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Good in team working

I am a hard work and good at what I does always ;a happy person who doesn't like to wotlrk with people who are lazy in their work but I need people who are strongly and have a potential view.

Pros: manage
Cons: 8hours

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Excellent learning curve

Amanda 27 years lod girl willing to learn new knowledge and attrrive more skills.I am a hard worker . I will highly apprecaite if you can hire me to get the platform to show my ability

Pros: great opportunity promotion
Cons: working long hours

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I am a hard worker,I can work over time and under pressure and I am friendly person to be veryone.I don't get upset easy, I am a trustworthy person also supportive and good listener.

Pros: Can work under pressure
Cons: I can work long hours

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I have learn more in that post

I like to finish my job in time,and I like to work with people who is around me, and I like to work in team if my job need it, I'm friendly with my client

Pros: He was understandable person
Cons: He was so talkative to my personal life in the workplaces

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Excellent learning

My reviews at work was so good I have learnt lot of things on how to work with people I enjoyed working with different people My relationship with my mentor and others was very good

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent communication skills

working was very good I learn a lot typing faxing and photocopying in admin and working with different people I enjoy it get different idea from other people

Pros: great opportunity to learn admin job
Cons: long working hours when written exam

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Hard work person

data capturing, filling, telecommunication, interpersonal and maintaining library. Good communication, playing team work and coming with ideas, willing to learn more finding information and advises Communication skill, Data capturing, filling, telecommunication skill, problem solving skill, stock taking skill and professional skill working as team, because we share our ideas and choose the best ideas, working under pressure because it make me strong and learn more, delegation because we use to help each other and help me to learn another jobs. working under pressure if one of a manager give you more work and expect to submit it before the end of the day. assisting 9 managers and all of them give you work same times and expect you to done it in few hours.

Pros: Management assistant position
Cons: i am working 7 hours per day but i can say i am working 8 hours because i arrive 30 minutes before and knockout 15 minutes after and i enjoy it because i don't even stole any minutes from my work time

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Wonderful industry of work

Work environment was too busy. Different people comes in everyday. The is always a new challenge. We were able that handle every situation as a team in the department. It was interesting to work with people. What I learned is to be patient with the people and handle them the best way that suit them. In the beginning I was too shy and was able to handle by time.

Pros: Great work experience.
Cons: Limited working equipments.

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The importance of being a fast learner.

It was by then very fortunate that I was in advance informed of the ad hoc duties withing this career but most of all, I highly enjoyed liaising with clients and corresponding with deadlines. I learned that I should always stay calm at any cost and my attitude should always be positive.

Pros: I wish was permanent on the position.
Cons: 08h00 to 16h30

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I've learnt all the duties for the job, I'm now ready for any challenge

• Staff recruitment • Organising of trainings • Processing of transfers/Cross transfers • Specifying duties to new recruits • Compiling master lists and appointment letters • Capturing of long service benefits on PERSAL • Service termination of resigned/ retired employees • Checking and responding to e-mails • Capturing leaves • Making S&T payments • Report writing • Writing of memos and Spec's • Filling of documents • Assisting clients • Making enquiries on appointment matters

Pros: Great opportunity to learn
Cons: Less salary

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