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Conducive working environment

I learned a lot from my previous employer, the environment is conducive and allow upward movement for individuals that are always versatile explore in their field of work and I find it very motivating for me as the growth is uncapped depending on your attitude

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Benefits are limited

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Excellent in their learning /teachings

I worked for the Banking environment since August 1984 . I first joined Barclay's which had a name change to First National Bank ....I have acquired phernominal experience from this organization from knowledge ,skills and competencies that I have . I worked at this banking institution from being a machine room operator was given the opportunity to move to all departments within the retail space then into a leadership role as a branch manager . Then in 2015 I decided to apply for training specialist position within the organization which I enjoy and is currently doing. Giving back to the organization . Due to my performance I was awarded with a leadership to complete my degree in banking which I am currently doing. My day to day work is training learners ,visiting branches and coaching staff, schedule training for new learners induction . And current to improve their skills.

Pros: Great opportunity in career moves if given the opportunity
Cons: Working longer hours

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I am a Fast learner, energetic and motivative person

I completed my degree of bcom in business management 2012 and i started working for fnb as sales and service consaltant 2013. Now i am branch consaltant at fnb hyde park branch

Pros: Growth at an organisation
Cons: Working under pressure

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First National Bank

working for FNB its a great experience for me, being a bank Teller Has taught me a lot of discipline, dealing with large and small transactions, peoples Personal information that I have to respect all the time, and part I have enjoyed is also doing FOREX, which gives an exposure to a day to day insight on our economy (RAND)....but with that said would enjoy more to be financially challenged, specifically in accounting firms.

Pros: The exposure
Cons: Growth

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Great way to start a career

I have worked for this amazing and innovative bank for 5 years. It has intensified my business knowledge and I have grown from no job to have experience on different projects. I am truly grateful for the culture I have experienced and I can't wait to learn even more as my career grows. I wish I could utilize my skills and be recognized for having a great potential. I have worked with different Managers and all with different personalities which taught me a lot about myself and dealing with different people . Awesome experience of my life. I am now working towards career growth within the company and can't wait to learn more.

Pros: Its a great innovative company to work in and the environment is inspiring
Cons: Takes long to recognise great potential

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Excellent learning experience

Started working as a building Maintenance doing plumbing, electrical, painting etc at Fnb conference centre from 2007 to 2014, Moved to Wesbank building in Fairlands I worked as an assistant Artisan for both Electrical and Plumbing from 2014 to 2016, then Moved to FNB Contact Centre in Randburg working as an Electrical Artisan.

Pros: great platform for for growth
Cons: you have to be on standby always

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Looking for job experience.

First National bank it my first job was looking for working experience and was hopping to grow in but sometimes I feel like i am stucked as always get rejected internally..

Pros: For now nothing
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

I have been privileged to work in the corporate sector as a customer service specialist for both large and small organisations, which strives on customer relations and client satisfaction. My work experience within these concerns has taught me valuable lessons that every organisation big or small must strive on good client relations and customer care as they are acritical aspect to the success of the company. This experience has also helped me to broaden my understanding of human dynamics. I have shown creativity, initiative and reliability in my work, and always willing to undergo training to enhance my effectiveness for the benefit of the company. Please find attached a copy of my CV attesting to the above. I am available at your earliest convenience and can be contacted on +27825387458 Regards LuntuMagadla

Pros: great opportunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Perfect learning experience

I assist clients with all enquiries , new and existing products banking products on the account. Through telephonic and email conversations. I have good relationship with my co-worker and I am a team player. I gave learnt that banking environment is complex one cannot know everything but through maintaining a good relationships with co-workers and various stake holder is important. I enjoy making customers banking experience hustle free. When the bank process are not fair to a customer and nothing you can do to further help the.

Pros: easy to be recognised and one is a hardworker.
Cons: working during weekends and holidays

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Not a great company to work for

Lack of equal opportunities slow learning and development access to limited information Inexperienced and unprofessional managers Lack of communication Lack of employee enagement

Pros: None
Cons: Unequal and selective promotion opportunities, nepotism

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