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Sales skills, people skills, writing skills and communication dkils

Without determination there is no success there therefore I do everything with determination and I take initiative in all that I do. I enjoy wining and that motivates me, I don’t take offense , I believe in discipline and correction. I believe in empowering oneself and self development, also empowering others as well to achieve their goals. I can work alone, as a team and under constant change. I believe in change because you then don’t become too comfortable, yet change is there because the world keeps on evolving therefore we must always be relevant.

Pros: Great working environment
Cons: No days off only 2 or a Saturday per month

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An organisation going through change at all levels. Managed well in silos but not as an integrated business. Top Leadership culture and competency needs much improvement. Focus is often on the short term objectives/gains rather than long term strategy, transformation leadership, motivation & inspiration. Having said, the bank has a massive transform agenda and has been highly focused on delivering separation from Barclays effectively.

Pros: Challenging and transformative work
Cons: Uninspiring leadership

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A day at work

A typical work day entails identifying accounts for termination, assisting clients with termination related disputes, exiting accounts that do not adhere to payment arrangements with the bank either as per the final acceptance or court order in place and ensuring that target is reached on the number required and by means of maintaining a certain percentage as per the quality assessment. The job requires that you work well individually and with members of the team. Throughout the day the team helps each other on how to approach disputes in order to adhere to the required regulations and protocal eg NCA and Treating Customers Fairly

Pros: Coorperate culture, people are self motivated despite challenges experienced
Cons: Leadership is unable to support and recognose talent

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I came into the insurance space know nothing. Now it is my home

It is a good company but slow on growth and innovation. The company culture is not good for happy employees. Customers are seen first before employees. No consistency and conforming

Pros: Great working condition
Cons: No growth

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Excellect IT Management

Hi I hereby apply for above post as advertised or any other alternative position you find suitable. Attached is my detailed cv for above position I feel am the best match for the position My availability is immediate / asap Awaiting to hear from you soonest Regards Taurai SA ID 700405 6593 184 Mobile: +27 63 695 0909

Pros: Great prospects
Cons: High risk deployments

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Ensuring High Risk and PEP population is marked compliant on time before their due dates. Ensuring that all clients comply with FICA as well as SARB regulations. Monitor transactional activities of the clients as an effort to combat STs (Suspicious Transactions) Report on entities that have adverse news & assist in concluding whether the news bring about reputations damage to the bank. Monitor “triggers” that affect my assigned High Risk and PEP population.

Pros: Good working hours
Cons: Bad management

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Excellent growth opportunities

I loved working in the banking industry but I need a change, I have worked in sales, admin, customer service and have worked in retail as well as the call center space both in banking and other industries.

Pros: No limitations with growth in the company
Cons: Long hours

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Servant Leader

I have a NDpl in Bus Man & major subjects where Accounting & Financial Management. I also completed a Higher Certificate in Management with Milpark Education. Currently registered for BBA. Like working with people& enjoy to lead & give direction.

Pros: You need to be passionate about people
Cons: At times you have to work in

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Strong financial background

Very briefly, I feel this is a great opportunity for me to expand on my knowledge and contribute my working experience gained over the past few years in the finance industry. I am currently a Portfolio Support Officer ( in the Wealth and Investment cluster) for a reputable financial institution. I belong in a team of 8 Financial Specialists, with different functions that collaborate together harmoniously. I've multi skilled in most of these functions and have become a strong member in the team. I also have just under 2 years' experience as a full functional Bookkeeper submitting tax returns and completing Financial Statements for various companies, company registrations with CIPRO amongst other functions. Please refer to my cv for detailed information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Pros: Excellent working environment
Cons: LISP industry too specialized for personal growth.

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