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Strong leadership and work relationship skills and ability to work proactively

Establish and maintain good relationship with current and prospective customers. Helping on the floor and capturing customers information using computer system.

Pros: There is no opportunity to promote and i am ready to face new challenges
Cons: Working shift 8 hours a day and overtime

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Strength and abilities

with 10 years experience working in the banking industry i have learnt to work accurately,efficiently and vigilant all the time.i enjoy jobs that test my abilities to show my full potential and creativeness.The most challenges about the job is risk and working as a team with my co-workers.

Pros: career growth
Cons: normal working

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I have learned a lot about insurance since I joined FNB life

• I am a hard worker who is always eager to learn new things • I have 10 years of experience in the field of IT with focus on QA and testing of web based, backend, and Reports applications. Strong working knowledge of Software testing (Functional and Integration). • Strong experience in working in an environmnents that uses these SDLC models: Agile and Scrum, Waterfall model, and V-Model. • Proficient in all cycles of test life cycle from test planning to defect tracking and managing defect life cycle

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: There is a lot of work which results in constant overtime

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Excellent Start to a Career

Good day My typical day starts of with me gathering the team's stats from the previous day, documenting them and emailing the stats. I then move on sort out my responsibilities for the day. I take a look at my emails and answer all queries that we sent to me after COB before getting on with the rest of my duties. My relationship with my co-workers is good. I get along with all of them and I enjoy all the conversations we have whenever we get the chance to talk. The mood is always jovial and respectful. The most important thing I've learnt is to manage my time and my work a whole lot better. The difficult aspects of the job is when we have shortened days due to unforeseen circumstances such as violent protest in the vicinity. That heavily affects my own personal aspirations but I attempt to make it up the next day or the days that follows. Kind regards, Olerato Morule

Pros: I get to move around the department and learn different aspects of the business.

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Cash management and customer service

Its good to work as a team because that's what we being doing mostly on month end period,i have learned that is great to push together towards one goal as a team. One of the most exciting part is when its weekend you know that you going to rest and pay day,the most challenging part its when we work long hours specially on a Saturday.

Pros: Greener pature
Cons: overtime

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Being a FNB employee and worked at Homeloans ,It has given me so much experience in a very positive way. I always looking forward to come to work and start my day on a positive note, the culture and the FNB that cares for the employee. Self managed group of people that I work with drives me to deliver more. Working as a unit for the same goal. In the business I have learnt to work with people, to be there for my co-workers and to self manage. I enjoy the challenges that I experienced daily, they give me courage to learn more, push to seek information. The most challenging aspects of the job is the decision making and applying discretion.

Pros: great growth, learning and development
Cons: system issues

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Great company with lots of opportunities, Ecellent working environment.

As a sales representative every day I have targets to reach, I assist clients with credit applications, I call clients the whole day and offer loans, Account opening, etc

Pros: Great working environment
Cons: Pressure to reach target

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All in a day's work

I have recently retired from the bank and with my high energy levels, acquired experience, good ethics, dedication, and admin skills, I am able to add value in the workplace. Working at the bank has afforded me much growth in attaining knowledge and experience in the corporate environment where deadlines need to be met amidst high work volumes. I am friendly and helpful at all times towards co-employees which is helpful in alleviating tension and stress in the workplace. Throughout my work career, I strive to produce work of high quality and this gives me great inner satisfaction and joy. As a quiet person by nature, communication can be the most challenging, however, this has never stunted my work relations and production due to my determination to see tasks through to the end.

Pros: Excellent growth in training
Cons: Short deadlines

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My daily work lias has become so easy the spirit if competition is no more

Ny department is my current department is no longer any fun, the only concern is meeting SLA and provide feedback on daily escalations. The team spirit is no longer

Pros: You get an opportunity to study if you a top performer
Cons: There is no recognition

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Team work, to achieve and become effective IT shop.

I am someone who recognizes my own strengths as well as my limitations, and who plays to my strengths and users the strategies to minimize the impact of my limitations have a long track record of successfully making sure that the computers systems of a business are running properly and have acquired all my skills anTeam work, to achieve and become effective IT shop.d knowledge through a combination of education, training and progressive work experience

Pros: great opportunity to learn new technology
Cons: 24/7 standby

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