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Excellent learning curve that built me to know more about administration

Great learning curve, and willing to learn more everyday, it's a very busy working station, with workers who are willing to tell you something if you do not know. What I enjoy most is the working atmosphere; the people always work and it motivates me to reach my targets faster, as we have to please clients every time. I aim to please. Teamwork is a great foundation to get the job done. Long working hours, but they are worth it.

Pros: I learn something new everyday
Cons: Could not work overtime because offices had a closing time

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Passionate about Analytics and Development

Good Day, I have worked at ABSA for the past 13 years, of which I have adapted and am happy and comfortable. I enjoy the fact that I am well established and well known for what I do and also able to network so as to get a job done at a faster pace when needed. ABSA has allowed me and provided me with opportunities to learn and grow in many areas and thus I am confident enough to take on any task. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to travel and train users on new/improved systems. (i.e Qlikview) The most challenging aspect of my job would be the fact that technology tends to slow us down. Being in a data environment needs the best technology in order to get the job done in the best way possible.

Pros: Positivism, Agility,
Cons: Difficulty with slow computers

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Good learning experience

working for a company like absa is privilege you get to be exposed to any things such as we are constantly in training , taught new things, taken to courses. my typical day at work is 8-16:30 thoroughly looking or business especially being n the retail side of the company, we exhaust all possible resources to gain that business. my relationship with my o worker has been very interesting , being one of the youngest in the industry it has been quiet a challenge for me, absa has employees who have been working for the company for almost 30 years . what I learnt from the company is that you need to priorities and manage time effectively other wise if I fail at that all will spiral, I learnt that we learn everyday in the banking industry and we need to be cautious of everything. the most challenging aspect of the business is to produce the sales, because the financial service industry is such a big market and the competition out there is very vast.

Pros: constant learning
Cons: over worked

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It was an awesome learning experience

At the moment I am currently unemployed,but I quiet enjoyed the time I worked at Absa as that was my first meaningful job.I learnt alot in that company because it enabled me to gain skills I did not have previously such as face to face selling and customer interaction and how to identify potetial markets that can be added within the company.

Pros: Great career opportunity
Cons: Long hours no breaks inbetween

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Completed NQF5 and NQF6 in progress

My name is Lorna I am 30 years of age. I have been with my current company for over 11 years. And I am striving to work towards my self-development. I have enable a lot of experience within my current organisation and it is still helping me to achieve and develop myself. I have completed my NQF5 and busy with my NQF6 and I am not going to stop there I would like to take my studies further as well. I have grown in my organisation and would really like to take my expertise and use them in another organisation. I like challenges and learning I feel growing is part of an achievement in a sense that one should not stop to want to succeed and come out tops . I am a hard working person and always still willing to learn.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: normal working hours

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I would like to move back to Bethlehem

I am working for Absa in Ficksburg for 8 moths and its nice working at the bank but the reason for apply is I want to move back to Bethlehem and I have a nice relationship with my co workers, I learn a lot at the bank and would like to be more involved with customers not only working as a teller, I like challenges is life and enjoy working with different people

Pros: What to be is a higher position an not and up as a teller
Cons: prepated to work long hours

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A excellent learning school

A excellent learning school! Absa has really transformed me into a great ambassador, I have learned an immense amount of knowledge over the last couple years. I have made great relationships which will stay with me for years to come. A typical day at work is generally hectic as it is the nature of business I serve in, as mentioned the I have learned a great, but most of the new technology, and what is happening in the market out there.

Pros: Great exposure
Cons: Intense, but a pro and a con.

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Overall 6+ years of work experience as a Software Engineer. Having Experience on INFORMATICA and SAP BI/BW TOOL I am conversant with ETL Tools like Informatica, SSIS (MS Sql, TERADATA), Business Intelligence, Business Ware House and SAP, specialized in Job scheduling and scripting. Actively involved in the data modeling, design, development, testing phase and Production deployment of these projects.

Pros: G\promotion
Cons: 700

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I was a hard worker.

I was a sales consultant and i was make presentations to the group of people . I was able to meet my target every time. I was selling deferent products. I have nqf level 5 in banking and insurance. I was able to handle pressure always . I have a positive attitude. I we're working as a team.

Pros: Good
Cons: Long working hours

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Hard work

I am currently working for absa in a very small branch where preasure is delt with on a daily bases.sales targets needs to be reached and excelent customer service needs to be delivered on a daily bases.I am a person who interacts with anyone around me wherther its my co-workers or clients.I believe in doing it write the first time and i do not believe in reworks.in the six years i have learnt almost every department in the workplace.i am always available to learn new things everyday or at any given oppotunity . in this industry you face very challenging aspects such as clients and also internal situations daily

Pros: working for Absa is a very big and good oppotunity to work yourself up and gaining experience for the future
Cons: we sometimes work for long hours

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