company

I have degree in LBE learning by experience. I can fit in as foreman or as manager in various positions. Having had my own bussiness for 14 years I've been exposed and picked up experience in various aspects of bussiness.

Pros: I'm very fortunate for I don't know something I would get to know it very fast. I'm willing and eager to learn. I come along with people
Cons: Long hrs is no problem for me

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Training and working

I have recently started at the Department of Education i have went for training and already started working, Everyday is a challenge for me because i tend to look forward to angry parents who did not register their children on the system and wants space immediately not that i am afraid of challenges but the everyday complaints that i get my working environment is flexible and fun as i maintain a good relationship with colleagues,reason for leaving is that is far and the stipulate is not enough.

Pros: n/a
Cons: 8-5

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Very ambitious

I'm a hard worker whose goal driven,not afraid of change and challenges. I have good communication and administration and perfect interpersonal skills. I am motivated at all times and i'm ready for this challenge.

Pros: great experience,room for growth,minimal employment opportunity
Cons: Older employees are dimotivated,they need some motivational speakers from time to time to remind them of the value they add.

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