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Great learning environment

Absa gave me the opportunity to find my feet and taught me togrow and be mature individually they also gave me roles that helped me with learning how to handle people from all walks of life

Pros: Growth,directiona and discipline
Cons: No time to focus on personal issues due to high demand by clients and work load

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Excellent growth in the company

I had learned a lot even though it was part of my work practical job.... I worked with people day in and day out. Reaching target and making sure that clients are certisfied.

Pros: Growth in the place of work
Cons: Unable to reach target market

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Cv attached

Comfortable with quickly changing priorities and a high level of adaptability and flexibility. Team leadership experience with the ability to earn trust while still challenging the team to improve and operate outside its comfort zone in an Agile environment; Intimate knowledge of Agile and Scrum with proven experience coaching, mentoring and teaching junior Agile practitioners

Pros: Gread opportunity for career growth
Cons: Fossil thinkers

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Business Growth

Need to check if I'm being paid according to what is expected. Company has been a blessing to me for working here. Too much learning from being just a technician, worked my way up to heading couple of migration projects, to managing service desk in CIB. Got promoted to Operations Manager managing team of Field Service Managers per campuses in Johannesburg until I moved to Service Management as part of managing the overall Payment Service in CIB

Pros: Analytical, Task bound and always dedicated to work and ethics required.
Cons: Sometime not easy to deal with forever rapidly changing technology, which anyway comes as a learning experience

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My Resume

King is a self-driven disruptive innovator with a preference for challenging growth opportunities by having a curious mind of willingness to learn at a fast rate. He attributes a profound verbal and written communication skills with the ability to explain complex concepts in simple language. Through experience, he has gained strong organizational skills by adapting and embracing change and moral business ethic management. Among other skills he holds a distinguished ability to unpack a complex set of requirements and being innovative in finding solutions to the problems.

Pros: Opportunity to be trusted with strategic initiatives
Cons: Not much attention invested on growth in term of learning and education

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Pros: ...............
Cons: ...............

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Pros: Perks
Cons: No transparency

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Wide range of opportunities

Company has great benefits for staff, and really takes good care of staff. There is however a certain culture that most seniors operate in, and it's not enabling to most.

Pros: Great place to derive new opportunities
Cons: Unhealthy competition

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Working together as a team and client service

Excellent client communication skills and working together as a team as we need to get new business and generate leads to consultants, allocated targets were not always met but business should go on and we never give up

Pros: Client service, communication skills
Cons: Long working hours and no promotion

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Happiness from clients

Working at Absa gave me confidence, I can work with different types of people sometimes you work with difficult ones some moody but still work with them and be able to ignore their moods and coming to difficult customers I make sure they go out of the bank happy and satisfied, I remember I had a client who was complaining about her notify me and when I check on the system it shows it was fine and I deleted the notification on the system but it didnt report then I checked on the phone only to find she blocked the numbers that deliverers the Absa notifications so she was happy she even bought me a chocolate because she went to all the branches for one and nobody helped her she was even thinking of closing her Absa account so it was her last visit and she was happy.

Pros: Its actually makes me happy when I talk to customers
Cons: Working the whole day feels great because you dont think of bad stuff happening around your life so it takes you to think about the future

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