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Good company to work for

arts a very good company to work for.There are prospects of growth but there is also instability factors like unstable economy leads to retrenchments. However there is a lot of exposure and good bonuses when there are profits staff is taken care off.But staff at junior level are not really taken care off

Pros: There are opportunities for growth and good bonuses when there are profits and economy is good
Cons: Staff at junior levels although they work so hard that they are not acknowledged for that they are not really taken care of.

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Work hard

FNB gave a lot of opportunities to believe in my self. I was able to give Ideas and those ideas were implemented . And I gained lots of experience in no time with working very hard in such nice environment.

Pros: overtime with good salary
Cons: no promotions

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The way to do things in life

Make sure i look at my dairy to manage the time Sort the workflow evenly to all employees and tell them what needs to be taken as urgent (to do know) Open door policy, ideas, performance and other open for discussion Not to underestimate no one, give all a equal opportunity and time to grow. Life is not all about managing a team rather let the team lead you into there space. Feedback from customers either inbound, outbound. Make sure you understand the work how to follow process and procedures Life is what you make of it and the opportunities you have take this by the "balls" and stand out like a pimple. Let no one tell you want to do in life when you hang around the finest of people they will show you the way and not judge you. God has given you talents so use and improve on this to show the others how things are done the way it should be. My name is Etienne Eugene Ehlers and i am on top of the world. My attitude will give me away.

Pros: salary
Cons: none

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Short description

Dear Sir/Madam I am a BCOM graduate specializing in Management & Economics. My studies and work experience have provided me with a solid grounding in Property Finance, investment banking, Economics stats and relationship management, financial planning and accounting, call center, customer service, research and administration which will enable me to make an immediate contribution to your Company. I’m smart, creative and innovative. I am a quick learner and carry out each task with dedication and enthusiasm, I take pride in generating excellent results and would settle for nothing less, than the best. I strive to deliver exceptional service that exceeds customers’ expectations. Being short listed for an interview pertaining to the above mentioned position would be a welcomed opportunity and I would be delighted to discuss my capabilities and personal qualities with you. I thank you for your consideration and time. Regards Mr. M. Husain 0826916303

Pros: Deadline driven and enthusiastic
Cons: not applicable

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What I've learned

When I got to fnb I had never interacted with any customer on a face to face level.being with fnb has thought me a whole lot regarding customer service and how to protect yourself while making sure the customer is satisfied.

Pros: Great environment
Cons: Lake of career growth

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Great team work . Change of strategic plans from time to time for new challenges. . Innovative . Open for one's Ideas . Reaching my targets in terms of volumes and Embedded Value . Dealing with different type L's of clients, from low to Ultra high net Worth client individuals and treating all fairly . Dealing with angry clients is the difficult part, but I always put myself in their shoes and I always come up with a solution.

Pros: Triggered my Analysis skill
Cons: Lack of career growth

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I am Hard working, solution based and open and looking to learn

A typical day for me starts at the end of the day with a list of things to do first thing in the morning, once i arrive at work i sort through emails and add any additional items to the to do list, and begin by prioritizing the most urgent tasks. i have very close relationships with my colleagues we are a small team and are hard working bunch, we are codependent and reliable which makes it easy to do whats required. i learn not only from the development plan i have for myself but from co-workers and superiors. the most challenging part of the job would the instability of the environment with retrenchments looming over our heads, job security is something im searching for in future.

Pros: achieving goals set out for team
Cons: lack of job security

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Excellent customer service skills

High quality customer service and retention. Work under great pressure. Putting myself into my customer's shoes. Patience, sympathy and understanding. Attend to customer's needs and find suitable solutions.

Pros: becoming excellent with problem solving
Cons: a very risky environment

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Conducive working environment

I learned a lot from my previous employer, the environment is conducive and allow upward movement for individuals that are always versatile explore in their field of work and I find it very motivating for me as the growth is uncapped depending on your attitude

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Benefits are limited

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