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am a diligent worker. My conduct is commendable; I take tasks given to me seriously and make sure that I reflect integrity and Excellence in my work. I’ve recently completed NQF Level 4 in insurance and have obtained 150 FAIS Credits. I always keep an open mind to both learning from others and sharing my knowledge with those around me. I have a Great Personality and a very High EQ; hence I can easily to get along to people of various age groups and of different personalities. I’m capable of setting priorities and (S.M.A.R.T) Goals in order to reach my primary objective. I’m focused and always want to make sure that at the end of the day the bottom line is reached. My experience in the industry has made me to be Performance Driven and Result Orientated with the ability to perform well under pressure and meet deadlines or targets. I therefore possess the necessary attributes to prove myself in a tough and demanding environment.

Pros: ...
Cons: ....

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Extensive knowledge in sales

I have build stable and sustainable relationships with customers. I have the ability to adapt to new ideas and create a positive work spirit with fellow colleagues. I have acquired exceptional expertise in dealing with customer complains. I am always willing to learn new ways and improving on skills,knowledge. I have acquired extensive knowledge in capturing client credit applications and giving proper feedback. Promoting the image of the business by complying to policies and procedures.

Pros: Opportunity to growth
Cons: Overtime not payed

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Great Experience need new Opportunities

The area I live in limits my opportunities in the company as there are many people applying for the same positions. Management at retail level are not well equipped to deal with people they know the business but not the part that they need to get the best from their employees. Interviews are usually a formality and depends a lot on your relationship with management as opposed to your actual qualifications and performance. There is not enough time in the day to complete the work assigned. I have learnt that planning is very important and without adequate planning the challenges will overcome you. i love people so my relationship with my colleagues are good, i would like to think that I make a positive impact on them as most of them do for me. I enjoy the rare opportunities to interact with customers and get the feel of the challenges that front line staff have. I also enjoy the rare opportunities I get to train and coach people, and try and give valuable tips to allow them to do their jobs well.

Pros: Fixed Income and Bonus
Cons: Not too much room for growth or promotion

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Legal Operations Consultant: Legal Compliance Operations (Contract Position) for Kelly (Quest) at Barclays Africa. Skills obtained as Legal Operations Consultant: Legal Compliance Operations: - Ensuring KYC Compliance (Application of FICA) - Enhanced Due Diligence Report writing - Gap Analysis and remediation (of High Risk Customers) - Adverse Media searches - Document mining on ABSA systems - Remediation of High Risk Customer on internal system - Held the position as Night Shift Subject Matter Expert (since February 2016 until April 2016). - Updating of internal Procedure Policies Standards and Guideline in line with internal policies (from May 2016) - Currently holding position as Subject Matter Expert for a High Risk Customer project - Training colleagues in respect of KYC application, specifically pertaining to High Risk Business Bank Customers

Pros: Learning a kot
Cons: None

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Excellent opportunity to grow in the finance world


Pros: great opportunity to grow
Cons: n/a

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Excellent learning

i currently don't work but the working there was nothing but of great pleasure. the person i worked under was understanding and helped were help was needed. on day to day basis i would lock in at 8 and answer calls from different clients and help with their different needs as i was a customer service client, i enjoyed working with co-workers as i'm a peoples person, i learned a lot about being patient as i didn't have that in me and most of all the really loved helping the different clients that called in on a daily basis.

Pros: great environment for growth
Cons: long working hours

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Hard worker and learning more every day

Having enough hours in a day is challenging for me in my current role but you learn how to manage it durning time. Colleauges is great they can sometimes just brighten up your day and make you smile. I learn a lot from colleauges especially the colleauges thats is in the role for longer than me. Main thing if you don't know ask people is always willing to help and learn you and they appreciate it more when you ask.

Pros: Stable company to work for
Cons: Working Saturdays

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I enjoy working in bank and have a good professional relationship with Management and my colleagues, My topical work day is when I'm struggling to resolve a query which is beyond my control due to eg.callcentre. I enjoy working with calculations and figures and I prefer challenge more than doing one and the same thing all the time.My current job taught me to be focused, accuracy,honestly and open minded in terms of learning new things and people

Pros: Growth
Cons: Not much challenge

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I has been a wonderfull learning experience and getting to understand the work space

on daily basis we process application validate income and the document provided, we then send out outcome of whether the application is pending for -documents or to advise why so and so does not add up ,approved or declined based on what reasons. we are trusted to use our on discretion if there is some thing that is not adding up whether is to refer it to Head office for further assessment-to be analysed and further investigated or to pend and ask. we only work with copies of the client's document and at time is might be hard to scrutinise and tell that the document might be legit or not ,but there guidelines to help us make a confident decision.

Pros: The company benefits-medical aid and interest rate for employees
Cons: there are ongoing changes

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Working at Absa Technology Finance Solutions

Being in finance, you always have to meet deadlines and working under pressure at month-end. Accuracy is a must and basic accounting knowledge is essential to complete your day to day tasks. I work well in a team and with my other colleagues. I assist others where I can even with queries that may be unrelated to my specific job functions, so to resolve a query. Having to work for my currently company for almost 10 years, I've learned a lot about the dynamics of the company, people's behaviours and conflict handling. I love my job, because you always have to think, and I love working with numbers. The most challenging aspect of my job was conflict handling. Colleagues and management not adhering to cut-off times and insisting that payments needs to be made causes conflict.

Pros: Building relationships
Cons: No room for growth

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