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Great learning curve

I started coding in this position, I have grown considerably as an analyst and I have also learnt product dynamics in the industry. The people are amazing and always willing to help, manager's are very understanding when you are a junior and there is room to learn. You are given the platform to grow, and the pace at which you grow is completely up to you. Your work speaks for you and your willingness to learn and asking questions is what sets your pace.

Pros: Great opportunities for growth at your disposal
Cons: Nobody will hold your hand through the learning process, you either sink or swim

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Nice with working with people and deliver exceptional service and exceeds customer expectations

Team work, conflict handing, computer literary, time management, work under pressure. I currently working at first national bank as a sales and service team leader for a period of 15 years. I am single parents mother of three kids. I like working with people and again I like change. I don't have a problem with relocated.

Pros: Advertising and more promotion to incurrence the worker's
Cons: Work under pressure

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Excellent experience

Working for FNB has been a blessing the staff is friendly and good to work with. I've learned a lot working with some of my peers I've gained a lot of experience working with clients and different personalities, what i enjoyed the most was how friendly some of the clients were it made my job a lot easier.

Pros: more work experience
Cons: Less pay

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Excellent learning curve

Excellent learning curve. It taught me how important it is to be a diligent worker. I have a good relationship with my co-workers. I interact with clients face to face and the experience has helped me uplift my confidence and energy. First National Bank is the besr company to work for. I enjoy interacting with clients and advising them on managing their finances. The most challenging aspects are having to convince a client to take up a credit Facility when they cannot afford to have one. When a client urgently needs a credit facility but the system declines due to affordability, credit history or being under debt review. I have learned that I need to put the client first and the client's needs before anything.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Woking long hours

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Great consideration, collaboration & implementation opportunity

Management of an L&D Learning Architects, involves deliberate innovation. Careful consideration to content development - minimum time out of role with exponential learning benefit. Happy and considerate owner manager type culture. Learning is not a standard one size fits all - Learnerships/bursaries can be as simple or as complicated as you make it to be. Budgets (there is never enough)

Pros: love love love the employee value prop of a development culture
Cons: :( cannot think of one at the moment.

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Perseverance and attention to detail

Good morning, i work in an IT environment so we are always busy and ensuring systems are up and running , I enjoy working in an area that has self motivated people and if not, they should be open to guidance and coaching, I enjoy a loud environment where you can laugh all the Time but still get the job done. All I am looking for is to do what I am currently doing , develop myself and career and work with people I can trust and that understand we all there to do a job, however it should a job you want as we spend most of our day at work. I always give it my all , I expect the same from my team.

Pros: great opportunity for growth in other departments
Cons: constantly on standby to ensure my team do what they have to

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It is fast paced customer sales and service for clients with a turnover of R100m plus in the digital space of banking, lots of project management and time management required for this job

Pros: Growth
Cons: No 3g

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A good place to equip your knowledge and skills for the job. Frienfly staff which is dedicated in achieving the same goal,winning the day before it start. I have learn to be professional and attention to detail about everything. The most challenging moment is the issue of sale and being commission based,other than interacting and being goal oriented makes it all easy. I enjoy being part of the winning group. Great co operate culture Growth and development Intergrity

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: I concentrate on one thing at the time

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I've been workingking for FNB since 2004 changed positions I feel that I need to grow and change. I am very approachable and Team player. I can work under pressure. I 've leant a lot from FNB and from my colleagues . It is not easy to manage people as I am second In charge for the Branch. I am motivated as a leader it is easy to guide my Team. I always want to mentor someone, when I leave the position I know someone will be there to take over.My job is challenging because I deal with risk and I must ensure that my Team follow the process and procedures of the Bank. I enjoy my job because i don't do one thing only but do many things including help the walking in customers.

Pros: FNB we have processes and procedures that we must follow on a daily basis and if there is something that you don't understand you must refer to the process and it will guide you.
Cons: Long hours but we get half days during the week.

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Excellent learning curve with lot of experience

I am disciplined person with excellent interpersonal and a hard worker reaching set targets on a daily basis, I enjoy working with people as a team, team work helps me to learn from others and adapt difference cultures, I respect other people`s culture

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: Normal

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