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Banking experience especially for compliance

I am working normal day hours which is eight and overtime if requested to work so. our working relationship is very nice because we were working as a team, we were assisting each other as a team. I gained more experience in Kyc, remediation and got a light on what exactly money laundering means, what are the peps and the legal documents which are needed to be uploaded on bank's systems. I have also gained an experience on Research. I enjoyed much of client data capturing and reviewing their documents. The most challenge is when we requests documents from the clients and they delayed to reach us.

Pros: Working smarter brings a quality job
Cons: Working under pressure disturbs good quality, so is much better to finish job in time to avoid pressure

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am happy for this position

I was very excited to see your vacancy for a Creditors clerks which was advertised on 04-10-2016 on job placements .com Website I am a well-qualified cost and management accounting who would be an excellent. Choice for the this position I have ability to grow with job handle responsibility and built positive relationship with work colleague’s at all level .my present employer is very satisfied with my work rate and I am confidence that I can bring the same level of high performance to your company Beyond that which is already mentioned in my attached resume .I am someone who knows how to Set goals. Am very much hope that you will look favourable upon my application Yours sincerely

Pros: happy for this position
Cons: happy and excited for this position

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Great Company

I'm an early and most of my colleagues starts work early which gives us time to brainstorm the team's challenges. I enjoy the company of the team members we treat each as equal, respect each other and we share our personal experiences. I have learned that sharing is caring because best advises and opinions comes from sharing. I enjoy seeing prosperity and quality results in my undertaken tasks The most challenging aspect is time and unclear requirements from the users and/or stakeholders as well as the red-tapes.

Pros: Great opportunity for career advancement
Cons: Traffic in the CBD especially end of the month.

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Was an excellent learning curve,i learned so much about banking,customers and team work

I learned alot learned about the banking world,customer service and team work. I had an excellent team to work with,we always drived and motived each other to do better and my realationship with my co-workers was excellent I enjoyed the enviroment so much because we use to work hard and play hard

Pros: incentives,free lunch and snacks every now and then
Cons: none

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I have a good relationship my colleagues and I love working in a team cause we get to share different opinion and resolve problems that we come across at worked, I have learn not to shy away from any given opportunity, and not to wait for someone to tell what to do but to to take ownership.

Pros: n/a
Cons: Overtime everyweek

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The Most Challenging and Interesting aspect of my Job

To always be versatile and active as we work on a lot of different Projects. To always be available to help your Clients when they call. Always have the willingness to be responsive to your clients

Pros: You can work any any department as we are given skills through Training
Cons: Normal working hours

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Learnt a lot about working with people especially handling conflicts .

A typical work day is calling clients to get them to rectify their cheque based overdrawn account and thereafter submit a report on the task. The time frame of the task is between 08:00 am till 10:00. The the sanctioner have comments about your report its returned for re-work dead line before 15h00. Ad hoc requests such as request bank codes, increases in credit limits also forms part. The role is risk based and naturally there is conflict between sales and credit.So at times this puts stain on the relationship . I have learnt that managing expectation is key in any working relationship . Its important to establish common objectives I enjoyed learning new things the most and working on new credit based applications Systems issues , non responsive customers , processes and red tape .

Pros: Learnings
Cons: Gets very adminstrative with all reports going back and forth

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Great working environment with support from bottom up and vice versa

Working with Absa has groomed me into a better and more professional engineer than i was a few years ago. the environment is work friendly and the people are well supportive. i have learnt how to work on a team and understand the importance that each role player plays withing a project. i enjoy doing projects where i am less supervised or with no supervision at all, this gives me room for thinking and making decisions based on the observations and customer needs.

Pros: As per the structure, there is room for growth and promotions within the department.
Cons: Long working hours,

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Your review is not to sell yourself or give your job description (your CV does that)! Rather, give an accurate picture of what it's like to work at your company. Include things like: - A typical work day - Your relationship with co-workers - What you have learnt - What you enjoy most - The most challenging aspects of the job

Pros: Many opportunities
Cons: long hours

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I would like to work in corporate, and to be given the chance to grow.

Engen is a corporate company that requires the best and highest quality from all staff regarding the roles they play in their space. i personally find that the environment enhances your personal growth and allows for you to want to push even harder, regardless your job title as it is important to be happy in your environment. i have learnt and grown from where i first started and that is what i am looking for in my next job. i would like an opportunity to prove myself in my next job.

Pros: the salary was great.
Cons: night shift was not something i looked forward to but i never complained.

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