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Excellent environment

Working at government sector is not challenging enough, but you get good benefits. At the moment I enjoy working at my section, helping learners from disadvantaged schools get bursaries

Pros: Great benefits
Cons: Dealing with difficult people

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Great learning curve

It was a great compamy to work for with great culture. Values were carried through all the way which I could relate with. Honesty and dignoty is something that was enhanced at all times. Staff members were professional. Senior management had a bit of favourism but I worked hard all the time regardless.

Pros: Growth potential
Cons: Salaries paid in late

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New field learning

I got in it for helping the department because of shortage of teaching and I was struggling to get a job in my field of study. I go extra mile with the learners since well I am teaching a challenging subject amongst all, mathematics.

Pros: Learning curve
Cons: Extra hours

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I learned to work with different groups of people.

I love working in a profession that is still maturing and exploring different ways to make a difference. One of the benefits of my role is getting to speak to a range of HR leaders doing great work. I enjoy working with different people.Challenges happened if you don't have right tools to measure HR effectiveness.

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Work under pressure

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Assisting in inductions, assisting colleagues during workshops.

Duties are handling all the daily operations. Capturing learner and educator information in the South African Schools Administration and Management Systems. Handling all correspondance with the department and various stakeholders and filling. Handling of the school finances and drawing of the year-end financial statement for auditting purposes. Creating and typing of documents and submitting to the district office.

Pros: Wonderful team player
Cons: Unmotivated individuals

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Great learning environment

Learn how to deal with different users;also learnt how handle conflicts the best way i can. Great place for school leaver to gain exprience there alot if things i didn't know but i learnt them and i also had relationships with my co-workers

Pros: Great opportunities to learn
Cons: No stipend provided after 6 months

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Career Highlight

A super sharp and switched on individual who can identify, initiate, and deliver the analysis that can leverage the data and information needed to generate increased business value. Maxine fully understands how critical good reliable business reporting can be to a company. He comes to you with a strong track record of driving operational improvement. On a personal level he proactively pushes the boundaries of his knowledge and is eager to expand his existing skills base. Right now he is keen to join a company that will help him to increase his knowledge, ability and potential. Also with experience leading cross-functional teams in the development, documentation and delivery of process innovations driving the attainment of business goals. Seek opportunities to transform company practices into fresh, cost-effective solutions leading to more efficient operations.

Pros: good
Cons: none

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I am learning day to day work, i can able to work with or without supervision

. I wish to apply for the position available in your organization. I am confident that I have knowledge and skills professionally fully the position as required by the organization. I am eager to enhance and refine my personal development within the organization, and take on the challenges that lie ahead. I will endeavor to effectively performance all tasks as required by the organization and maintain the standard as defined by you. Given the opportunity, I will perform my duties with perseverance, dedication and loyalty. It is my aim to make and be part of a successful team that is directly involved in making things a success, as I believe I have a role to play in making things a success. I hope that my application will receive your favorable consideration.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Normal hours

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Excellent learning curve

As we deal with schools and they the recruitment of staff,the high level of policies that must be taken into account before doing or implenting them.it's a good company to work within them cause you are being exposed in the running m of government sector and how they running they pressure they go under when admitting student for the enrolment and the preparation of exam. You get to learn a lot within the organisation and the different functions they use in they system.

Pros: Openview to other department and procedures and it could open doors
Cons: Samething for more six month is not a good idea for interns

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