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Enjoy the dynamics of Project delivery and the interaction of all levels of roles / people

I enjoy people and working on projects. Get along with all and prefer team work. everyday there is always new things to learn, especially during daily stand ups as to how we could do things different, faster and smarter and what is acceptable or not Enjoy the daily challenges of Project milestone achievements, dealing with people (as i need them to achieve successful results) there are no real challenges just obstacles which none are insurmountable to achieve, especially if a Team come together Love Projects and Project Management as it allows one to interact with all types of skills and business levels.

Pros: Chose to want to do Project Management
Cons: Admin and not enough time

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Learning experience

The flesh hours are great especially being a working mother. The work is not that strennuous, you just have to pay attention to detail and ensure quality is at standard as well as quantity. We as co-workers support one another and assist when assistance is required. I have learned that different entities operate differently and there is always a beneficiary that has majority of control over the entity. I enjoy figuring out who the beneficiaries are as they hold control in other companies too. The challenging aspects would be the complex entities.

Pros: Flexi hours
Cons: No growth

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Excellent Learning Curve

my previous experience within the customer service and sales roles with the previous organisations that have afforded me the opportunity to join them. They have given me varied skills and the ability to work with different types of people. i believe i could fit easily into this team. i am a person that works hard and pays attention to detail.I am flexible, quick to pick up new skills, enthusiastic and eager to learn from others and the organisation on its own.

Pros: Great opportunity to upskill
Cons: not enough rest time

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Good company

Work Mon-Fri 08h00 till 16h30 Very friendly environment Hard work, not for a lazy person. Oppotunities to learn in many different roles Takes care of their employees. Strict on company values.

Pros: No banking fees
Cons: Micro management

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Very interesting projects, absa seperation project

Implementing integration layer to minimize impact on 200+ downstream systems. Field to field mapping Value to value mapping Data quality assurance Data modeling

Pros: Great learning opportunity
Cons: Poor project coordination

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Client service

I am 30 years I love to read and write,I have a positive energy and I work well alone and in a team,always punctual,willing to learn and I love leaving things better than I found them,always looking forward to grow and teach others what I know.I'm a good listener and I work well with people and I have learned to deal with different and irate customers/clients.

Pros: Growth
Cons: Far from were I stay

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Work with people from different backgrounds

Ensure branch is profitable and cost effective. Availability of staff. We are a team and I'm a team player. Learn to be professional all the time and be able to work under pressure. Enjoy seeing customer coming in fuming and go home with a smile. Peak hours when it busy but you are shortstaff and customers start to make some noise where you need to respond urgently.

Pros: Huge chances of growing within the industry
Cons: Flexible because on busy days you finish late all the time

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Excellent learning curve

Manage and provide support for the infrastructure on a daily basis.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Banking Products

I've been working for absa almost six years now but I'm still casual and I'm not permanent it actually doesn't sit well for me because I think the think that I'm not good enough for their company

Pros: To go and work for other company
Cons: 8 hours

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Excellent learning new skills

I had really enjoyed working at absa I have learned a lot of things such as communication skills client service.,and the people I have worked with are incredibly good with their jobs we were a very good team player

Pros: Opportunities to grow myself in bussiness
Cons: Long hours

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