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Admin Clerk

Working with my colleagues/co-workers was fun we always made our work to have fun inside so that we can enjoy n meet deadlines. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the people I was working with and working at that company really taught me about more especially about how to deal with different aspects and personalities. I have learnt alot about SAMS.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

I would like to apply for this position as I have experience and qualification. I am also competent in MS office suite and obtained a computer certificate. I am will to learn new skills to gain more experience. I have the following skills: Communication skills: I have gained experience in dealing with the customer and clients as I regularly interact with them by follow oral and verbal instructions. Administration skills: I gained experience to operate a computer and other basic office equipment such as scanning, printing and collating documents. Flexible: I acceptance of delegated duties and willing to take responsibility. Attention to detail: I demonstrated to have an eye for detail when capturing data for analysis. Teamwork: I have worked in the task groups and also individual and this enable me to develop skills in a team and also be part of negotiations.

Pros: Great opportunity to get employed
Cons: The building was old

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Communication,negotiations, confidentiality, telephone etiquette,Microsoft officer etc.

Working at the department of education was a very good learning experience since I was just from the university without experience but they supported me in every step of the way until I get on my feet starting to do things on my own. What I enjoyed most was the relationship I had with my mentors it was like home and the challenging part was leaving when the contract ended.

Pros: Very high opportunity of protion
Cons: Normal working hours

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Great learning experience

try and make sure that the learners understand what they need to do. help them where they do not understand. give them ways in which they can help themselves learn maore and enjoy the subject, topic. i have a great working relationship with all my co-workers and other teachers. i have leant that not all of us can comprehend all at the same time and that there are learners that need more attention then others. i enjoy working with kids and always coming up with different ways to solve problems. the most chanllenging part id say its when youre dealing with young minds you cant just move on with out making sure that everyone understands and that they are able to solve the problems that they are given.

Pros: great chance of moving up the ladder
Cons: long working hours

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Exceptional knowledge of pastel, payroll, Persal, logis and Basic accounting system

To whom it may concern I Enough Phidisho Mogane ID No 9101106454082 would like to apply for employment at your company for any position that I can fit, I am in possession of a National Diploma in Financial Management. And I worked at department of education from 2016 to 2019 January. Sine I am unemployed, I will like to apply for any work at your side. Yours sincerely Enough Phidisho Mogane Contact no 083 859 0189

Pros: Finance
Cons: Long working hours

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I am a fast learner

I like to be a teacher but it is not enough. I want to enhance my experience and explore my talent to other career. I did the computer course at school for a year. Also we were trained by Macmillan the Syber Link course of Macmillan eLearning Development Programme. Good working relationship with my collegues. I was working close with my HOD for life skills department. I like to work with computers because at school i was excellent, during a course i was busy with i did and passed more topics than the others, i can bring the evidence. I was also assisting my collegues to connect the laptop and the projecter with a donger. To connect the laptop with a white board by using a Mimio. I was utilizing my laptop in my teaching lessons. I was teaching my learners how to search in the internet and how to do Powepoint, typing to word, excel and save and print.

Pros: Greate opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Great work experience

I have learned to work under pressure Being able to meat dead lines Learning from others Team work being patient with fellow employees what enjoy the most we have enough time for our families The working environment is conducive

Pros: no promotion
Cons: no challenge

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Always want to learn and gain new ways of doing thing

Am a hard worker i can work undurpresure i love working with figures and am business minded. I did accounting at school and i was good at it . So i've decided to continue with accounting and some day i will be accountant

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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I have learnt so much from the employees at the department of education they thought how to react when the is an angry client , how to conduct myself in a workplace and how to work with a team.

Pros: great work environment
Cons: lack of permanent employment after completion of programme

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Excellent teaching and learning experience

Being part of the education industry is a fulfilling and knowledgeable experience. There is diversity and flexibility. A lot of learning curves, professionalism and efficiency.

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Children from disadvantaged backgrounds

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