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Excellent learning curve

Raphiri Masello Renoldah Application Letter I am currently employed at Barclays Group Africa as a KYC Consultant. My duties entails request more information from the consuming on its corporate group compositions; agree on other approach usage restriction with the consuming customers on a bilateral basis as the case may be reject the access request am Remediating the clients by following the remediation standards 1st Tier ;2nd Tier and 3rd Tier to take clients out of restrictive control for fica purpose , ensuring that projects are run in compliance with the Organization’s requirements, providing guidance and support to my teammates and clients. My previous work experience entails working as a Customer service Consultant Please see below my resume. Thank you for your consideration, Yours Sincerely Masello Raphiri (Miss)

Pros: great learning enviroment
Cons: none

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Current and previous role

Administrator with clerical and administrative support to professionals either as part of a team or individually. Production officer experience whereby processing of information and the constantly changing business procedure within our business unit (AVAF) Sales support experience which includes the handling of telephone calls or acknowledging sales consultants emails or letters for representatives and ensuring that the bankers application forms are completed accurately so that no rework is required Validating, and verifying of clients information, scrutinizing of documents for the final stage of whether an application will approve or decline Between the below mentioned job roles- other jobs roles were also performed such as: Switchboard operator, Reception at the hardware store (Family Business), Production officer, Promoter/ Marketer, Cashier, Waitress, Bay Cleaner

Pros: Engaging and broadening knowledge of knowing more about the banking business
Cons: Living by values and ohnering them as they come.

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Working with people and develpping them is my passion. Seeing the business results is what drives me

The day mainly consist of consulting with the business, Planning and Creating workable solutions around performance problems, motivating and managing a team to success. I am energetic and excited about life and I am quick to spot and respond to opportunities and challenges. I am an Innovative, strategic and long term thinker. I believe in continuous improvement and I do ongoing research on best practices and staying relevant so I am very comfortable and open to enable change. I am a strong team player and hence not only good at building and motivating teams, but also prepared to roll up my sleeves to get the work done as I am a hard worker with a strong work ethic. I am credible and reliable and I am able to quickly build strong relationships with Key stakeholders which give me the edge to influence decisions

Pros: See the difference and business results. Working with people
Cons: nothing

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My review

Good company to work in terms of perks however the growth is limited and i did learn alot working here how to be an effective manager and drive sales and productivity in a positive way. great communiation with my co workers and true and constructive feedback could be given to me and I give to others to learn and grow better.

Pros: Free banking
Cons: Limited growth

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Excellent learning environment

Typical work day:Typical work day is logging on, and getting ready to receive calls Assist with General Absa vehicle & Asset Finance enquiries, balance enquiries. Border Letters Relationship with co-workers:There is a strong bond within the team and i enjoy the efforts we all come up with different ways to make our roles easier and environment more fun Challenges& what i've learnt:High volume of calls on month ends, and multi tasking between 9 different systems at once

Pros: One of the 4 big banks
Cons: Temping for long period of time

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busy and hard working.friendly people with warmth LOVING HEART.I have learnt howto work hand in hank with coworkers and clients.I benefited a lot.i built solid working relationship with my co-workers. I most enjoyed my work .as i was doing 4 positions teller,customer service, treasury,ATM. Working with clients also excited me. The most challenges were when it is month end and i had to manage doing 4 positions and my files and listings it was hard

Pros: Better opportunities
Cons: long working hours and overtime

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Better than doing nothing

Having clients that we deal with teaches us to be patient and to put our selves in others shoes before saying anything bout them... I've learnt that not all things go our way and not everyone who smiles with u wants to see u prosper. I enjoy dedicating my time to clients and just sell products to them while building a strong relationship with them.

Pros: Great opportunity for spiritual growth
Cons: Not enough resting days

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The power to SERVE

What You'll Give Our Customers Your key accountability is to provide service excellence and achieve customer satisfaction, so ensuring that the quality of information provided are in line with Absa standards is of key importance. Within this domain you will be compiling monthly audit skills tests to improve knowledge. Another accountability includes achieving contracted service level agreements, like achieving productivity, maintain and exceed set targets, maintain lower numbers of outbound / transferred calls and achieving the set sales targets. Within this job specification, you will need to adhere to compliance and control measures, like ensuring that 100% of compliance tests are completed and sick leave is captured, as well as completing sign on register. You will need commitment and transparency to support the PD process and also show support and involvement in all community activities.

Pros: Great Learning Experience
Cons: Pressure

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I am an admin assitant, onboarding consultant and received annual Kyc training

I am an admin assitant, onboarding consultant and received annual Kyc training. I am ambitous ,hard working and strive to be an asset in any company.

Pros: No bank charges
Cons: tempory position

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Never too late to learn more

General accident insurance absabrokers thancommetcia in absa insurance company since 1999 till 2014 looking for greenere pastures. Cop1 cop2 icibsre5 naf4

Pros: Great to move forward with opportunity
Cons: Working far from home

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