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Excellent growth opportunities

I loved working in the banking industry but I need a change, I have worked in sales, admin, customer service and have worked in retail as well as the call center space both in banking and other industries.

Pros: No limitations with growth in the company
Cons: Long hours

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Servant Leader

I have a NDpl in Bus Man & major subjects where Accounting & Financial Management. I also completed a Higher Certificate in Management with Milpark Education. Currently registered for BBA. Like working with people& enjoy to lead & give direction.

Pros: You need to be passionate about people
Cons: At times you have to work in

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Strong financial background

Very briefly, I feel this is a great opportunity for me to expand on my knowledge and contribute my working experience gained over the past few years in the finance industry. I am currently a Portfolio Support Officer ( in the Wealth and Investment cluster) for a reputable financial institution. I belong in a team of 8 Financial Specialists, with different functions that collaborate together harmoniously. I've multi skilled in most of these functions and have become a strong member in the team. I also have just under 2 years' experience as a full functional Bookkeeper submitting tax returns and completing Financial Statements for various companies, company registrations with CIPRO amongst other functions. Please refer to my cv for detailed information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Pros: Excellent working environment
Cons: LISP industry too specialized for personal growth.

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Excellent learning

Audit planning, consulting clients, sending RFIs, performing audit fieldwork, audit kick off meetings. Performing continuous audit monitoring. Completing dashboard. Maintaining stakeholder relationship. Relationship with co-workers is great as we work together on most projects. Learnings: Banking experience. Understanding the core banking system. Core banking system interfacing with other systems. Challenges: Delays from the client which impact on audit delivery timelines. Enjoy most: Dealing with stakeholders and business travelling

Pros: Great opportunities to learn
Cons: Taking work home everyday and working weekends

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Good performer

Duties in my role • Driving countries to timeously close their ledger and assist in resolving any issues. • Assist countries with journal processing and review of the balance sheet for any anomalies. • IFRS 16 Project: Provide training to countries on the IFRS 16 Process. Assist countries in posting the IFRS 16 Journals and with reconciliations from Ledger to the IFRS 16 Model. Managing queries that arise from the process and recommend solutions. • Share Based Payment: Assist countries with the Share payment calculation from Finance and HR. Reconcile the ledger with the Share based payment model and driving countries to correct significant variances.

Pros: Good pension fund benefits
Cons: Insufficient investment in development and growth of employees and on the job coaching

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Excellent learning curve

Tye company is great to work for. A lot of benefits but not seen whilst you're working. There is opportunities fir growth however the same people are chosen over and over again. No opportunities to go further in your career and environment becomes stale.

Pros: Flexible working hours
Cons: Not enough money

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Excellent talent management skills

I have extensive work experience in talent management, talent reviews and development, stakeholder management, HR adviser on HR policies, procedure and process. I have good communication skills, analytical and customer focused.

Pros: Opportunity for career advancement
Cons: manual administrative task

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Working together as a team and client service

Excellent client communication skills and working together as a team as we need to get new business and generate leads to consultants, allocated targets were not always met but business should go on and we never give up

Pros: Client service, communication skills
Cons: Long working hours and no promotion

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Happiness from clients

Working at Absa gave me confidence, I can work with different types of people sometimes you work with difficult ones some moody but still work with them and be able to ignore their moods and coming to difficult customers I make sure they go out of the bank happy and satisfied, I remember I had a client who was complaining about her notify me and when I check on the system it shows it was fine and I deleted the notification on the system but it didnt report then I checked on the phone only to find she blocked the numbers that deliverers the Absa notifications so she was happy she even bought me a chocolate because she went to all the branches for one and nobody helped her she was even thinking of closing her Absa account so it was her last visit and she was happy.

Pros: Its actually makes me happy when I talk to customers
Cons: Working the whole day feels great because you dont think of bad stuff happening around your life so it takes you to think about the future

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Lovely and exciting job. Too much admin and travel.

Great company. Too much admin and changes. Too much travel. Lovely perks. Dealing with high profile clients. Opportunity for growth limited. Extremely hight targets.

Pros: Lovely perks
Cons: Admin

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