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Great experienced picked up along the way, limited exposure

I am busy for the full 8 hours daily. Great relationship with co-workers. Grown from a Customer service consultant to being given an opportunity without the qualification due to business and systems knowledge gained over the past 14 years. I've learnt how to work with stakeholders on various projects. I enjoy the values and the culture that exist in FNB, as well as the fact that ethics very important. The fact that there is constant room for growth is what usually holds one back from moving on. With the above being said, the greatest challenge is that at times when you try to enhance academically in line with you job role it becomes a bit of an issue.

Pros: Great growth opportunity
Cons: People still have the power over the values and opportunities available, making the changes of growing a bit of a mission

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Get the job done

innovation, application of skills, experience. learning curve networking self development product knowledge legal and compliance expertise. Providing of advise and guidance from a governance, compliance and operational perspective. application and knowledge across product houses, systems. Engagement with all levels of stakeholder accountability ownership culture initiative

Pros: learning curve and development
Cons: growth opportunities not always available

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Learn more and innovate with my exprience add value within the business for growth

Good day my name is Thapelo I'm really interested in this position simply because assisting people has been my session since child Hood. I'd make sure that I help anyone in the family according what event my be and it helped me understand myself and respect others. I'm a hard worker, focused and confident person whose pession is to get winning resolutions were everyone will be happy and share with other about the our superb service.

Pros: growth in the company through hard work and dedication
Cons: going the extra mile, finish todays work before tomorrow

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Great career development

Working for FNB has been an eye opener and a great experience,I have learned a lot from working with customers and also learning different kinds of personalities and on how to handle them. It has also helped me to tackle my dad to day interaction with people,I have also learned to face the challenges that I come across,to serve with a smile irregardless of how I feel,to stay positive at all times and also to be enthusiastic all the times. I also learned on not taking my job as just a job but owned it as if its my own company that makes me to drive positive results. The most memorable moment is when I resolved the customer's query to hos/her satisfaction. The most challenging time is when I cant help the customer or when he/she is not satisfied.

Pros: Great company in terms of learning and personal growth
Cons: Lots of risk in terms of job security

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Excellent experience

Working for FNB has been a blessing the staff is friendly and good to work with. I've learned a lot working with some of my peers I've gained a lot of experience working with clients and different personalities, what i enjoyed the most was how friendly some of the clients were it made my job a lot easier.

Pros: more work experience
Cons: Less pay

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Excellent learning curve

Excellent learning curve. It taught me how important it is to be a diligent worker. I have a good relationship with my co-workers. I interact with clients face to face and the experience has helped me uplift my confidence and energy. First National Bank is the besr company to work for. I enjoy interacting with clients and advising them on managing their finances. The most challenging aspects are having to convince a client to take up a credit Facility when they cannot afford to have one. When a client urgently needs a credit facility but the system declines due to affordability, credit history or being under debt review. I have learned that I need to put the client first and the client's needs before anything.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Woking long hours

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Exiting projects and getting to work with different stakeholders

As business/systems analysts my daily duties us to do requirements review and impact analysis. The challenges I experience often is to negotiate with impacted areas to log and prioritize a project as systems and teams works differently. I often have to set up meetings to negotiate the timelines. When finally prioritized I set up JAD sessions to finalise the technical components and draft functional specifications documents. I have learnt that building relationships with stakeholders is critical. And what I love more about my job is working on exiting projects.

Pros: Opportunity to grow and upskill myself in different fields other than banking
Cons: Long working hours or weekend shifts as I have small kids

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First National Bank

working for FNB its a great experience for me, being a bank Teller Has taught me a lot of discipline, dealing with large and small transactions, peoples Personal information that I have to respect all the time, and part I have enjoyed is also doing FOREX, which gives an exposure to a day to day insight on our economy (RAND)....but with that said would enjoy more to be financially challenged, specifically in accounting firms.

Pros: The exposure
Cons: Growth

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Learning opportunity

Working as an individual and as a team Problem solving Interacting with customers or clients. Telephone etiquette has improved. It will give me a better opportunity to explore different fields of work for me to be able to develop my skills. I am a self-starter, if I see there is a need and it is of the best interest of the organization I assume responsibility and take charge and do the necessary to close the gap. I value Networking with peers, through the years I continued to expand a good professional network in a variety of industries

Pros: Opportunity of growing in a company
Cons: Discouragement from superiors

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Excellent learning spectrum

I have excellent communication and computer skills. I have the ability to work under pressure and pay full attention to details. I can learn and serve to the best of my ability. I can work individually or as a team player. I do believe I can be an asset to any employer and I adapt eadily to different environment.

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: no cons

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