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Bank teller

At the beginning of each day we meet to discuss our goals ( service, sales and compliance). Prepare our workstations and prepare for customers. We work as a team. Each day presents new opportunities to learn and grow.

Pros: Learning and development
Cons: Long hours and no recognition

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Im not a full time employee, I work short hours

Me and my team leader we have a good relationship, in fect with all the staff. The job I am doing made me become an innovative and effective employee.

Pros: Enjoy being part of the company
Cons: The salary I get its not enough for my qualification

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Creative, punctual and a team player

My primary job responsibilities as a banker involve meeting customers' needs. When a customer approaches the service desk, i help that customer carry out a goal, such as depositing checks into a checking, savings, or investment account. i also advise clients about outstanding loans and accept installment payments. i enjoy working with people the most and solving problems, the most challenging aspects of my job is meeting deadlines and ensuring that customer is always happy

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: odd shifts

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Great learning experience

The company policy is great but it's easily forgotten as people in senior positions really do not care about people that make money for them which is their staff. The morale is awfully low

Pros: Great company to work for, great perks
Cons: Management

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I have enjoyed working for the company/ I was able to grow not only professionally but personally as well. I learnt how to keep good customer relationship and being patient.

Pros: great learning opportunity
Cons: none

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Opportunity to grow and develop new skill

Have been exposed to different opportunities and department in all aspects of the branch, we do rotations in every department. 1. started at inquiries department 2. moved to service department 3. currently doing telling and atm custodian

Pros: universal-we do everything at the bank(branch) rotation
Cons: 8 hours a day

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Willing to learn; good communication between employees and management;

Good working environment; easy to learn and friendly customers.Training is provided and make sure You understand; ability to grow ; share views and motivation is the key.

Pros: Performance awarding
Cons: Leave dates

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Good working experience, good learning curve

I am a reliable, hard worker and consistent person Enjoy working in teams Team player Time Keeping Enjoy new experiences and learning new skills God fearing person A people's person Love to laugh

Pros: Resolving client problems
Cons: Awkward working hours ago

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Worked for nedbank for 7 years, worked for standard bank for 15 years

I have over 20 years work experience. working in financial sector, administrative, clerical and team leader capacity. last position held was service consultant handling all service or sales related queries. also in charge on branches treasury in a senior capacity

Pros: will be working in the field of my work experience and enjoyment
Cons: i have been unemployed for the last 4 years, my talent and work experience needs to be shared with those who need my help

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Systems Administrator and Analyst

Systems Administrator and Analyst it is amazing doing this line of work as You are constantly learning something new and that is what I crave on a daily basis and doing this will take me to the next stage

Pros: Trying something new and excelling in it
Cons: Not sure if it is close to home

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