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Working a fraud operator(investigator)

Lovely working environment, diversified environment flexible working and great opportunity for growth. Sometimes required to work weekends which could be a drag sometimes. A lot of work we do here is in digital context, which makes the industry itself vulnerable to external influence although it’s easier to move along with time.

Pros: Great opportunity for opportunity
Cons: Temp worker

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Was able to gain experience from tactical to strategic

Absa has been a great platform for me to diversify my skills. As Lead Business analyst I was involved in several projects and mainly regulatory which I did not have exposure to before. Unfortunately growth opportunities at absa are very limited now. I enjoyed the autonomy I was given however and was enabled and supported by senior leadership which motivated excellence (I received an Excellence award in 2017).

Pros: Being promoted to Business Architect
Cons: Leadership changed and so did the culture

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Ever changing environments in tech

I’ve learnt that it’s important to stay ahead of dynamic staff, culture and technologies. The challenges financial instability of markets that are forever changing and the need to always adjust to stay relevant as a leader to continuously inspire people to do more in tough conditions. Dealing with systems uptime to avail services to customers 24/7. Having to deal with system upgrades or releases and ensuring minimum impact if any to customers. Running with system change release board and keeping stakeholders updated on any system changes and managing expectations. I enjoy working with people and be able to translate business needs to technology solutions.

Pros: The ability to inspire people and getting the work done.
Cons: Balancing family time and my work

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Great learning

Great growth environment Learned so much from working there. Wonderful exposure to different stakeholders. Enjoyed working closely with different teams and making decisions on a day to day basis.

Pros: Great growth opportunity
Cons: High pressure

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New challenges in a different industry

Daily duties includes credit assessments and structuring of deals. Relationship with sales personnel essential. There are other stakeholders involved in post fulfillment who are imoortant. Different deals from different sectors and industries challenging and enjoyable from tge satisfaction obtained from value added.

Pros: Exposure to sharing value from experience gained over the years
Cons: Adapting to new ways of doing job

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Learning new ways of working from other companies/environment.

ABSA is enthusiastically applying new strategies to reclaim the lead in the financial sector. Great opportunity for professionals to learn and hopefully be future leaders of thefinancial industry, ABSA is the place to be if that's what you aim to achieve.

Pros: Flexibility around working hours. Excellent company perks.
Cons: No solid direction on team growth.

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Very nice company to work

As an financial Institution always scope to work with big team and in my existing project it is migrating work SAS to SQL there is chance to learn and work on new technologies.

Pros: always chances to work with big team
Cons: looking for contracting

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I was doing system medications using java and C# , managing some of their systems Database using mssql , writing test scripts using selenium web drivers and cloud application management . The working environment was great as every one did everything as a team , i work 8 hours to 11 hours depending on the deadlines and i have learnt a lot from this guys

Pros: you needed to have a positive mind and whiling to learn everything
Cons: 12 hours

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My Work Experience

Love the people management part of my job. Love the flexibility to work in different offices where needs be. Typical work day comprises of report compiling, interaction with Operational management & their teams as stakeholders. learnt a lot over my years in collections & still enjoy to review the processes & optimize them. The challenges are that one never gets to complete all that needs to be optimized due to some red tapes here & there, even though industry wise it's proving that we are behind & should catch up.

Pros: Growth aspects immenent due to company size
Cons: Improvement of proceses proves to be difficult due to redtapes

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Absa is an organization with good customer service and employee satisfaction. There is recognition for hard work and gives one allowance to want to do more.

Pros: Growth
Cons: Less challenging

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